Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ Final ( Chapter 27 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Star was walking down the Mystic Ruins by the wrist she was holding a guy taller than she was, wearing a hoodie and sunglasses with a glue on mustache "come on Chade stop being so conceited!" she barked he just ignored her being in his own world.
C.T. in reg form long trench coat and all Molly with him her hair shorter but still shoulder length watching holding a blue chaos emerald, Miles heads to her he was in street clothes and a black du-rag over his fore head (hiding the scar he earned back in Tethe'alla) Peach was sitting under a tree playing her PSP Raine was with Ivory discussing medical problems Genis with Tails who has finally returned planning to make up with Lunar studying his PS4.
Miles approached Star and hugged her he felt her warmth and trust but he was still hard and tuff his sweet humble nature left the day Lunar trained him but he still had some perks left.(awwwwwww) "hey sweetie I missed you now we can talk" she smiled Chade just looking like the unibomber (see who's evil now) as Star lifted him up so she could kiss his soft cheeks even though it had a nasty scar she though he looked cool.
Man was is hell he smiled she put him down since he grew stronger and buffer he crossed his arm looking at Chade like he was at the airport dressed like an a-rab.
"Well aren't you going to say something?" Chade gives a blank look "and remove that stupid mustache you look like a terrorist!" she rips it off "ouch woman what the hell was that for?!" "Take off those damn sunglasses you look like James McCloud on crack! And the hood" he does as he's told not too happy Miles just looks at him all crazy.
He holds his hand out Chade nervously shakes it Miles has a strong grip "and your name is?" "C-Chade." "Miles" he just looks nervous as hell. "Well I did have some bad news" Star said sadly as tears filled her eyes "were going to the U.N. since the new world was found the President wants to open diplomatic ties and guess since C.T. is busy we'll take over." She got on one knee as Miles hugged her I'll really miss you she said he just smiles and kissed her cheek he lets go looks her in the eyes and wipes away her tears "look we can stay in contact and I will visit you besides what happens if your in trouble" "I'll protect her" said Chade trying to act tuff "you better" she gets up after one last hug.
Miles has the look of pride in his eyes "well were not saying goodbye just yet it's more like see you around." Just then Raine exits and wraps her self around C.T. Molly now pissed off in a fit of rage "Chaos Control!" freezing time punches in super slow motion a blow to Raines head popping it open and busting her knuckles wide open.
"You stupid old hag I warned you to leave my man alone" she barked as she started kicking her. Raine got up, her head bleeding grabs her staff but Molly grabs it and smashes it on her knee, afterwards she delivers a kick to the gut everyone shrieks Raine now out cold Molly holding her busted hand as Ivory runs out with her DR's bag.
She looks at C.T. "why didn't you stop it" " why get into a cat fight it's better to treat 2 than 3 DR."
She first looks at Molly's hand "well you will need stitches serves you right for throwing the first punch." She heals her pretty quickly. She tends to Raine "the head wound is nasty that's what you get for stealing someone's man!" just then a guy runs towards them Chade trips him to stop him "Mr. Crazy Thomas Hilary duff is attacking the city do something!" Star now annoyed "that bitch again!" Molly now!" She tosses him back the emerald it's morphing time!" he turn into powered C.T. Peach gets up and puts her game away. "Allow me" she said very cheerful she is the cute one now.
Before anyone does anything Lunar now wearing his G.U.N. Uniform with his own kids Amadeus and Claudius Amadeus looks just like his mother and Claudius looks like his father there fraternal twins. "Did Tails return?" he asked "yes he's in his workshop but I doubt he wants to see you." "Well if not to see me then to see his cousins" Tails comes out not to happy Ivory about to treat their emotions but C.T. stops her "it's bets they solve them on their own."
"I know you forgave me and everything is back to normal so you should see your cousins see your cousins, I lost my family once, never again."
"You were my brother and you let people fool you I understand why you did it but I can't under stand why you came back." "Look if you want to return to Sylvarant then go…"
C.T. decides to intervene "think about it if it weren't for him many things you would never see or do, like have Cosmo, the twins or even Miles what about when you thought, The Undertaker who helped you or in my case he taught me how to be real and stop goofing around I hate him for it but he did it to show he cares even for me so think long and hard."
20 min pass everyone now annoyed "well?" hissed Star "I'm thinking! I'm thinking!" very well I will stay and think better about the situations the wolf/foxes hug Tails "so your our cousin now?" "I always was just me and your father had a small argument." They make up. "Don't ever fail me again like you ballet class" "I never took one." "See you just failed me" Lunar now annoyed "why you little!" Tails runs like hell Lunar giving chase.
Star now in Chades arms watch the sunset at the trio are about to teleport.
"Be careful kid" Peach holds down her dress "Chaos Control!" they teleport to the diamond shrine Leah sees them "may I help you?" everyone look down at the young hedge/rabbit "Peach!" everyone yells as she lifts her shoulders up smiling in a cute way.
As a black hole closes on them . the scene is now black C.T. pulls open the hole "What happens in Sylvarant stays in Sylvarant!"
It closes back The End……