Super Mario Brothers: Peach-hime Kyuushutsu Daisakusen Fan Fiction ❯ Betrayal Saga I: Yoshi's Darkside ❯ Redemption ( Chapter 5 )

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Betrayal Saga I

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  Redemption Yoshi’s being beaten to submission...and Kammy’s plan is figured out by King Koopa...fifth in the saga. By Queen Breeza


What’s taking Kammy so long?” King Koopa was getting restless. Kammy hadn’t been back in an hour already. Did it take that long for her to use the restroom??

“Hi, dad!!” said two familiar little koopalings. It was Iggy and Larry again.

“Oh, no...” Koopa said quietly. He had only a moment to wait for the expected pounce he would be receiving from them.

“Whatcha doin’, Dad?” Iggy asked while jumping back off of his father’s stomach.

Larry got off his father and looked around. “Where’s Kammy? Isn’t she supposed to be watching Yoshi’s progress with you?” he asked. King Koopa had told Larry and Iggy earlier about his plan, and the boys were disappointed that they didn’t get to eat Yoshi after all. He went over to the crystal ball placed on a pillow that sat on the corner of a table. He pretended that he was Kammy and began encircling the sphere with his hands, but nothing happened. Then an odd question came to his mind, and he stopped fooling around to ask his father “Dad, are you going to marry Kammy?”

“Heck, NO!!” Koopa said while getting up.

“Then why does she always hang out with you?” Iggy asked, joining his brother in the game of taunting their father.

“She doesn’t. She’s just one of the many servants I have,” Koopa answered dignifiedly.

Right,” Larry said unbelievingly. “Well, just so you know, I think she’s too old for you, Dad. You should find someone more compatible.”

Koopa sighed looking up at the ceiling. Iggy stifled his laughs and turned his attention to a valuable vase. He wanted to knock it over soo badly! But King Koopa wouldn’t have noticed it anyway. He was too lost in his thoughts about Kammy’s whereabouts.

There’s no way she went to the bathroom! Where IS she??



Hope I’m not too late! King Koopa might suspect something.” Kammy was heading back to the Keep now after having carried out her plan. Flying in the air on her broom, Kammy looked back at Peach’s castle. She hoped her efforts were not in vain. She really did want Yoshi to win...



Dad, if Yoshi fails his mission, can we still eat him?” Iggy asked. He had one finger on the vase as he gave his father a look of innocence at the same time.

“Or, at least, can we torment him?” Larry added.

“No and no,” Koopa answered angrily. Iggy and Larry figured they should leave right about now before they caused themselves to get into serious trouble without much effort. But before Iggy left, he “accidentally” knocked the vase over with his tail and sped out the door. It crashed on the floor before he got fully outside.

“IGGY!!!!” Koopa bellowed.

“Run! Move it!” Iggy urged his brother, and the two made their escape down a nearby Warp Pipe outside the room Koopa was in.

King Koopa had seen them make their escape, but he didn’t bother running after them. What he really wanted to do was send someone to the restroom to see about Kammy.

“Para Troopa!” Koopa called.

Almost immediately a soldier with a turtle shell, a Koopa face, and wings appeared.

“Yes, sir?”

“Go get Kammy...NOW!!”

“Yes sir!!” The Para Troopa quickly dispatched himself only to come back a moment later and ask “Um...where is she currently, sir?”

“She should be in the restroom,” Koopa answered bluntly.

“The-the restroom???” The Para Troopa’s eyes started to twitch as he thought about the situation. “Um, shouldn’t you send a--”

“It’s a uni-sex bathroom for cripe’s sake!” Koopa cut him off swiftly, and then he pointed towards the door for the Para Troopa to leave immediately.

“Okay! I’m gone!” The Para Troopa left quickly and flew directly to the restroom.

“Hello? Is anybody in here?” The soldier hadn’t taken long to get to the restroom where Kammy was supposed to be. No one, however answered. He looked around and saw that all the stalls were open. There was simply no one in there.

“Hmph.” Well, that was easy. The Para Troopa left just as quickly as he had came.

As soon as Koopa heard that Kammy was not where she had said she was going, he knew exactly where she was.

“So, Kammy has broken the rules. Too bad. I was pretty sure Yoshi could handle this mission on his own.” Koopa thought the situation over and then sent the Para Troopa to retrieve his hover pod (or whatever it’s called).

“Look’s like Yoshi won’t make it after all...”



Kammy was at the Keep’s doors now. She hastily fixed herself up to make it look like she hadn’t been anywhere. No one was guarding the door, which was good. Kammy was about to knock when suddenly the doors flew open. She turned completely white when she saw her King frowning immensely at her.

“Welcome back...KAMMY!!!” Koopa greeted with severe anger in his voice. He advanced toward her, but she made no notion to move. She was paralyzed with fear once she had figured out that King Koopa knew where she had been.

“Tell me something, Kammy: Why is it that every time I have a would-be recruit that you always have to intervene and help the person--or dinosaur, whoever it may be--when my rules of being recruited go against this? Can you answer that for me?”

“Well, um...” Kammy searched desperately for an answer, but Koopa didn’t give her any time to respond.

