StarFox Fan Fiction ❯ Star Fox Recruits ❯ Apprehending Andross: Part two ( Chapter 20 )

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On Planet Earth, thousands of light-years away… it was the year 2051…
That's right, 2051. Donny, Erin, and I had been missing for well over a year and a-half, and pretty much everyone had given up the search, and even… well… declared us dead! They had a funeral, caskets, and gravestones… the works.
Even our parents and former schoolmates were horrified by this. They just wish they knew what happened to us. Our father's business was even starting to go bankrupt due to his absence…
When he first realized Donny, Erin, and I were missing, he put everything he had to get us back. His time, his money, everything…
After a while he stopped going to work; he just quit caring…
Nobody was more broken-hearted over this than our father, and he spent more of his time walking around the apartment and gazing into the three empty bedrooms, the never been touched in a long time game-machines, and he even went for very long and slow walks around the city gazing at our favorite places.
“What happened to you, kids?” he kept asking himself over again, “Why did this happen…?”
Somewhere out in the blackness of space, Andross who had taken less than a day to get from the Lylat-System was now on his final approach to Earth. “Heh, heh, ah, ah, ah…! So this is that place Earth in which the X-Team originated from.” he thought to himself, “For such a primitive planet they do seem to produce worthy adversaries… shame though, for now it's all mine for the taking.”
“I shall annihilate those who aid the X-team, and the rest of the people of Earth shall be conscripted into my new army of slaves.”
“Heh, heh, heh… HA, HA, AH, AH, AH, AH…!”
The people of Earth, in America were going about their own business that day without any idea of what was about to happen…
It suddenly began to grow dark in the middle of the day. The people began to look up and saw something huge blocking out the sun. A huge-gorilla head and two enormous hands, and a huge voice booming out…
“People of Earth… I am Andross, lord of all star-systems. You're planet is now in my control, surrender peacefully or face my wrath.”
To prove he wasn't bluffing, Andross began to attack the city. Blowing up empty buildings, tearing up the streets, and hurting many innocent people… This caused an outbreak of panic, and chaos.
The military even launched their fighters, and missiles at the monster, but Andross' powers were just too much. The jets were all shot down, but the pilots ejected safely, and the missiles didn't even scratch him due to the fact that they were so small.
“Ha, ha, ha… you pitiful, insignificant fools!” Andross mocked, “Now sit back while I show you the true meaning of power…!” and he began to blow all the military weapons and bases into scrap-heaps, even the bravest of the soldiers began to flee in panic.
Andross just couldn't stop laughing, “I am enjoying this! Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah…!”
Far away in the Lylat-System, we all made it back to base, but Donny, Erin, and I just couldn't stop pacing nervously around the briefing-room. “What are we going to do?” Donny asked for the umpteenth time.
“You can start by keeping still for one thing…” Fox said, “You're making me dizzy.”
Krystal placed her hand over his, “Fox, take it easy. Can't you see they're all so upset?”
“No kidding…” Erin said, “An evil psycho is attacking our home planet that's totally defenseless against him, and you're telling us to keep still?”
Fox felt small and nervous, “Ah, heh, heh… sorry?”
General Pepper came back in with bad news, “I'm sorry team, but I'm afraid there isn't anything we can do about the Great-Fox's thrusters.” he told us. “Our simulations have shown and established conclusively, that that's' as fast as they can go.”
Peppy nodded, “If we add any more speed to the thrusters they could break the ship up.” he explained, “And even still it would take us hundreds of years to even get halfway there.”
My siblings and I sighed, “What's the good news?” I asked sarcastically. Then I quickly realized that I overreacted, and I apologized, but this still didn't help us.
“I hate to say it guys... but it doesn't look like there's much we can do now.” Falco said.
As much as all of us, particularly me and my team hated to admit, but for once it looked like Falco was right. Andross was holding all the cards now. He was far, far away, and we had no idea of what was happening to the poor people of Earth, and with no possible way to reach it…
“Time!” Pepper said. “The one thing that's beaten us is time.”
My head slowly started to perk up, “Time…?” and then I realized, “Time…!”
“Mykan…?” Krystal asked.
“Hey, hey… try to calm down.” added Fox.
…but I explained to the others, “No, no… I think I have an idea.”
I explained to them and asked if they remembered the last time we made it to Earth; that time in which we accidentally warped back to Earth, but a-hundred years in the past.
The others did remember, and then they caught onto my idea. If we could just find that green-field again, maybe it would get us back to Earth quickly. “Easier said than done…” said Slippy, “Remember, Andross closed that field up months ago when we were barely able to get back.”
Everyone remembered that, even I did, but that's when Pepper had a theory that ever since Andross' fortress was blown-up on Venom and now that he was no longer here, “The chances are that some of his evil doings have been disarmed.”
