Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Fan Fiction ❯ Ghosts from the past ❯ Chapter 3

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"Soreyuke! UchuSenkan Yamamoto Yohko" fanfic
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TITLE: Part III of "Ghosts from the past."

Sci-Fi Terms and Space Terms:

Kranston Maneuver - Spacesickness to the point of vomiting.

Stardock - A self sufficient space-station for the purpose of maintaining a way-point for starships. A trade center. (One definition)

Star Cluster - A close grouping of stars all of the same general age. Usually associated with bodies of stars outside the lens of the galaxy, but can apply to the dense clusters at the heart of the galaxy as well.

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Part 3

Still at Terra's Base, Lawson and Lyon were still having their discussion. Just around the corner and nowhere to be noticed, was Mizuki, who listened in on everything.

"Admiral Lyon, just relax. I'm sure it's nothing. Besides..Mizuki-kun's done a lot of growing up since then. She was even selected as trainer at the other Terra facility, if you can recall."

"Yes, based on her skill."


"It's not her skill that's in question, Lawson. It's her whole temperament."

"Temperament? What exactly do you mean?"

"Yes, Admiral Lyon, what exactly DO YOU mean?"

"Uh...Mizuki-san, w...we didn't see you standing there!" said a surprised Lyon. "I was just about to..."

"Save it!" Interrupted Mizuki. "You don't think I'm emotionally stable, is that right?"

"Now, Mizuki, I never said..."

"What! Do you think my temperament is too much to handle??" asked Mizuki while cutting off Lyon again.

"I just think that maybe you should wait a little while longer before teaming up with Yohko and her team and.."

"...AND WHAT???!!! (the yelling continued with obscenities coming out of Mizuki's mouth)

"Hey, there's no need to yell at Admiral Lyon, Mizuki-kun! Now apologize to your Admiral!"

Just then, Yohko and the rest entered the facility and overheard the yelling and then some.

"Lawson...uh...?"Mizuki sighed in defeat.

"DO IT!" Demanded Lawson.

"I...I'm sorry...Admiral Lyon. I will never...raise my voice at you again."

"Apology accepted. You may return to your quarters."

"Yes, Admiral." Just as Mizuki turned around, she noticed the 4 girls standing by the door, looking a little perplexed. Nevertheless she nonchalantly made her way past them yet as soon as she passed Ayano, she turned to her and asked, "Enjoying this?"

"Eh?" Ayano had no idea what she was talking about so she turned to Yohko. Yohko just shrugged, since she was just as confused as Ayano was.

"Lawson, Lyon, what's going on?"

"Oh, I'm sure it doesn't concern us, Yohko...but seriously, what IS going on??" Madoka's curiousity peaked as always.

"Heh, heh." Lawson couldn't help but give a nervous laugh. "It's nothing really."

"Nothing? We heard the screaming when we first stepped foot in base, so don't tell me nothing, Lawson. Anyway, what happened with Mizuki?" Yohko retorted

"Well...(sigh)...she overheard Lawson and I discussing her temperament.

"Well, what brought it up in the first place?

"Yohko-san, you of all people should know that she has occasional spouts of anger. I brought it up as a major concern for tomorrow's race."

"So everyone gets angry once in awhile...big deal." I always knew she was a hothead but I don't see how this could effect tomorrow's race."

"Yohko-kun, I was wondering the same thing earlier. However, as Admiral Lyon tried to explain, Mizuki-kun overheard everything and spoke rather harshly to her. That was all the screaming that you overheard earlier. If she continues this attitude, it could disqualify your whole team from the race."

"Hmph!...I knew there was something fishy about her!" Madoka had to add.

"Her skills are a great asset to your team, Yohko-san, however the WASCO organization's foundation was built on good sportsmanship and they won't tolerate behavior such as Mizuki-san's. As part of this league, we (Terra) have always known for always abiding by their statute. To break that tradition would cost us future races/battles and possibly forced withdrawal of membership to WASCO."

"Yeah, but Ness has always been guilty of that sort of behavior, yet they never get penalized for it!" Momiji had to add

"It's true...Ness has been accountable for many mishaps and unacceptable behavior and, yes, they have been warned many times about this. I can't explain why this has never been made a real issue with WASCO but I'm sure they have their reasons.

"Reasons like what? Blackmail?" Madoka asked sarcastically.



Unexpectedly Ayano had something to say,

"Admiral Lyons-san, she would be fine after a bit of cooling off, perhaps. It was certainly wrong for her to have acted very harshly towards you, Admiral, but she apologized. She could have just walked away without saying anything or just continue her tantrum yet she didn't...even if it's because Lawson demanded it, she abided and she apologized. If you take her out of the race tomorrow it would only provoke her anger even more. Maybe it's best to give her a chance to prove herself. It's been quite a long time since she had raced alongside Yohko-san and it's quite obvious how much their friendship means to her. To take that away from her now would only devastate her even more."

