Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ A Get Together ( Chapter 26 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Faith all alone in her room, her brothers are out lolly gagging a feeling over her of guilt "did I out do my powers, did I almost commit murder, I know he deserved to be punished but why canít I shake these feelings?"
Her mother is with Lunar and Luna with the kids since sheís all alone, Tails gone and wont return anytime soon. A single tear comes out of her eye.
Ivory is at the hospital in a long white lab coat "well looks like my works is done." She exits a room Peach shows up unannounced (if youíre the 4½-year-old daughter of ĎThe Ultimate Life Formí you cold come and go as you please)
She showed up in red overalls and black t-shirt her shoes were black air shoes like her dad.
"Hey Faith, how you feeling this great day?" Peach said very cheerfully Faith turns around.
"Well I almost killed someone, he humiliated us, and degraded me, and he poisoned us with nerve gas, and ripped up my dress! he gave me a beating and I couldnít even fight back."
"If it werenít for Dr. Ivory I donít know how long it would take to heal."
Tears filled Peachís eyes "so what did you do?" she said softly "see my necklace the thunderstone is no more my thunder attacks are weakened till I get a new one."
"But thatís just the icing on the cake" Faith gets a bag with the white dress still dirty and covered in blood "see this is what that bastard did to me, and the dress you gave me last year!"
Peach is heartbroken "that dress was everything" she said sobbing "I had to do Thunderís chores for a month to get it for you!!" Faith wrapped her arm around her.
"Itís ok we can replace it but replacing me you canít do." Faith removed a handkerchief and wiped away Peachís tears wrapping her arm around the young hedge/rabbit "look even if we wanted to we canít he has a 20% chance of survival rate." They both exit the room head into the living room; Faith sits on the couch and puts peach on her lap (there 4 years apart so its ok).
"Look we can go shopping, besides I have some clothes for you, Iím getting to big for them you can still wear them." Faith then kissed Peach on her cheek "were sisters right so we got each others backs." Peach smiled "yeah, so what kind of damage you give that bastard?"
Faith rolled her eyes "well I gave him 3rd degree electric burns to over 80% of his body."
Peachís eyes widened when she heard that "you want to kill him how come you just didnít blow his brains out that would be more humane."
"You hang out with Dr. Ivory too much" Faith chuckled Peach gets off as Faith heads into the room "be right back" Faith come out a few seconds later with a short pink dress with short sleeves and white panty hose and a pare of buckle shoes "here try this on."
Peach takes it and heads into the room when she comes out she has on the pink dress and white pantyhose with the shoes "well I do like it, I was hoping we got Violet and Ashley and head to the mall." "What about Jewelle?" said Faith "pah bat girl will probably go try and hijack Danielís or something?"
They both giggle a bit. Just then a young guy about 5 at least shows up in a trench coat with dark brown hair and brown eyes in all black like younger version of C.T.
"Hello ladies." He said as he kisses faith on her cheek. "I though you were with your Grand Pa." Said Peach "bah he just sat on Ms. Tramori and pulled his back out Ivory is treating him now."
"Now why would he do that" said Faith all sarcastic "well my dad claimed that over 20 years ago she did him wrongÖ" "The cake incident" said peach "yeah, since Grand Pa wasnít there to do anything about it he said to make it up heíll do something now, ironically she just came out of the hospital and bam he knocked her out of the wheelchair and started jumping up and down then SPLASH!" Tom gives a brief description of what happened as heís on the floor "aw fuck my back, Tommy do some thing!"
Tom gets up laughing "well guess we wonít have her for the entire school year."
Peach nods her head "I still donít get your beef what is she like 65+ years old?"
"Hey that bitch deserved it more, if I could I would switch her with Hedgehog Man!"
Said Faith as Tom wrapped his arm around her nodding his head.
"Well I hate being a third wheel, lets wait for Gust" said Peach "on second thought I need to head to the hospital real quick Peach, Tom you coming or what?í said Faith "yeah what the hell I can check on Grand Pa." Said Tom "we can get there faster with this" Peach pulled out the yellow Chaos Emerald "Chaos Control!" They all vanish in a flash of light.
Oh course Peach canít properly use Chaos Control as of yet they donít teleport to the hospital in stead to the eastside of town.
That part of town isnít pretty graffiti is everywhere a few shops and corner stores and lots of crazy behavior.
"God dammit Peach, you know where the hell we are?"
Barked Tom, Peach started blushing "were on the east side!!!!" "Calm down will you noting is going to happen" Faith said in a calming manner Tom rolled his eyes "well on the bright side I can see my great-grand-ma. Thanks Peach." That made her a little mere happy. They were about to cross the street "Wait" Said Faith as a series of cop cars sped fast Tom started counting Faith howled a bit. "15 damn"
Just then another cop car sped past them crashing it rolled over about 5 times "oh shit we need to help them" said Faith.
"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll Naw!!!! Oh oh helllllllllllllll naw!!!!" Said Tom "besides what will my grand pa say?" they both look at him "he defends cop killers duh he got a guy man 1 5 years for killing 20+ cops!!"
A guy in all blue with sagging pants approached him "man cuz, I give you and grampus mad ass props, I got respect for that dawg" he does some ghetto handshake. Faith and Peach each grab Tomís arms and fly across the street. "If you wont I sure as hell will." Said Faith, as she flew to the screen of the accident. "Oh shit I smell gas" 2 cops were stuck inside "stay back this is going to explode!!" one yells "Vine Whip!"
