Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Fan Fiction ❯ Ghosts from the past ❯ Chapter 4

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"Soreyuke! UchuSenkan Yamamoto Yohko" fanfic
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TITLE: Part IV of "Ghosts from the past."

Sci-Fi Terms and Space Terms:

Kranston Maneuver - Spacesickness to the point of vomiting.

Stardock - A self sufficient space-station for the purpose of maintaining a way-point for starships. A trade center.
(One definition)

Star Cluster - A close grouping of stars all of the same general age. Usually associated with bodies of stars outside the lens of the galaxy, but can apply to the dense clusters at the heart of the galaxy as well.

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Part 4

The next morning...

It was finally the day of the race and excitement definitely filled the air as the 4 pilots plus Mizuki waited to be briefed by their admiral and Lawson. Both explained the obstacle course they were about to encounter in space. As soon as they concluded the briefing, all 5 pilots headed straight to their space battleship ship waiting for the anouncer to give the signal to launch.

Announcer/Ref: " Pilots, This is the following order of your obstacle courses you must pass through:

1) All qualified teams will make 1 lap around the rings of Saturn
2) You must then pass through the "Star Cluster." This is the most time consuming but everyone must pass through this belt in order to make it to the 2nd sector. Once you've entered the second sector you will see the "Stardock"

3) The Stardock will be utilized to maintain your ships and do appropriate system check. Once you know that your ship is in working order please move to the main disembarking point of the "Stardock" and proceed to the next Obstacle course.

4) The next obstacle and final destination is back to the WASCO base.

"Battleships, on your mark....(now imagine the 3 signal beeps from the ol' classic video game, Pole Position)
...beep...beep...beep...BEEP! START!"






"Ugh! We're playing against the Rednsnappers!!" exclaimed Madoka through her batteship's com

"So? It's not like we haven't beaten them before. This should be a piece of cake!" Assured Yohko

"I heard that, YAMAMOTO YOHKO!!

"Ahhh, Rouge, Ohisashiburi...long time no see! How's it going?

"Oh not too bad actually. You know Furiga and I...uh....HEY! WE'RE NOT HERE TO GET REACQUAINTED! Stop trying to mess up my concentration! This is a race, NOT A SOCIAL EVENT!!!"

"...(SIGH)...whatever." replied Yohko..."JA!"



Eh? What is it, Erytron?"

"Yohko's team have completed their lap around the Saturn rings and are making their way to the Star Cluster."


"We'll slow'em down, Rouge-Oneesan!"

Rubrum, Roat, STEP ON IT!!!"

In unison, "HAI!!"

"Erytron, stay play support!"


"Yamamoto Yohko (dramatic music is playing) was nice to fight by your side during the Old Timer incident.........but now that's ancient history....we're once again on opposing teams and........

"what's she rambling about???" Madoka wondered

"Aww...something about ancient history, I guess." answered Momiji

"DON'T INTERRRUPT ME WHEN I'M SPEAKING!!!!".....*sigh* I was saying......we are once again on opposing teams so that means...."

" that means what?" Yohko couldn't help but ask.

"Well, IF YOU LET ME FINISH, I'll tell you what it means! It means.......................*sigh* means we beat the pants off you, HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!


"Yohko -san! I see the Star Cluster!"

"Excellent! Let's proceed, shall we?"

Yohko's team in unison, "HAI!!"

"Yohko, the opposing team is fast approaching!" informed Mizuki

"Good observation, Mizuki. Okay everyone, let's talk turkey! Madoka, take the path on the right and head straight for the the Stardock. We'll meet ya there!"

What?! How am I suppose to sprint through..."

"Trust me! If you take the path on the right, you'll notice a lack of clusters. However the left side is a complete handicap, so avoid that with all cost!"

"Okay, okay...*sigh*...even my past Kranston Manuever was better than this!!"

"Momiji, follow Madoka, play backup and help her clear her path even further. She'll need you to shoot any miscellaneous clusters that are in her way.

"I'm on it, Yohko-chan!"

Ayano and Mizuki! I'll need both your assistance in preventing any of the Redsnappers from making past us. Ladies, It's time to take'em down!"


"Heh, here's my chance to show up Ms. Hakauhoin." Thought Mizuki

"Hey Mizuki!"


"Two Redsnappers are on your tail! Pull a fakey on the stronger of the two and take out the weaker one. If the other one is out of the way, it will just be man to man from here on out and I know that's how you like it!"

"Got it! You know me TOO well!"

"Ayano, we all know how careless Roat can be. Use that to your advantage. She's like Madoka. She'll throw many punches without focusing. This is where she's gets distracted the most. Once she preoccupied with all the shooting she's doing, go underneath her, grapple her and do your best number!"

"Understood, Yohko-san!"

"Alright, now it's show time!

"Do what you need to, Yamamoto Yohko....however. I'VE GOT THE EDGE!! One of us is going down and it's not gonna be me!"

"*sigh*...Rouge, you're boring me...let's spice this up, shall we?" At that moment Yohko took off in the opposite direction.

"Hey, this isn't a game of cat and mouse! You come back here you coward!"

"What's Yohko up to?" Mizuki wondered

"Yohko-san? Mizuki-san, what is Yohko-san trying to do?"

"How should I know? Worry about your own battle! Stop wasting my time will ya?!"

"Eh? Uh...Mizuki-san??!!

"NOW WHAT? Can't you just leave me alone right now? I'm kinda busy!"


"AAAGH!" Mizuki received a nasty blow to the side of her ship

"MIZUKI-SAN!! Are you alright, Mizuki-san?!"

"Uh.....wha...........Stop pretending to be so concerned! I've had it with your act!"

"Huh? I......don't understand."

"Of course you don't understand! You never w....WHAT???!!" Just then, Mizuki's AI fed her the latest stats on the condition of her ship.

"Power Level down to 30%." Informed her AI...and it kept repeating like a haunting chant.

"This can't be happening now!"

Meanwhile Yohko was still trying to escape Rouge's clutches..........or so Rouge thought....

"I don't know what you're up to, Yamamoto Yohko but I guarantee you won't slip away!"

As Yohko was still on the go, she noticed an oncoming cluster and headed straight for it. Rouge just continued to pursue her without realizing what was up ahead. The cluster grew bigger and wider as Yohko increased her ship's speed. Rouge increased her speed as well, bringing herself closer to the rear of Yohko's ship. Just when it appears that Yohko might actually ram her ship into the cluster, she throttles upward while Rouge finally notices the object that she's about to ram into.


Rouge acted quickly. She knew she couldn't avoid the cluster entirely so instead she swerved her ship high enough so it at least skims the bottom of her ship without causing major damage. Rouge then slowed her speed down to a halt.

"You almost had me there, Yamamoto!....had you forgotten abot my quick reflexes? Snickered Rouge

"Of course not!...It has always impressed me."

"Huh? Where are you! Show yourself!"

"You may have quick reflexes but you really aren't that observant are you? Anyway, I'm right behind and show you who you picked a fight with! Let's end this now! EVERBLACK CANNON....FIRE!!!"

"GRRR, I'm NOT fin....AAAAAGH!" With one blow, Rouge's ship blew into a million pieces while Rouge herself was teleported back to her base.

"Another bites the dust. I wonder how the others are doing?"

To be continued....