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Betrayal Saga I

Author's Note: You can probably tell that I'm mixing up the Mario games. I just can't see the point in using the background of just one. And why not use the cartoon as well? It was pretty good for the short time it aired...

Oh, and some of the things that occur in this fic do not happen in Super Smash Brothers.

Disclaimer: Don't own Mario, Yoshi, the original Toads, head hurts...


Peach Battle

It might be the shortest battle in history...Yoshi and Peach begin their battle in the castle's underground stadium. Meanwhile, two false Toads begin looking for Yoshi after receiving new orders from Kammy Koopa to help him--without King Koopa's consent! Will they be able to help Yoshi in time? And does he even want their help?...fourth in the Saga.

By Queen Breeza



Yoshi couldn't believe this. Peach hadn't fought in two years! Yet, she was serious about fighting Yoshi right then and now.

Yoshi glanced out the window for a brief moment. The sun would be completely gone out of the sky very soon. He really didn't have time for this!

"Well?" Peach asked sternly. "I'm waiting."

Oh, GREAT!! What am I supposed to do about this? Yoshi searched desperately in his mind for an answer, but found nothing. On the outside, it looked as though he wasn't even phased by Peach's demands. He would have to act quickly, though.

Time was running out...



"Oh, crap! Did you see what Yoshi did?? What an idiot!!" the green-headed Toad exclaimed.

"I thought he was smarter than that myself!" Silve added.

"You know," the other Toad began, "I bet Kammy Koopa saw it, too. Man, I bet she nearly puked when she saw Yoshi eating the hat!"

Silve gave the green-headed Toad a quizzical look. "Why would she puke because of that? It was only a hat."

"Because SHE'S the one who has to give it to King Koopa!" the other answered.

"Oh, yeah!" Silve smiled, but the other Toad just shook his head in disappointment, and thought: Sometimes I think you're even dumber than Fury...

"Don't think I don't know what's going on with you two!!" yelled a voice from the sky.

"What was that? It isn't God, is it?" Asked Silve fearfully, searching the sky with twitching eyes.

"Dude, I know for a fact that God wouldn't sound like that," said the other Toad.

"How would you know?" Silve asked in a criticizing way.

"It's me, you IDIOTS!!" The false Toads looked to the right and saw Kammy Koopa on her broom flying towards them.

"Oh, hi--I guess," said Silve. Oh, man! She probably heard us talking about her! Wait a sec! It was the other guy who said Kammy would have to touch the hat anyway if Yoshi threw it back up again, not me!

"And I know what you've been talking about, too, Gilbert!!" Kammy concluded.

Silve's mouth dropped and turned to look at his teammate. "Gi-Gilbert?? That's your NAME??!"

Gilbert looked around widely, nervously, and confused at the same time. He knew deep in his heart that he had a funny name, but he didn't know what it was, and he was nervous that Kammy could be telling the truth. Hopefully, she wasn't.

"That's not my name! I-I-It can't be!" Gilbert stuttered.

"I-I-I think it is your real name!" Kammy teased. "I think I would know!"

Silve smirked and started whistling. Gilbert elbowed him, but he didn't stop smirking.

"Anyways, I know about the hat, but that isn't the problem," Kammy explained. "The real problem is in the castle."

"What do you mean?" Silve asked.

"Shut up, and I'll tell you!" Kammy answered.

"Hehe," Gilbert laughed.

"Shut up, GIL-BERT!!" Silve sneered.

Gilbert just shot Silve a dirty look.

"Will both of you PLEASE SHUT UP AND QUIT ACTING LIKE TOADS!?" Kammy yelled.

Gilbert and Silve shot each other a look of amusement and began snickering hysterically.

Kammy rolled her eyes and decided to let this action slide this time. "Well, if you're still interested, Yoshi's having some problems."

"Like what?" Silve asked curiously. "Does it have anything to do with his digestive system?"

"NO, OF COURSE NOT!! Sheesh, you're dumb!" answered Kammy. "Yoshi's having problems with that twit Peach as we speak!"