"Ayano." Yohko surprised by her comment.

"So the voice of reason speaks out." Lawson commented with a smile. What do you
think, Admiral Lyon?"

As everyone was waiting for the final verdict, Admiral Lyon got up from her seat and made her way to a table equipped with a fresh pot of tea. While pouring the tea into her empty cup, you could certainly taste apprehension in the air...they were dying to know what the final verdict was Then suddenly...

"I've reached my decision...

"...I haven't changed how I felt. I still feel that this would not be such a good idea to let her proceed with the race. Her temperament is very unpredictable and unpredictability is always a precarious thing.

"...But Admiral...!" Yohko retorted

"Let me finish, Yohko-san."


"As I was saying-

-I really feel uneasy about this. However, Ayano-san IS right about one thing. Mizuki was extremely looking forward to rejoining Yohko and as far as I know, Yohko and Mizuki have always been close. It's one of the reasons why we had Mizuki-san sent back to this rejoin her fellow teammate(s)...(sigh)....

...she can proceed with the race."

"YES!!.. Everyone cheered"

"...under one condition!"

"Eh?" again everyone in unison.

"IF she has even ONE slight outburst, she is immediately disqualified...Do I make myself clear?"

Everyone replied," Yes Admiral!"

Later on that evening, Yohko headed straight for Mizuki's sleeping quarters. It wasn't extremely late so she expected Mizuki to still be up.

(Knock, Knock)

"Yes?" replied a groggy Mizuki

"It's me, Yohko!"

" on one sec!" Mizuki rushed to the bathroom to wash her tear drenched face so she could look somewhat presentable.

"Hey, whatcha doing in there? If you're getting ready for bed or something, I can always come back much later or something."

"Oh! No, Yohko, I'm almost ready!" She rapidly swung the door open hoping Yohko wouldn't leave.

"I'm sorry I kept you waiting."

"What took you so long? Heh,'s not like I haven't seen you in your worst, ya know?"

"Oh I know...I just wanted to look decent for you that's all. After this tournament, I have to go back...and I don't want you to remember me looking, well you know...NOT so decent."

"Awww...I don't care how you look...just as long as you're the same Mizuki I know.

"So what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I just wanted to see how you were doing." Since you first arrived, We never had a chance to be alone and just talk."

"Yeah, you're right."

"So anyway...I...kinda heard you yelling at Lyon.

"Oh, that."

"She, almost cut you off the race for tomorrow, you know?"

"I'm not surprised." Mizuki replied while looking away from Yohko.

"Anyway, you'll continue on with the race tomorrow, under one condition...and this comes straight from Admiral Lyon's mouth."

"What's that?"

"She mentioned that you had to control your temper. She doesn't want you acting out on your anger."


"She's serious, Mizuki! Look, I don't want you disqualified or even kicked out of WASCO. You worked so hard to get where you are right now."

"Yeah...I know. I just...uh..."

"What? Tell me, Mizuki...what's wrong?"

At this point Mizuki could feel the tears about to come out again."I just...wanna know..."

"Know what?"

"Why you and Ay..." Just then Yohko's phone rang.

"Hello?" Yohko answered. "Ahh, Ayano, hey what's up?"

"...(sigh)...just great..." Mizuki thought.

Yohko continued on with her conversation,"Eh? Madoka got her head caught in the what?...Okay, I'll be down in just a sec, Ayano. Ja! ....(sigh) Odeko."

"Guess you gotta go, huh?"

"Yeah, apparently Odeko-san got her head stuck in some canister down at the cafeteria so I'm headed over there to see what I can do. Hey, do ya wanna come along? It should be hilarious!"

"'s okay, Yohko. I'm...sort of tired anyway. You go on ahead."

"Are you sure? It's not everyday you get to see Madoka inside a...oh never mind. This thing always happens to her...yet it's still funny each time, heh, heh."

"No, I'll pass, Yohko."

"Oh...okay. I guess I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Okay. Oyasumi nasai."

"Oyasumi, Mizuki." As soon as Yohko left, Mizuki continued where she left off...soaking her pillow with her tears. Just when her and Yohko were having a somewhat quiet evening chatting, Ayano of all people had to interrupt...or at least her phone presence. ...(sigh)...even when you're not here, Ayano, you still seem to ruin my moments with Yohko." She was feeling more vengeful then ever.

To be continued...