That was a possibility, “But wait…” Krystal cut in, “Remember what happened? We still wound up in the Earth's past, and we were treated like hostile aliens.”
“Yeah… but remember, we were out of control and traveling at the speed of light.” Peppy said, “Now that the ship's been upgraded, the chances are that we might be able to control it more easily.”
“Well… what are we waiting for?” I said, “Oh… uh… with your approval sir…?” I asked to General Pepper, but Pepper was not only willing to allow this, but he was personal going to come along with us. “I want to see that Andross busted down to size no matter what system he's in.”
With no time to lose… we all headed straight for the Great-Fox, and plotted our course. Once on our way towards the sector where the Green-Field was Fox still wondered about one thing, “What are we going to do about Andross?” he asked, “He's bound to be much stronger than he was before.”
I motioned for Donny and Erin to huddle close to me, and I explained them about a plan that we used once during a game play that was exactly like our present situation. “Yeah…” Erin said softly.
“Totally...! It might just work.”
Then we asked the others to huddle close as we explained our idea, and they all agreed, even though it was risky, there was no other option that would be safer, without endangering the people of Earth more.
“But who's going to take the chance…?” Falco asked.
There was a long moment of silence, and then Fox decided, “I'll do it…”
“Fox…?” Krystal said in worry, but she knew there was no way to talk him out of it. Even General Pepper was worried for Fox's safety, as it was not guaranteed, but it was one life against countless, and another star-system of countless beings to come.
Slippy and some of us left for the Arwing-bay to begin tinkering, while the rest of the crew remained on the bridge. Once we approached our first destination, we were right all along…
With Andross gone, the green-warping field form the Lylat-System to our Solar-System was there again. Now it was simply a case of passing through it but not going so fast. “ROB, try and guide us through safely.” Pepper said.
“Affirmative…” answered Rob, and he took over the controls, “Five seconds to contact…! Three Two... One... Zero...!
The nose of the ship collided with the green-field, and slowly began to slip deep within its mystical glowing. The field itself even passed right by us inside the ship, and it tickled slightly, but damage was done.
Once we came out from the field, Erin couldn't believe her eyes. “It's really there…” she said as she gazed through the view-port, down upon a beautiful planet called “Earth…”
She asked ROB if his sensors could determine the accurate date, and ROB reported, “The standard Earth time is 12:14 pm. The day is Thursday. The Month is March. The year is 2051.”
Erin buzzed in to those of us in the Arwing-bay. “Yeah… we heard.” I answered, “But keep your game faces on. Getting here was just the easy bit.”
Everyone agreed and began to scan and calculate whatever happenings were occurring on Earth, and what they saw nearly turned their blood cold…
A lot of the cities were badly banged-up as if a meteor-shower had hit. Nobody was killed, thank goodness, but many were injured, and the rest… Andross had already enslaved them and forced them into hard labor.
Even Donny and I could see it happening in the Arwing-bay, and what really fried us and Erin up was when we saw Andross giving punishment discipline to two familiar adults. “Mom… Dad!”
That clenched it, we had to hurry and get down there before Andross did anything worse. So we all worked as fast, yet as effective as we could. Finally, Fox's Arwing was ready. General Pepper, Peppy and Slippy stayed behind to keep the ship in orbit. “All Arwings prepare for launch!” Pepper said.
“We're ready sir.” Fox said.
I let out a huge angry breath, “Look out Andross! HERE WE COME…!” and we all launched our ships and headed down to the surface. “Do you think they're going to make it?” Slippy asked nervously.
Even Pepper hoped so. “They have to Slippy. All our hopes and lives depend on it.”
Andross had pretty much everyone in marching along, in chains, and carrying huge boulders. Anyone who slacked off, even in the slightest, he gave them a-hundred volts from his powers. “Back in line, Slave!” he thundered.
He was really enjoying himself. A whole planet he could rule with an iron-fist. No weapons strong enough to take him down, and best of all, No Star-Fox, and no X-team…
However… he spoke too soon when he could sense something familiar with his telekinetic-skills. “Oh, no… it can't be!”
He looked round and saw the six Arwings charging straight towards him. “GRR! Don't these brats ever give up?” and he fired his ray-blasts, but we all dodged them perfectly and shot him back with our lasers. It didn't hurt him, but it did confuse him for a moment long enough for us to move in closer.
“Give it up, Andross!” I called to him, “We're obviously too much for you to handle.”
“We followed you this far…” added Fox, “And now we're going bring and end to you for good.”
Andross anger was boiling, “You rotten no-good pests. You're all FOOLS TO CHALLENEGE ME!” and he began to rise up into the air where he could confront us. “I am all powerful now.”
