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Tales characters belong to Namco the Sonic ones belong to Sega (for now) the Oc's belong to me and Star (mostly me)
This Ch is first Tales of Symphoina so enjoy
3 years have passed since the world was put back together Genis and Persea now officially a couple she 15 but is really 31 (jail bait) Raine still teaches off an on mainly to make life easer for half-elves Lloyd and Colette are now dating Sheena well not much about her Zelos still running around with as many women as he can got burnt twice Raine still wonder why she healed him if he keeps doing it Regal finally remove his handcuffs but still fight with his feet.
The red headed chosen sitting under a tree with a bun of girls relaxing "ok, ok one at a time I only have one hot body" " oh Zelos your so brave and you save the world!" one said "well that's my job being the chosen an all" Persea no long with 2 pony tails but rather her long pink hair flowing ass eh and her half-elf boyfriend enjoy the view as they watch Palmacosta get rebuilt. "Glad Lloyd is almost finished so what's your plans now?" "now that I'm matured I still am unsure but I guess I got a head start sine elves are long lived." "Hey Genis good news!" a certain voice is herd "Collette is pregnant" "Genis give a dumb look and how is that good news unless your not the father." "What's that supposed to mean?" "congratulations" Persea smiled
"Anything new happened while we were gone?" "yeah I was able to study in peace" "shut it!" Collette now taller and bulge in her stomach her hair shorter and she not clumsy anymore "so how are the kiddie couple doing he asked you make Raine an aunt yet?" "I have no plans yet bedsides having Raine as an aunt is like having you as a dad." "Really." "That not a complement" said Persea "you guys never change" said Colette holding her stomach.
All is not well the Desians returned all but 2 Rodyle and Pronyma the surviving members were able to get their hand on a copy of The Necronomicon and resurrect the 3 grand cardinals Magnius, Kvar, and Forcystus. Yet our heroes are yet to learn of this.
In Tethe'alla the pope escaped and got back his position now a fugitive the king severed all ties with the Church of Martel Zelos rather than act as the chosen fled to Sylvarant.
Rather for political asylum that a coward, Mizuho now moved where the Iselia Ranch once stood.
Back in Tethe'alla the 3 grand cardinals at the odd worldly gate with 3 sorcerers chanting opening it up now we can get those inferior beings hissed Magnius "this time I won't loose to a bunch of kids!!!" "calm down" said Kvar "those inferior beings will be punished" "not if we can help it I failed to sent you to hell but this time I will" Kratos and Yuan arrive in angle form ready to kick some ass.
However they are outnumbered by the desians and over come Kratos says before he is captured "Lloyd don't die before I do my son"
Not aware the portal was opened the grand cardinals and their prisoners all leave.
Next Ch find out what happens next when Tails and family head into the next world.