Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Fan Fiction ❯ Ghosts from the past ❯ Chapter 5

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"Soreyuke! UchuSenkan Yamamoto Yohko" fanfic
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TITLE: Part V of "Ghosts from the past."

Sci-Fi Terms and Space Terms:

Kranston Maneuver - Spacesickness to the point of vomiting.

Stardock - A self sufficient space-station for the purpose of maintaining a way-point for starships. A trade center. (One definition)

Star Cluster - A close grouping of stars all of the same general age. Usually associated with bodies of stars outside the lens of the galaxy, but can apply to the dense clusters at the heart of the galaxy as well.

References to the TV series:

Sakura Tauraus II - The original Sakura Tauraus was a Frivolous planet where pilots come for leisure fun and sometimes business almost acting as some sort of resort. It was place where everyone could forget rivalries and competitions and just hang out. Sakura Tauraus was once destroyed by Yohko's clone Yamamoto Yousuke when the Ol' timer was Yousuke's source of strength. Then it was recreated by Ayano when she had gained the Ol' timer's inheritance.

Yamamoto Yousuke - An exact copy of Yamamoto Yohko originally used as a tool by Zenga and Ol' Timer to destroy her. Once reclaiming her independence from Ol'Timer and making amends with Yohko, she was punished by the Ol'Timer and turned into a male. He currently resides at the Hakuhoin residence as an apprentice to Ayano's grandfather.

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Part 5

(Yohko over the holographic transmitter) "How's everyone doing? Status report?"

"Yohko-chan, Madoka-chan and I have already passed the star cluster and are on our way to the Stardock."

"Great! Remember to clock your time in and I'll meet you there!"

"Got it!"

" everything okay??"

"Ah, Yohko-san! Roat's ship has been eliminated. I'm heading straight for the Stardock as soon as I can pinpoint Mizuki-san's location...I haven't been able to get any readings on her battleship or it's whereabouts....have you?"

"Negative.... I haven't been able to get any transmission from her either."

"The last reading I received from her ships data was that it was down 30%. Yohko-san, I'll keep looking for her....why don't you go ahead to to the Stardock. I'll meet you there with Mizuki-san."

"Okay, Thanks Ayano. But any sign of trouble, please notify me immediately."

"Understood, Yohko-san."

"Okay, I'm off!"

Meanwhile, Ayano still kept on the lookout for Mizuki still wondering why Mizuki snapped at her a little while ago. While static makes it's interference with the transmitter, "Mizuki-san!!! Can you hear me??!! Where are you?!"

Then out of nowhere an unphased quiet voice appears, "What do you want from me?"

"Mizuki-san? Ah, Mizuki-san, you're okay! Please tell me your coordinates so that I may find you!"

"You didn't answer my question!"



"Mizuki-san, I've come to take you with me to the stardock, so they can repair our ships before we head off to finish line."

"Heh....I don't get it."

"Get what? I don't understand what this is about?"

"Hmph....I don't get what she sees in you."


" *sigh*....the way she looks at you like you're the best thing that happened in her life.....the way she drops everything and runs to you as soon as you call....the way she looks and acts with just one mention of your name....I just....don't get it."

"This....this is about Yohko-san?"

"OF COURSE IT'S ABOUT HER!! It's always been about her!" Mizuki found her herself wiping off the tears she's been trying to fight off.

"I know Yohko-san means the world to you. I also know that it was you who had convinced her to go back to her time so she could be with her loved ones."

"So you snooped around my personal files and records, eh??"

"No.....Yohko-san told me. When I made my debut as a pilot, she told me about her early adventures aboard Terra....she also told me about you and how special you are to her."

".....I see."

"The way she explained how brave and full of spirit you were....I've come to admire you as well.....and I'm honored to have met you, Mizuki-san."

At this point, Mizuki was at a loss of words. She wasn't expecting this from Ayano.....she wasn't expecting any sort of admiration at all. But this doesn't change anything, she thought. "It's time to bring out Hakuhoin-san's weak side." Mizuki thought....and she knew EXACTLY how.



"I think I know why, Yohko still clings to you....even after the Zenga tournament."