“You call this powerful? Picking on a planet that's weaker than you are?” Falco mocked, “You're more pathetic than we gave you credit for.”
“ENOUGH…!” Andross growled. “We shall see who is greater. Just you wait!” and the fight was on!
While Fox Falco and I remained in combat against Andross, Krystal, Donny, and Erin took the chance to touch down and free all the slaves. A lot of the people were amazed and psyched out by Krystal.
A real live alien on Earth…? Who wouldn't be…?
Our parents couldn't believe that we they were alive, to actually think that this was how we came home…
“Wait… where's Mykan?” our mother asked.
“Up there…” Donny said pointing at the other Arwings. Our mom fainted, “My baby!”
Our dad caught her as she fainted, but he too was just as concerned, “It's all right sir…” Krystal told him, “Just have faith in your son.”
My dad didn't know what to believe, seeing as how he was talking to a human-sized, purple-blue vixen. Then again, I was flying my Arwing perfectly, even way better than most air force pilots. So he began to rekindle his faith.
Three against one, but Andross made it look like the battle was equal. Most of his shots missed us entirely, as ours missed him… and any attacks that did hit did hardly any damage to anyone.
…But we were moving higher and higher into the air, and getting Andross to move further away from the surface… just as we planned.
Once we were high enough, the battle became fiercer as we began to use our nova-bombs to attack, and they actually did cause Andross some damage. “I'll make you wish you hadn't done that!”
He opened his mouth wide for his trademark-special; the suction blow-out attack! “Fox… do it now!” I called.
“Right…! Here goes…” and Fox headed right into the suction current and dove his tiny ship straight into Andross' mouth, unnoticed.
Krystal gasped hard, even though she knew this was part of the plan, “Please… Come back to me safely Fox.” she cried under her breath.
Erin and Donny place their hands on her shoulder, “Don't worry Krystal… I'm sure he'll be fine.” Donny said.
Erin nodded in agreement, though she too had her doubts.
Inside Andross' head, Fox found it really hard to control with the air current, but he knew he had to hang in there. At least there was air so he could breath. “Awe, man… I sure hope this works.” He mumbled as he set a countdown timer to sixty seconds…
That's right… his Arwing had been rigged with powerful explosives, and were now set to blow Andross up form the inside. Once the timer had started, Fox carefully lodged the Arwing in tightly so that it couldn't be blown back out…
Then he hopped out and began to head for the mouth on foot. “Eww… since when does he brush in here.”
“UGH…!” Andross suddenly felt a tickling inside his mouth. “What is this…?” he growled, “What's going on?”
Falco and I exchanged looks of hope as perhaps the plan was working, but suddenly, Andross began to blow out his massive breath trying to get whatever it was lodged in his mouth, out.
The debris of rock that he had sucked in began to blow out everywhere. “Look out…!” cried Falco, and we both steered out of the way.
While inside… Fox had to duck down to avoid getting by all those boulders… but this was causing him to waste time, and he only had twenty seconds. Then he got an idea and leapt right out and caught a boulder and rode on it like a surfboard…
“WHOO-HOO… HANG-TEN HIGH…!” he cheered.
Then POW… out he went through the mouth and he began to plummet below, “GUYS…” he called to us through the communicators. “GET OUT OF THERE!”
Falco and I nodded and sped away, I flew downward and scooped Fox into my ship's cockpit safely, and then…
“What's… happening…?” cried Andross…
Everyone on Earth shielded their eyes and hit the dirt, and as the explosion began to fade out, they all reopened their eyes… and THREW UP THERE HANDS CHEERING THE LOUDEST ANYONE EVER HEARD!
“We did it! WE DID IT!” cried Erin.
Krystal couldn't stop jumping for joy.
And Donny could just keep going, “Yes! YES! YEAH…!”
Falco Fox and I were cheering happily ourselves. Fox and I kept slapping high-fives… and even the guys on the Great-Fox were cheering for joy. “Head down to the surface...” Pepper said, “I think there's bound to me more joy and cheer waiting for us.”
Indeed there was…
When the Great-Fox had touched down, all the people of the city were there to greet the whole team, and reporters were just going wild. So many stories had hit the papers…
“Familiar Faces Found. Aliens Arrive”
“Human Heroes and Freakish Friends….
“Out form these world discoveries.”
Donny, Erin and I were invited to many conferences to explain about our adventures, and the Aliens were all given thousands of questions, but once the world had acknowledged and welcomed the Aliens with open hearts…
Then began a bold a wonderful project… The reconstruction of all the damages caused by Andross…
General-Pepper even had his men fly in form the Lylat system though the green field… which even lead to a new discovery.
The contents of the green-field were easy for Slippy and Peppy to contain tans control and morph into an intergalactic space-warp which would connect the two systems together for easy transport.
