Static Shock Fan Fiction ❯ Senses ❯ smell ( Chapter 5 )

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5. Smell
Virgil smelled of soap and laundry detergent and tag body spray and skin and home.
Not his house of course, not Richie's. Because Ritchie's home was not his house. His home was Virgil's house, Virgil's room, Virgil.
Richie liked Virgil's smell. It was comforting and reminded him of everything good.
Except for right before Daisy moved. There was something off about it that day.
He didn't just sit there and sniff his friend of course, that would be creepy on so many levels he couldn't count them all, but they sat close enough together that he could catch a whiff anytime one or the other moved a certain way.
To many times hiding from bullies in the shower rooms had taught him what sex smelled like, and Virgil hadn't used enough soap or body spray that morning to cover it up. It was probably a rush job.
Richie had never been so insanely jealous in all his life.
So, as he closed his eyes in the sanctity of his room at his house and ran his fingers down his body, imagining Virgil's touch, his taste, his eyes, his moans, his thoughts, but especially his smell, he tried to forget the Virgil had gone to Daisy's to help her pack, and that he had said he would probably be out late that night, and not to wait up.<