Tales Of Eternia Fan Fiction ❯ Eternal ❯ That Snowy Night ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
As you all know I don't own tales of Symphonia (though I really wish I did) and everything thing here is not associated with Namco.. blah blah blah.

Well this is my first fanfiction so go easy on me please.


"Damn itís freezing" Lloyd thought as he sat down on the bed "Of all the places to find a doctor, why did it have to here?"
He sighed as he turned and looked out the window. He thought that just three days ago he was told that Kratos was his father. "Of course that can't be true... can it?" Lloyd was so deep in thought that he didn't even here someone knocking on the door.

"Lloyd! Are you ok?" The sound of Colette's worried voice brought Lloyd out of the trance and he quickly replied

"Yeah, sorry I was just... thinking" He got up and unlocked the door "Whatís wrong?"

"No... nothingÖ it sure is cold isn't it?" Lloyd sensed the nervousness in Colette's voice but shrugged it off

"Yeah, I've never been this cold in my life. Makes me kinda miss Dad's house in the forest"

"Well I was wondering.... err..." She hesitated working up the courage to ask Lloyd

"What is it?" Lloyd noticed Colette blushing, she looks so cute when she blushes Lloyd thought to himself...

"The snow is still beautiful even though its cold right?"

"Yeah..." Lloyd's mind was racing... was she asking him out on a... date?

"No never mind... sorry to bother yo-" Lloyd cut her off

"Colette its a beautiful night... wanna go take a stroll while everyone is asleep... its been awhile since me and you just talked" Oh man Iím an idiot.. that sounded so bad...

Colette tried to hide how much she was blushing as she answered "su...sure"

Lloyd handed Colette a coat and they walked outside in to the icy cold air and beautiful snow. For a while they walked silently down the path both mustering up the courage to say something. Colette broke the silence by saying

"Lloyd... Thank you..."

"For what?"

"For protecting me... I know I put you through all this... Iím sorry"

"You dork.. you know I would do anything for you..."
Colette's eyes became wet with tears, she tried to hold them back, but she couldn't. Lloyd noticed that Colette was crying silently and instinctively he grabbed her hand. Colette walked silently for a minute trying her hardest to smile, but it was a futile effort, she couldn't put on this false smile anymore, she turned around and grabbed Lloyd, while still holding his hand, and cried into his shirt
"Iím sorry..." She was choking on her words as she held on to her best friend and somewhere in the back of her mind she noticed him putting his hand on the back of her head and she could have sworn she heard him say "I love you...".
She looked up and saw Lloyd looking worried, and at the same moment they stared into each other's eyes and slowly came closer, she slowly closed her eyes as they shared there first kiss. For the first time in weeks neither of them cared about what was coming the next day, they just enjoyed the warm embrace.