This was joyful. Really it was…
It meant that… not only would we not have to ever say goodbye to Fox and his team, as we could easily just warp from there and back, but the Earth and the Lylat system even formed an alliance.
For the very first time in history, Humans, and extraterrestrials had met, and formed peace, and you can bet that Donny, Erin, and I got huge rewards for this; being the first humans to ever have physical contact with alien life forms, as well as our heroics for defending the Earth from total disaster.
For one thing, we never had to go school anymore. Nor pay taxes. Unfortunately it also ended our careers as the world's greatest gamers… but we didn't care as much. After all… who wanted to play a silly old video game, when you actually LIVED IT?
So we were given true rankings by the United-states Air force, and by General Pepper himself. From that day forth, The X-Team was made into a real team of mercenaries…
Captain Mykan McClain…
Lieutenant Erin McClain…
…and Ensign Donald “Donny” McClain…
With aid of the Lylat-system's technology, the cities were all back to normal, and even well upgraded. Now that the two systems were aligned, and technology evolved, w began to send some of our finest people to the new System to learn more about it, and to further initiate our peace…
The Lylat system did likewise…
The best part was… if anyone would ever think of performing terrorism again, The Star-Fox Team, and the X-team would be there.
As for Fox and Krystal… well…
They decided to have their wedding on Earth. It was the biggest most beautiful wedding of all times; this was because there were so many guests, half being form the Lylat system.
Fox and Krystal were married, and nobody could've been happier for them. As they left for their Honeymoon, which was planned to be on Sauria, just as Fox promised Tricky. Fox left me in charge of the team, ad the new lieutenant commander of the Star-Fox team. “You got it, Fox… and have a good time.”
Fox and Krystal smiled, and as their Arwing with the “Just married” sign on it left for space, Krystal tossed down her bouquet, and Erin caught it. “Ooh…?”
It all began not long ago when somewhere on the planet Earth.
These three great gamers, they were good and showed the folks what they were worth.
But far away somewhere way out there in the dark deep depths of space,
These strangely creatures seeming to have roamed all round the place
By accident a tractor beam had hit the Earth from far above,
Abducting the three gamers forcing them to leave behind the things they love.
They wound up in a system that was light years far away from home.
And would they ever come back? The answer was more than far unknown.
But even so, being far from home, among their problems was the least,
For Andross, a big emperor, had returned as a robot-beast
“For Andross, a big emperor, had returned as a robot-beast
“For Andross, a big emperor, had returned as a robot-beast
“For Andross, a big emperor, had returned as a robot-beast
By using their skills they had triumphed over Andross' minions
And so they chose to stay and help out, which was the right opinions
They fought many creatures on planets, asteroids, and in space.
And they became quick heroes amongst all of the Lylat's race.
They fought many creatures on planets, asteroids, and in space.
And they became quick heroes amongst all of the Lylat's race.
The McClains, we thought they were dead we'd given up all of our hope.
We had no thought that they were in a system where they learned to cope.
Amongst all of the fighting's, and the sticky situations.
They struggled on to fight, and spar, and keep up their dedications.
Amongst all of the fighting's, and the sticky situations.
They struggled on to fight, and spar, and keep up their dedications.
The danger suddenly grew worse, when Andross grew more powerful.
He fled the Lylat-system, came to Earth, and made things sorrowful.
The Earth was quite the sitting duck, we could not fight we were too weak.
But the brave heroes, finding a way back to Earth were what they seek…
They entered a green field in space and warped right back to this poor place,
And using all the weapons and skills they picked from outer-space.
They cornered Andross mocked and forced into a great big fight.
And with swift thinking they blew Andross up, way out of sight.
And with swift thinking they blew Andross up, way out of sight.
And with swift thinking they blew Andross up, way out of sight.
And with swift thinking they blew Andross up, way out of sight.
With Andross gone and peace restored, this was a great day filled with much.
For aliens had come to earth, made peace with us, and even such.
They helped us rebuild up or world then began newfound peace,
Amongst the Lylat-System and the Earth's entire populace.
They helped us rebuild up or world then began newfound peace,
Amongst the Lylat-System and the Earth's entire populace.
And now the Earth it has evolved, and with the gateway not too far out there.
Our races can now live amongst all things so far.
The human race and aliens have been united now as one.
Thanks to the McClain siblings and the Star-Fox, we've had such fun.
The human race and aliens have been united now as one.
Thanks to the McClain siblings and the Star-Foxteam, we've had fun.
Thanks to the McClain siblings and the Star-Foxteam,WE'VE… Had… SUCH FUN!!”
(Pictures flash by)
The other Members of Star-Fox…
General Pepper…
The X-Team.
Fox and Krystal at their Wedding.