"What?! What sort of problem could she prove to be for Yoshi? She's a weakling!"

"She's a fighter!" Kammy corrected. "Yoshi might lose the battle against her unless you two intervene."

"Hold up! Wait a minute!" Gilbert cut in. "Are you saying that King Koopa is going to allow us to help Yoshi with his mission?"

Kammy sighed. "No. But I've worked out a little plan on the way here. Since King Koopa can't watch Yoshi's progress until I get back, I'm giving you two permission to help him."

"Oh," Gilbert said, but then thought for a quick moment and said "Isn't that illegal?"

"Duh, stupid!" was Kammy's response. "But if Yoshi fails, YOU fail with him!"

"Hey, this test isn't for us! It's for Yoshi. Why should we be held accountable if Yoshi fails his first mission?" Silve asked with concern.

"Because I'll make sure that you're held accountable if you two idiots don't get your butts in that castle right now and help Yoshi!" Kammy screeched.

"Alright, sheesh! We're going, okay?" Silve bounded out of the forest heading for the castle. Gilbert hadn't followed right away though. He stayed behind to ask Kammy some questions he had on his mind.

"I suppose you still want something, correct Gilbert?," Kammy asked casually.

"Yeah," he said warily. "Um, are you sure my name is...Gilbert?"

"Yes," Kammy answered.

"Okay. But how can King Koopa not see what's going on with Yoshi? With all due respect, why would you have to be present?"

"As you know, the main power to the castle had been hit, and there isn't much electricity going through the Keep right now. King Koopa ordered me to work my crystal ball for him so that he could watch Yoshi and make sure he wasn't receiving any help from any of you. Of course, one of your teammates has already broken that rule. Anyways, King Koopa can't work a crystal ball, now can he?"

"Nope, guess not," Gilbert said and continued with his final question, "but why are you so determined for us to help Yoshi?"

"It's not that I like him so much," Kammy began, "It's just that I don't want that heifer Peach to win that battle!"

"Whoa!" Gilbert watched Kammy's eyes turn red with hatred, but he didn't stay long enough to see what she was going to do next. He thought it best to flee from the forest and carry out his new orders.



"Alright, Peach, I'll fight you," Yoshi finally said after some thought. "But you will regret it."

"I hardly think so," Peach boasted. "But now that you have accepted my challenge, follow me to the stadium. I'll set the rules of this fight there."

Peach turned and walked out of the room. Yoshi followed her downstairs to the stadium, neither one of them saying a word to each other the whole way. Right now though Yoshi had a lot on his mind anyway, and so did Peach. Peach was wondering if she was even a match for Yoshi, and Yoshi was wondering, strangely enough, if he was even a match for Peach. The two were still deep in thought when they finally reached the stadium.

Peach flipped on the lights of the stadium and activated the switch for the timer. She set it for fifteen minutes. She hoped though that the battle would be over before then. She didn't want to tell anyone yet about Yoshi's strange new attitude he'd taken up until she fully understood the reason behind it.

"You take this side," Peach ordered referring to the side of the arena floor that she and Yoshi were already on, "and I'll take the other."

"Why do I get the side closest to the exit? Don't you wanna take a precaution and be on this side just in case you start losing badly? You know I'm going to win," Yoshi said with a taunting heir.

"Don't flatter yourself, kid," Peach warned as she walked to her side of the arena. "I'm not one to be taken lightly. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't kick your butt."

"Right," Yoshi said with a smirk. "Just keep telling yourself that. Anyways, what about those rules you were going to tell me?"

"Oh, those? I changed my mind," responded Peach without the slightest bit of interest in her voice concerning the rules. "There are no rules--anything goes. And I mean anything."

"Good," Yoshi commented. He began stretching like he was really serious about the match.

