Tales Of Eternia Fan Fiction ❯ Eternal ❯ Calm Before the Storm ( Chapter 4 )

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"What's this?" Genius noticed a crystal shard dropped by his formerly best friend Mithos while the others were leaving the tower of salvation.
"Hurry up Genis, We need to get out of here" Lloyd was carrying Colette in his arms walking down the temple path, just under them hundreds of coffins floated in a spiral. Genis quickly picked up the shard and stuck it in his pocket then ran to catch up with the rest of the party.

The party was now sitting around the table on the bottom floor of the inn in Meltokio,
"Now what do we do? None of us can use the eternal sword except Genis and Raine..."
"Now Lloyd do you think I would have put on that huge act if I didn't have a plan?" Zelos said smugly while picking up the glass of beer on the table. He took a quick swig and put it back down.
"Just leave everything to the great Zelos!" Zelos replied, Sheena, who was sitting next to him, turned and noticed how red his face was
"You idiot, your drunk aren't you?"
"Nah (hic) I'm not drunk..." Zelos was beginning to slur his speech
"Who let Zelos get a beer?" Sheena sounded annoyed
"What difference does it make?!? Does he have a plan or not?" Raine was getting pissed at the whole situation.
"You know Zelos is even more obnoxious then normal when he gets drunk!" Sheena and Raine were now yelling at each other from across the table.
"..." Genis smacked his forehead with his hand...
"Will both of you please shut up?" Regal spoke up. Everyone turned and looked at Regal, he never talked unless it was important much less on such a trivial matter as this.
"Now Zelos what was your pl-"
"ZZZ" Zelos was passed out on the table mumbling incomprehensively
"Oh brother..." Genis mumbled
"Ok enough, I'm going to go check on Colette, we can finish this later" Lloyd got up quickly and walked up the stairs.
"He seemed really pissed" Genis got up and began to follow Lloyd but Raine grabbed him
"What are you doing?" Genis tried to get out of his sisters grip but he failed miserably
"Let him be alone with Colette for awhile..." Raine said seriously
"Why?...Oh..." Genis was blushing as he figured out the answer to the riddle.
"More importantly what are we going to do with this idiot?" Sheena said and pointed at Zelos
"I just remembered I had something to do" Raine quickly made up an excuse
"Err... me to" Genis followed quickly
"I'm gonna go look for Presea" Regal quickly followed behind Genis
"Guys!" Sheena yelled at the door of the inn, but to her dismay they had already left.

Lloyd knocked on the door of Colette's room but no one answered
"Are you ok?" Lloyd asked through the door, he waited for a minute then opened the door and walked in.
"She's still asleep? It's been 3 days..." Lloyd walked over and put his hand on her forehead
"At least her fever has gone down" He sat down on the chair next to the bed
"I'm so sorry for not getting to you in time Colette... Please forgive me..." Lloyd's voice was filled with regret
He remembered what Zelos had told him.
"She should be ok but she will be asleep for awhile" He sat in silence for a few minutes then got up and walked to the door
"I'll be back a little bit later, you just keep sleeping ok?" He walked out the door and closed it behind him.

"Am I going to have to drag this guy up the stairs?!?" Sheena was dragging Zelos across the room
"I've never seen anyone pass out as quick as he does" She leaned him against the wall next to the stairs
"You owe me for this, you idiot" She sighed and sat down next to him.
"Sheena..." Zelos was talking in his sleep
"?" Sheena turned to look at him, but just as she did Zelos's hand snuck and grabbed her breast
"You pervert!" Sheena was blushing profusely as she slapped him as hard as she could, but he didn't even budge
"Your not still asleep are you?!?" Sheena was fuming
"I should probably summon gnome on him" She smiled to herself, after a minute of sitting in silence Zelos's head leaned to the side and landed on Sheena's shoulder
"You!..." She was about to slap him again when she noticed scars all over his arms...
"You've been through alot to haven't you?" She leaned her head back against the wall and closed her eyes.

Raine walked back into the inn and noticed Sheena against the wall with Zelos leaning on her.
"What happened here?" She wondered to herself
"It seems like i'm the only one who doesn't have a crush on someone in the group" She smiled to herself as she walked up the stairs to her room.


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