"I should have realized this all along....*laughs*.......she feels sorry for you. She knew all along how pathetic you were........................and still are. You're nothing but a mere 'project' for her to work on and complete. Once she's completed her so-called 'project' she'll move on.........just like she did with me."

"What?! Yohko-san is not like that!!"

"Is that so? Well then explain my situation? She was once close to me like that, you know?"

"...And she still is! She still cares for you....she never once forgot about you!"

"Oh? Does that really eat you up inside knowing that?" Mizuki was on a roll...."If it does, then you'd know exactly how I feel. The feeling sucks doesn't it? And to's all for nothing because Yohko really doesn't care about're just her 'project'. Who knows? Maybe she has her sights set on her next charity case."

Ayano didn't know how to respond to that. With Yohko's help, she fought her inner demons and won but at this moment she could feel her esteem slowly taking a nose dive with every word that seeps out of Mizuki's lips. What took Ayano years to accomplish, Mizuki was slowly undoing in just a 15 minutes.

"I....I believe in Yohko-san....she's always been there for me when..."

"....when what? Whenever you were at your lowest? When you were stuck in a pit of dispair? Well, once you're out, then what? What's left for her to do? Nothing! Face it,'re old news...a burden......just like me. Once she's found another person to play hero with, you'll be a distant memory. Aww...what's the matter? Ayano-san crying?"

Ayano was practically drowning in her own tears. Mizuki's words stung so deep.

"It's okay, Ayano...maybe we can start a support group or something....maybe we can call it Yohko-holics anonymous or something...*giggle* Ayano?


"Huh? that you?"

"You better believe it!"

"Oh..uh...hey, what's up??" Mizuki sweating profusely.

"SAVE IT!" I heard every fallacious word that came out of your rotten mouth!! I..I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!! How could you say those things?? I would never in a million years do that to either you or Ayano! NEITHER OF YOU ARE MY PROJECTS!! Both of you mean the world to me!! Ayano, Mizuki is wrong...Ayano? Ayano! Mizuki where is she??!!

"'d go running of to HER."

"Stop it! Just tell me where she is???"

"I DON't know where she went off to. Can't you just send her a transmission??"

"I CAN'T! She....turned her receiver off!"

"That's just too bad....I guess I can't help ya then."

Yohko wanted to retort back but she was more concerned on finding Ayano instead. Meanwhile.......

"Geez....where is that Nekomusume!"

"Calm down, Madoka-chan! She must have run into some trouble. Should we continue to wait for her??

"We're running out of time! Other teams have already taken off and are heading to the Wasco base and we haven't even boarded our battleships yet! I say we just go! Yohko will understand!"

"Okay, okay."

Back on board their ships, Lawson holographically pops up to do a status check.

"Hi girls!"

"Lawson!" Both pilots scream nervously.

"I can't seem to get in touch with either Yohko, Ayano or Mizuki. What's happened?"

I'm sure they're still trying to get the Redsnappers off their tail." Madoka responded

"Nooooo...Most of the Redsnappers are out...the only exception is Rubrum who seems to be on her way to the WASCO base."

"AAAAGH!!" The two pilots respond in unison

"Look, Lawson, we'll get going now, okay?!"

"Hai, hai."


"Hm...what is it Admiral Leon?"

"You don't think that Mizuki has anything to do with this, do you?"

"Don't know...." responded a very concerned engineer...."Where are you guys?"

While Admiral Leon takes a sip of her tea, Lawson tries to scan the entire obstacle course but no luck. With their main transmitters (also used as tracking devices) off, there's no way either Yohko, Ayano or even Mizuki can be spotted.

"Ayano! Ayano!! If you can hear me, please say something........please!" Yohko pleaded

Just then, she spotted a red object shooting right past her and heading towards Sakura Tauraus II (please use reference guide on top)....she matched it's speed and followed it to see if it was indeed Ayano's battleship. She inched closer to have a good look at the name, ...."TA-27." Yup! Sure enough it was her so she followed her the rest of the way to recreational planet.

Ayano landed her ship near the edge of the lake and got out. With Mizuki's haunting words still lingering in her mind, she proceeded to the edge of the lake. At least there she can have some time to herself and sort out her feelings.