All the while Yoshi was stretching, Peach was thinking about when she would probably need a star and what weapon she would use. Yoshi was through stretching and was looking quite anxious to get this battle started. "Well? Are we fighting now, or do you need more time to prepare for your end?" Yoshi intimidated Peach with his finale question, but Peach regained her ground and smiled boldly.

"I'm ready," Peach said, and Yoshi watched in awe as she made a beam sword appear out of nowhere in her hand. "Are YOU?" Great, now she's a witch! he thought with a little bit of fear. Next thing you know, she'll probably make a bomb appear, too, once she's done trying to hack my head off! Why can't I ever get a break?

"Of course!" Yoshi lied with defiance.

"Liar," Peach smirked. It was as if Peach was reading his mind...

Yoshi was already sick of Peach's surprises, and they hadn't even begun to fight yet...



"Dude, hurry up!" Silve yelled to Gilbert at the castle's entrance. He hadn't gone in right away when he saw that his teammate was not with him.

Gilbert hurried towards his partner, and the two entered the castle at the same time.

"Excuse us!" Silve jumped a table that was being carried by two toads in the hallway. Gilbert saw it coming too late for him to make a jump so he ducked under it. He caught up with Silve as the two entered a corridor and said, " 'Excuse us'? What kind of attitude is that? We NEVER get polite with the enemy, NEVER!!"

"Oh, shut up!" Silve said while practically skipping through a narrow path between two people (visualize, please). "We're undercover, remember? We have to at least act like we're Toads!"

"Oh, yeah," Gilbert agreed. Darn, now I'm acting like the dumb one.

That's when Gilbert figured out something that Silve hadn't even thought about and nearly tripped when he tried to stop running.

"Hey, Silve! Wait a minute!" he called.

Silve didn't stop running down through the corridor, but he turned his head around indicating that Gilbert had gotten his attention.

"Do you even know where Yoshi is?"

Now it was Silve's turn to be the dumb one...again. He stopped abruptly and looked around. "Beats me. He could be anywhere."

"Exactly," Gilbert said thoughtfully.

Silve sighed and walked slowly back to Gilbert. Gilbert sat on the floor near the wall and began thinking about where Yoshi and Peach could be. Silve didn't feel like sitting down though. He instead starting walking down the corridor looking for something to do. When he had an idea, he knocked on a door and went around the corner before someone came out and saw him. When a Toad did come out, he saw no one but Gilbert and looked meaningfully at him. Gilbert was so into his thinking that he hadn't noticed what Silve had done and was confused when the victim asked him what he wanted.

"What do you mean 'What do you want?' I don't want anything!" Gilbert protested.

"Then stop knocking on my door, man!" the Toad said angrily.

"I'm not!"

"Whatever! Just don't bother me anymore!"

The Toad went back to his room, and Gilbert was left to himself still confused about what just transpired there. Silve came suddenly around the corner again, but Gilbert was too busy in a trance when Silve knocked on the same door and ran around the corner for safety.

The Toad came out a second time and again saw no one but Gilbert in the corridor.

"Dude, I said stop bothering me!" cried the angry Toad.

"I didn't do anything!" Gilbert shouted back angrily.

"Do you wanna fight?? I've got all the time in the world, man!" The already irritated Toad put his fists out in front of him and starting making a boxer's punches in the air.

"Fine with me! If it'll keep you from harassing me, I'm game!" Gilbert got up and took a fighting stance. Then it dawned on him.

"Take THIS!!" the Toad struck out a punch with his right fist, aiming for Gilbert's face.

"Hold on!" Gilbert caught the Toad's fist and held onto it. "Uh, I'm sorry?"

The Toad looked at Gilbert like he was crazy. At the moment, Gilbert had a big grin plastered on his face. "Isn't it a bit late for apologies, man?" the Toad asked cocking an eyebrow (Mine have eyebrows. Go fig.).

"Not in my book!" Gilbert said happily. He had figured out where Yoshi was and was too anxious to continue this fight. He would've won it anyway. "Sorry for the trouble! But, I've got to go now, so bye!"