“Nevermind! I think I already know the answer. This is the same situation as when Fury was going to be recruited, right? If I remember correctly, he was in desperate need of help, and when you thought no one was looking, you used your magic to transport him away from his fight. Yes! That’s it! Yoshi must have been in the same situation and you just HAD to help him! I’m right, aren’t I??!!” The tyrant finished his speech with stamping of the ground that knocked down Kammy.

“Yes, sir,” Kammy answered glumly while getting back up. It was no use lying. Kammy had helped other recruits more than once, and Koopa knew every single one of them. She thought, however, that the King didn’t know every single one she had helped, but she was wrong. Yes indeed; Yoshi was not the first, and he certainly wouldn’t be the last...unless something happened to Kammy.

Koopa sighed and crossed his arms. He glanced at Kammy briefly, who took no note of returning the look, and stared up at the sky. “So,” he began, “since you’ve already been to Toad Town, tell me how Yoshi was doing. I suppose he wasn’t getting the job done since you broke the rules, so be truthful. And make it quick.”

“Yoshi was...losing, sire...” Kammy was sad to report this. She was also bummed to tell King Koopa the next part of her tale. “I sent Gilbert and Silve to help him, so he’ll probably win now...”

“What do you mean, ‘losing’?” King Koopa cocked an eyebrow. “I thought Yoshi would defeat Peach easily! And how do you know he’s winning now? Did you see him?”

“No, sir, I didn’t. I left as soon as I dispatched Silve and Gilbert to go to his aide.”

“Then maybe we should see for ourselves, don’t ya think?”

Kammy was surprised. She didn’t expect the lizard to go see the Peach battle for himself. There had to be some reason--

“Let’s go.” The King got into his hover pod and sped off towards the castle. Kammy followed, but in curiosity.

Why does he even want to go there? Wouldn’t that blow Yoshi’s cover?...



At the speed they were going, it didn’t take King Koopa and Kammy long to get to Toad Town. The Toads on the ground immediately panicked, thinking they were under attack. Koopa paid them no mind and headed straight for the castle. He and Kammy landed at the front gate and walked in like it was their own home.

“Sir, you know the way?” Kammy didn’t mean to ask such a dumb question, but she hated the odd silence between them.

“Of course I do,” Koopa stated and continued walking down the corridors until he came to the top of the stairs leading down into the stadium.

At the bottom of the stairs, fighting could be heard just around the corner. Surprisingly, Koopa rushed to the entrance and was immediately shocked by what he saw. Yoshi was getting pounded to submission by Peach! Koopa also caught sight of Gilbert and Silve, who were supposed to be helping Yoshi according to Kammy. Gilbert noticed his leader and slowly walked towards him as not to attract attention from Peach and Yoshi. Silve, however remained where he was, staring in awe at the spectacle.

“Sir,” Gilbert whispered, “as you can see, the current situation doesn’t look good for Yoshi. Against your orders”--he glanced at Kammy, who winced--“but under Kammy’s, Silve and I were going to help Yoshi, but he refused to be helped! By the way, why are you here, sir?”

“I know the situation,” began Koopa, “but I didn’t expect it to be this serious. I know all about your orders from Kammy, too. So, I realize it’s time for me to take things into my own claws...”

Just then, Kammy figured out what Koopa was going to do. It was so obvious now! He wasn’t going to blow Yoshi’s cover; he was going to get him away from Peach. But Peach seems so strong now! she thought. Even King Koopa might have a hard time with her!

“Wait here,” the lizard king ordered his two minions. He calmly walked into the stadium, taking note of the clothing Peach was currently wearing. He’d never seen the pampered princess in black before. It was just too...dark for her taste. Wasn’t it? He also noticed a strange twinkle around her. He quickly figured out that it was a star, and that the only way to break a star spell was to use it’s counterpart: a Dark star.

Peach held Yoshi by the neck and began slapping him around with her handy slap glove. She was so occupied that she hadn’t noticed her main enemy entering the room. But Yoshi had. In fact, he had smelled him the moment he had left the stairs, but he didn’t say anything. Like Kammy before him, Yoshi thought Koopa might have a hard time defeating peach. And anyways, he had failed in his mission. The sun was down by now, and surely the hat he swallowed was fully digested. Failure. Yoshi had never really known true failure could shame him so much.

Koopa stopped a couple of feet away from the one-sided fight, reached in his shell, and grabbed a dark, black sphere with a similar glow like Peach currently had. He threw the sphere to the ground in front of him, the sphere shattering, and a Dark star came out and just literally jumped on him. Now Koopa had Peach’s attention. Yet, it was too late as the star changed the appearance of Koopa now, his color as dark as nightshade. You could still tell who someone was, even if he or she did have a Dark star taking them over, but the star’s power becomes even more deadly depending on the amount of evil within the person’s heart. Unfortunately for Peach, she would be the first victim of this heinous enhancement before her.