"Feelings.....hurt, pain, lonliness..." She could go on and on. Just then, a cat made it's presence. It was a cute kitty with gold hair and...."Green eyes.....Yohko-san." At that very thought, the cat came closer and and jumped on Ayano's lap. This startled Ayano at first but then she started relaxing a bit, enjoying the pleasant sounds of purring. She stroked the cat's well-kept, shiny hair. It suddenly felt very familiar.... triggering a memory....however not a very distant one.

Flash Back Sequence
"Mmmmmm......I could lie here forever.

"...*giggle*....Yohko-san, we have to be boarding our ships soon.

"Ahhh...we still have an hour to go!" Whined Yohko...."And anyway, your lap is way TOO comfortable........and warm."

Ayano just continued to giggle while stroking Yohko's short, brown strands of hair. They were so soft through her fingers and the scent was divinely intoxicating. But that wasn't the best part...still laying on Ayano's lap, Yohko turned to face her. Yohko's eyes were so hypnotic and piercing...they were the most beautiful green eyes, she's ever laid eyes on.



There was a moment of silence. Ayano and Yohko continued staring into each other's eyes until.....


"Yohko-san! Are you alright?!"

"YOHKO, you're suppose to catch the ball with your hands not your head!"

"I don't recall ever agreeing to play ball with you, ODEKO!! ruined the mood!"

"Hm, what mood?"

"Well, uh......" Yohko and Ayano just looked at each other and couldn't help but blush. It was followed by an unexpected outburst of laughter amongst the two of them. The only one that didn't find it so amusing was....

"HEY! What's so funny...NEKOMUSUME???!!!"

=================================== =================
End of Flash back Sequence

*Giggle*...Ayano found herself amused by the memory. "It was such a nice one." She thought. She continued to look blissfully at the feline until she heard the sound of another ship docking right next to hers. The gust of wind created by the enormous weight and size of the battleship caused her to squint preventing her from seeing who's ship it belonged to. As soon as the wind and dust cleared, she noticed a figure with a pair of cut-off jeans evacuating her ship.......she gasped and ran.

"Ayano!" Yohko ran after her. "Ayano, wait!"

Ayano just kept on running. Though she wasn't sure exactly why she was running. Part of her wanted to plant her feet firmly on the ground while Yohko made her way towards her. Despite all that was said by Mizuki, she still wanted to look into Yohko's beautiful eyes...but she was frightened. Whether or not Mizuki's words were true, she just couldn't face Yohko right now. If Yohko caught up to her right now, what would happen? Would she put on that heroic face of hers and tell Ayano that everything will be okay? Will she do everything she can to take her out of the depths of her misery?.....then leave thinking everything is just peachy?? She couldn't bear the thought of Yohko leaving her so....SHE will be the one to leave Yohko....

Ayano started slowing down once she noticed a bridge that ran to the other side of the lake. "Well?'s now or never." She thought. So she had made her decision....she raced up the stairs of the bridge. Once she reached the actual bridge, she continued her dash across until she came up to a part of the bridge railing that was dismantled or for lack of a better word, blown apart....thanks to Roat. Yohko and Rouge once decided to race across the bridge but since it looked like Rouge was about to lose, Roat set the explosives. The idea was if Rouge couldn't win, NO ONE could! Of course Rouge was furious but this is another story for another day ^^.

Still distracted by the bridges railing, she walked up to the edge and caught a glimpse of the spectacular lake. It was a magnificent sight. For just a moment she forgot who she was running from. Until....

"Ayano!" Yohko panting from all the running...."Ayano?"

Ayano's eyes still lingered at the sight of the lake refusing to look into the eyes of the one she adored.

"Ayano?" Yohko repeated, but gently this time. "Please....please look at me? Please?"

She could feel Yohko's tears as her own tears were trying to find it's way out. Yohko's sincere and gentle pleading didn't help much.

"Please listen, Ayano. None of what Mizuki said was true.....I never once thought of you as a burden, or charity case. I never thought of her in that way either. She's special to are you. In're the most impor..(Yohko got interrupted by Ayano)

"...Yohko-san (still looking at the lake), it doesn't matter now.....anyway.....Mizuki is right.......I am a burden to you..."

