Static Shock Fan Fiction ❯ Senses ❯ Sound ( Chapter 4 )

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4. Sound
Virgil had liked Richie right away-not because of his shy demeanor, or his intense interest in Super Heroes and monster movies, though that defiantly had a lot to do with it- no, it was his voice that little Virgil had liked so much; soft, gentle and friendly, it just sounded right. As they had grown older and well into puberty (an experience neither were sure was as great as their parents made it out to be) his voice had hit just about every pitch imaginable before finally settling comfortably into a light, pleasant tenor. Many times, Virgil would find himself allowing his friend to ramble on about his latest invention, just listening to him speak without really hearing the words.
So, as Virgil did things to him with his mouth and hands and body that just had to be impossible, Virgil himself was sure that he would be cumming for weeks from the memory of Richie's moans alone.