Koopa looked at Peach and then at Yoshi. He looked at Peach again. “Thank you,” he said, and then he sped towards her quickly at punched her so hard she went flying into the wall behind her. Another thing happened: her star faded away as if it had never been. Peach fell to the ground and lie there unconscious. Koopa grabbed Yoshi by the neck as Peach had done and roughly ran with him in his hand to the exit. His pod would be waiting outside for him near the castle’s main doors. He knew nothing would happen to it because the Toads were too stupid to make it work. Koopa motioned for Kammy and the false Toads to follow him and left the arena. He would leave Peach there for someone else to find.



You have failed the mission, Yoshi.” King Koopa was in his throne room sitting on his spiked chair. Yoshi was before him with bruises all over and looking at the ground in shame.

“I know,” Yoshi acknowledged. He knew there was no chance he could get into the most feared army in the Mushroom Kingdom now. So, what would he do now? Go solo? Not an option. Sure, being a free-lancer would be great, but there wouldn’t be any motive behind it. Yoshi’s reason for joining King Koopa’s army was after all to get revenge on Mario. And what better way to do it than joining his enemy’s enemy? Yoshi could guess what his ratings were on the first and now last mission of the Trial Period: dumb, stupid, and “What were you thinking?!”.

“I realize that my own cohorts interfered with the mission”--he glanced at Kammy, Gilbert and Silve, who all gave back a nervous, toothy smile--“but, I am still going to judge you very critically. Or does it matter now that you’ve failed?”

“No, it doesn’t,” Yoshi said glumly. His body ached, he still hadn’t figured out why he didn’t have as much energy as he should have during the battle with Peach. Did she cast a spell on him? Was she really a witch after all?

King Koopa got up and paced around his throne. He had a lot to think about now. Should he give Yoshi another chance? Should he allow his sons to eat him? Wait--how’d that become an option??

Iggy and Larry waited anxiously for their father’s decree. They couldn’t wait to see what a Yoshi would taste like! Would he be sour? Or would he be tasty? Their mouths overflowed with drool as they thought about each case scenario. Koopa glanced at them, and his left eye twitched automatically. Looks like he’d have to go with the alternative decision...

“However,” Koopa picked up from where he left off and stopped pacing, standing before the grunt dinosaur again, “I will give you another chance. If you want to live, then listen closely.”

Yoshi’s head shot up, and he quit staring at the floor to stare at the reptilian king before him.

“And this time you won’t have to worry about digesting the objective,” Koopa added, his mouth in a half smirk. Yoshi stifled a nervous laugh, but then a sharp pain in his stomach forced him to stop. How long had it been since he’d eaten?

“If you fail this mission, I will allow my sons over there to do whatever they want to you...even eat you if they wish.”

Yoshi slowly made his gaze fall upon the little goblins, and he wretched when he saw their expression. No way was he ever going to let anyone torture him, mangle him or even eat him! Definitely not eat him!!

“In Toad Town, there are three major pipes leading to other worlds. Mario has already found one that leads to that penguin town, but he’ll never find the other two. They haven’t been used or even seen in the last three decades. I realize there are other pipes that lead to other areas of the world, but I am not concerned with those. They are miniscule compared to the three I am talking about. I will give you a device that will allow you to find the other two pipes, for they are invisible, yet closer than you think. Keep in mind that this assignment is much more difficult than the last. Understand? Did you get all that?”

“Yes, sir.” Yoshi turned at once to leave and to carry out his new mission, passing by Gilbert and Silve. He wondered where Roppa and Fury were.



Princess, what happened?!”

Peach opened her eyes and saw all the wide eyes surrounding her. At once she remembered everything that happened and how she had ended up on the ground. Her brooch was broken. It would take a while to make a new one...

“Looks like a battle went on in here,” said Toad, the actual Toad named Toad. How sad...

“Peach, what happened?” asked the Chancellor. He looked shaken up, and Peach was sorry that she couldn’t tell him the truth right away. There were still some loose ends she had to tie up first...

“I was checking out the Stadium when suddenly one of Koopa’s thugs came in and started throwing Bob-ombs around! One must have landed near me...”

“How awful!” The Chancellor nearly fainted. He truly did look like a nervous wreck. Peach wished he didn’t get so worked up every time she seemed to be in some sort of trouble.

“I’m fine, Chancellor,” Peach said, and to prove that she got up easily without any help from him. She brushed the dirt off her dress, and suddenly a sharp pain could be felt in her gut. She realized it had come from when Koopa showed up and knocked her unconscious. That revolting reptile! How did he diminish her star power? He had some type of warped star, that’s for sure. How come our powers didn’t cancel out then? Well, at least my spell of energy draining worked on Yoshi. I really wished I didn’t have to fight him...

“First you tell me Mario’s attitude has troubled you, and now this!” the Chancellor continued.

Without another word, Peach walked away from Toad and the Chancellor and headed out of the stadium still deep in thought. Toad shrugged to the Chancellor and followed after her.

Why had Koopa even come for Yoshi? Could it be that...! No! Yoshi would never...Or would he? Maybe Yoshi really did join forces with him. I have to tell Luigi as soon as possible.


Yoshi has been given another chance as Peach realizes his true intentions. And where are Roppa and Fury? Find out in the next chapter: Redemption: Last Chance!