"NO!! That's not true.!! You were never a burden! And you never will be! The reason I stuck with you all these years wasn't because I felt sorry for you....I never thought you were pathetic! I don't know why Mizuki said all this to you!"

"I do."


"I know why. She's sad, Yohko-san.....and hurt."

"Hurt?? I don't understand."

"I knew you wouldn't."

"Did she tell you she was hurt ......and why?"

"She didn't have to. I could see it in her face....I could feel it in her voice. She loves you, Yohko-san....she loves you with all her heart and soul...and I know this because.......I feel the same way...about you.


"Yohko-san....thank you.....for being my friend..."

"Ayano, I..."

"..No, please...let me finish.....You've always been there for me...*sigh*...ever since we were little you've always been the strong shoulder I could lean on. I'm sorry you wasted your time on me. I'm sorry I couldn't be as strong as you. I thought if I could be strong like you, you would never leave me....that we would be friends forever, liked we promised each other on a bridge similar to this. Do you remember, Yohko-san?"

"Yes, I remember. We were only 5 years old then and we had missed the bus. You were crying non-stop. I.......joked about hating you if you didn't stop was just a joke.......I told you I could never hate you...ever. And you asked me if this was true. I made a promise to you that I would always be your friend...forever. I meant it, Ayano! I meant every word!"

"I know you did." Ayano responded quietly still looking away from Yohko...."and from that point on,........I knew."

"Knew what?"

"That I was in love with you......AM in love with you. I still cherish you with every depth of my soul." Ayano looked up when she heard the sounds of birds flying by. Yohko caught notice of this and saw the beautiful reflection of the waters in Ayano's aqua blue eyes.....they were stunning and she couldn't keep her eyes off of them. Yohko slowly inched her way closer to her. She was within arm's reach until another flock of birds flew by. The strong impact from the birds created a huge gust of wind that knocked Ayano off balance. Swinging her arms so she could keep herself from falling to the waters below, Yohko quickly grabbed a hold onto one of her arms and yanked her away from the edge causing Yohko and Ayano to hit the bridges pavement. Yohko landed in a sort of sitting position with Ayano on her lap.

Several minutes have passed by and they were still clinging to each other scared and in the same position they were when they first fell to the pavement. Yohko could feel Ayano trembling so she held on to her even tighter. More time passed by and Yohko knew she had to do something quick. They couldn't stay locked in that position forever....even though she really didn't mind. Ayano felt so good in her arms but she knew there were some things that she still had to say to her. She slowly unlocked herself from Ayano but not all the way. And with one deep breath....."I love you!"

"Yohko-san, you..."

" let ME finish....okay?" Ayano just nodded

"The moment I first layed eyes on you in that playground when we were younger I knew you would become a special part of my life....someone I would want to spend the rest of my life with. Each day I got to know you and spend time with you, I knew I was hooked. I consider it a blessing that you would even let me be your friend....something I never're the first thought in my mind when I wake up in the morning....and the last thought when I go to bed. I love you Ayano....I'm sorry I took too long to say it. I love you."

"Yohko-san." Ayano was fighting a losing battle with her tears in which they just came out all at once."

"Wait....there's more...."

"Okay." Ayano choked on more tears and with that, Yohko pulled her in close enough that they faces were only centimeters away from each other. She could feel Ayano's breathe dancing on her lips which drew her even closer. Ayano's arms slowly made it's way around Yohko's neck while Yohko's circled around her waist. Hearts started to race more rapidly than before. Yohko slowly moved in and finally...with one sweep, brushed her delicate, aching lips unto Ayano's. She lunged in for more and this time the kiss was deep and probing....each one lost into each other.

After a kiss that just seemed...eternal, Yohko slowly and unwillingly broke the kiss to look at Ayano who happened to be in total bliss. However the mood ended with the sound of battleship approaching.

"What?!" Yohko looked up but couldn't figure out who it belonged to since it was still quite aways. Ayano startled as well, faced the direction of the battleship....the battleship that belonged to Mizuki....

...To be continued