The Toad just stood there as Gilbert literally skipped around the corner to get Silve. Then, while the Toad was heading back to his room, a thud could be heard and then "Ow!" The Toad looked back briefly and shook his heard. He entered his room again and shut the door.

Around the corner...

Silve rubbed his head and looked up at Gilbert from his position on the floor.

"What'd you do that for?!"

Gilbert shook his head and said, "Get up, we have to get going."

"Where are we going?" asked Silve as he jumped to his feet and followed after his teammate.

"To the stadium," Gilbert answered. "That's where we'll find Yoshi and Peach."

"Oh, duh!" Silve hit himself on the forehead. "Where else would anyone have a battle around here? Uh, do you know where the stadium is?"

"Yep," Gilbert smirked as he thought about it, "it's where I had my last battle against a Toad here in the castle. It actually turned out to be a pretty good fight."

Now all the two false Toads needed to do was get to Yoshi before his time ran out...



Yoshi and Peach ran at each other and finally began to battle. Yoshi lashed out with his tail, but Peach dodged it and swung at him with her beam sword, damaging him slightly. Yoshi jumped out of reach and began circling his opponent, as did Peach.

"I didn't hurt you too badly, did I?" Peach taunted.

Yoshi cocked an eye, deciding that Peach was acting too weird for his taste. Did she really have a lust for battle like he did?

"You barely even scratched me," Yoshi bragged. Then immediately he jumped at his opponent. Peach tried to move out of the way, but Yoshi caught her hair and pulled so hard that Peach fell down with a cry.

"LET GO!!" Peach yelled, trying to intimidate Yoshi and make him let go, but of course that didn't work.

"Hey," Yoshi protested with a smirk of victory, "You said 'anything goes' , didn't you?" Yoshi then dragged Peach on the floor as she made several attempts to get up. At one time she had almost stood up, but then Yoshi gave a fierce yank, and she was back on the floor again.

"Now to finish this so that I can go back to my mission," Yoshi took a firmer hold of Peach's hair and began to spin around in a circle. It took a while, but Peach was soon in the air, spinning faster and faster each time Yoshi swung her. Peach dropped her beam sword, and Yoshi kicked it to the far end of the stadium so that she wouldn't be able to pick it up once he released her. Getting to his maximum strength, all that could be seen now was a blur as Yoshi spun Peach around. Finally, he let go and watched as his opponent went careening into the wall opposite Peach's original side. Peach hit the wall and fell to the ground in a heap. It didn't take but a minute or so for her to get off the floor, however. Yoshi, tired and having wanted to end this fight soon, could just stand there with his mouth open and one eye twitching. How was he ever going to win this fight...

"Nice try, but why don't you take a rest? You look tired," Peach walked over to Yoshi slowly. Yoshi made no attempt to move.

"Why don't you take a rest?" Yoshi's voice was a bit raspy when he spoke. He wondered why his energy was so depleted and even more why Peach didn't even look hurt.

"No thanks; don't need one. BUT," Peach continued casually, "perhaps you can answer a question for me: Why do males always underestimate females?"

"That's simple--we don't. Females just can't take what WE dish out!" Yoshi responded. He was still a bit tired, but he was also thankful that he had a little time to rest. Still, he just couldn't figure out why he was so tired...

Peach sighed. "Fine, Yoshi. Believe what you want. But as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't look like you'll be winning this any time soon."



"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"

"No. Say that again, and I will have to hurt you."

"Sheesh, I only said it twice."

Gilbert and Silve were close to the stadium now. Silve was being as annoying as ever with his childish routine of "Are we there yet?". This time, however, he didn't get to do the entire scene.

"Who do you thinks gonna win?" Silve asked.

"What?!" Gilbert asked with surprise.

"I said, who do you--"

"I know what you said! I just can't believe you're asking it. Yoshi's going to win, of course! Our careers depend on it!"

Silve sighed. "But what if we don't get there in time to help him?"

"Who said Yoshi even needed our help?"

"Well," Silve began, "Kammy did say that Peach was a fighter. What if Yoshi loses?"

"Then you can kiss your career goodbye." Gilbert suddenly stopped as they had gotten to the entrance of the stadium. He motioned for Silve to stay behind him and peered behind the corner. Yoshi didn't seem to be fairing too well. He looked tired and could barely block Peach's attacks. She looked different, like she had undergone a change of some sort. Her dress was no longer the usual pink; instead, it was red with black side trims, and her brooch was pitch black. It was a wonder that her crown hadn't changed colors. Another notable feature was that strange sparkle about her. Gilbert knew he had seen it from somewhere, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Peach moved swiftly and accurately. None of her punches and kicks seemed to miss Yoshi's now hurting body. At the last minute, Yoshi gathered what strength he could manage and jumped out of harm's way. He landed just a few feet away from Peach. She turned to face him again and smiled.

"I think you've had enough, don't you?" Peach asked.

Yoshi didn't reply. He stared at Peach until something behind her caught his attention. He saw Gilbert's Toad head peaking in from the entrance. Staring at him for a while, Yoshi noticed the Toad's eyes glowing red. He wondered vaguely what was going to happen now. He wouldn't ever admit it, but he knew Peach was the better fighter. Whether she was a witch or not, he didn't know. But he knew for sure now that he should have never accepted Peach's challenge. By now, he could have been done with his first mission and be on his way to entering King Koopa's army for real.

Suddenly, Gilbert and Silve ran into the stadium trying to catch Peach's attention. It worked, but since they were so close together when they charged at her, they were knocked down with one hit.

"What do you two want?" Peach asked arrogantly. "Don't interfere with my victory!"

"Hey, were Toads! Why'd you hit us?" Silve asked.

Peach rolled her eyes. "Please! For one, you two aren't real Toads--you're fakes! There hasn't been a silver-headed Toad around here in two hundred years!"

"How do you know?!" Silve asked with defiance.

"Because I took history class, that's how!" Peach yelled.

"But how do you know I'm not a real Toad?" Gilbert cut in.

"Red-headed Toads are also very rare. And they only show up every three hundred years!" Peach answered.

"Oh..." Gilbert looked down at the floor. What could they do now? Peach wasn't going to stop her battling just because he and Silve were there because she knew they were fakes. They didn't seem to be much of a challenge for Peach anyway.

Yoshi took advantage of this moment and headed-butted Peach as hard as he could. She was knocked a pretty good distance across the ring, but still she got up with ease.

"What? Have you decided to result to sneak attacks now?" Peach tossed her hair and calmly began to walk back towards Yoshi. Gilbert and Silve had taken positions behind Yoshi as if three against one was going to make a difference. Gilbert still couldn't figure out why Peach had that certain sparkle to her. Maybe it was just the light...

"Don't worry, Yoshi! We've got your back!" Silve said.

"No, you don't," Yoshi declared.

"What are you saying?!" Gilbert asked hysterically. "We've got orders from Kammy to help you fight Peach! We can't back out of this!!"

"Sure, you can," Yoshi said with an eerie calmness in his voice. "The exit's right over there; just leave, and don't say a word."


"Look," Yoshi spun around to face Gilbert and Silve, "This is my fight, NOT yours, and the only one who's going to be defeating Peach right now is me! Got it??"

Gilbert and Silve, wide-eyed with their mouths hanging open, just stared at Yoshi. Who was this dinosaur? Did they even know him anymore?

"Okay," Gilbert quietly. He walked towards the exit with Silve close behind. He suddenly stopped, turned around, and looked straight at Yoshi. "But you better not lose."

"I won't." Yoshi resumed his fight with Peach, who was just as shocked as the false Toads had been. She wasn't even sure if she had ever known Yoshi's true personality at all. Maybe everything she had known him to be was nothing but a lie.

Stay tuned for the next chapter: Redemption.

P.S. If you want to know what the sparkle is (if you haven't figured it out already), wait for the next chapter.