Faith summons her vines prying off the door and yanking them out not a nice way either sine she dragged their all ready hurt bodies on concrete but hey wouldnít you rather be dragged on the pavement after a nasty car wreck or left to burn?
On lookers started booing her as she helped them "oh thank you but why risk yourself for us the" other said bleeding from his head "I committed the ultimate sin and I must make amends."
An ambulance arrives Faith leaves Tom and Peach are looking at her "well itís not too far besides I havenít seen her in a few months." Said Tom Faith gives them a hard look "thanks a lot for helping me do the right thing!" She said holding her hips.
"Hey you got injured setting up Ms. Tramori" said Tom "well she had that coming!" Faith scoffed in defense they both turn to Peach "and where the hell were you?" they both said "sorry but me and Thunder were out with Violet and Rusty at the arcade."
"Riiiiite" said Faith "we almost got killed and you were lolly gagging real smart thanks a lot said" Faith all sarcastic.
"Well I like her" Peach said standing her ground Faith now pissed oooooo, your lucky youíre my sister youíre, damn fucking lucky!!!!"
Peach then kissed Faith on the cheek "I love you too sis."
"Well lets bounce I havenít got all day!" said Tom walking along "hey wait up!" yelled Faith.
Peach runs after them as well of course she stops at this shop and enters she sees a shiny blue bow and since itís only 5 bucks she might as well get it that and a pink barrette she quickly pays for her goodies and runs out shouting "hey hold it, come on I canít run that fast with this bag!!!"
Faith and Tom turn around "hurry your ass up!!" barked Tom Faith give him a look "that wasnít very nice" Tom countered "well look where we are, Iím trying to blend in after that capin-sav-a-pig stunt you pulled!!!" "will you stop yelling, Iím getting a fucking headache"
"Sorry, ok sorry" he wraps his arm around her and proceeds to kiss her gently.(awwwwww)
Peach comes up the them panting " well I got this for you Faith" she hands her the shiny blue bow un line the other one that was red but Faith doesnít seem to mind "Thanks I really like it."
Peach then pulls out the pink barrette puts it on her quills now evenly shaped downward. "Now how far is this place?"
"Well at least 5 blocks" "hot damn!!" Said Peach "well lets bounce" said Tom "the faster we see her the faster we get to see a live mummy." Faith dropped her head down in shame Peach hugged her a bit "I doubt heís a mummy, 1 heís a he, 2 electric attacks donít cause peeling of the skin unlessÖ.." "unless what?" said Faith "you added some compound that caused a colorless flame found in plants." Said Tom.
"Well, were here" said Tom approaching a orange-peach colored series of apartment buildings with a black locked gate "Faith do the honor." Faith flies over the gate and opens the door. "Thatís why I love you" said Tom.
Tom heads to the nearest apt and knocks on the door. Peach and Faith follow.An old lady who is black with black sliver hair shortened due to excessive dye jobs mid to late 80ís, in a purple skirt, red house slippers, and purple coat holding a can of colt 45. "Oh hi Tom, what are you doing here?" he hugs her then says "were we in the area on business." "Come in sweetheart I havenít see you in while" Tom gives and to Faith and Peach.
They all enter. Her apt is white kind of dirty an HDTV on one side, an old yellow couch on the other a radio playing "So you heard about the costumed freak right?" she said Faith now has a sad look on her face "whatís wrong dear?" the old woman said as she puts her hand on her shoulder. "I was the one who hurt the freak." She kissed Faith on the fore head "well you did everyone a favor. My grandson told me everything about him how they fight and how that bastard made a fool of him and the entire click.
"My Tom your looking like your father everyday no when you see him tell him he need to stop by more often Him, Molly, and Ashley She said lifting Tom on her lap. "Well Grand Pa hurt his back hurting a teacher." Said Tom "Thomas will not ever get over the incident over 20 years ago, first he has her jumped now his dad squashing her whatís next?" "Nothing I think itís over she has to breath thru a machine now" said Peach. "You kids hungry? I have some cookies if you like." "Great-grand-ma ya got any lemonade?" "hold on" Tom gets off her lap hands her a flask (oh yeah you know he got problems) she heads in the kitchen and fills it up Faith smells some thing "whatís that smell?" "vodka" said Tom "she usually makes thing with vodka." "Well dear be safe and careful crossing the street" she hugs him one last time kissing him on his head. "See ya later Great-Grand-Ma." They exit of course as they leave they here constant cussing and screaming. "Is it always like this out here" said Peach "well duh" said Faith.
"Gee I had no idea she was black" said Peach "well she is my dads is part black I know he told you before" said Tom "sorry I must of forgot now how the hell do we get to the hospital."
"Well we could take the bus unless you rather fly." Tom said raising a finger of course the bust stop was about t block to where they were. As they pass some more building they see some more graffiti that reads ĎJOHN SHANKS IS A DIVA THAT ON MY MOMMAí and ĎFUCK HILARY DUFF, BRITNEY SPEARS SUCK MY DICK YOU BITCH!!! THAT ON LONG BEACHí "My, my look like your dad was working over time" said Faith "well it was either him or Star."
"Well were here, Faith you got money right 2 kids under 5 ride free with each paying adult"
Said Peach. "Yeah why" "good were under your care" "WHAT!" "Hey either we pa or you take care of us, but we rather not besides itís a discount." Said Tom.
"Fine but you owe me big, once you get a car" said Faith just then the bus pulled up they got on as planned however the machine was busted so they got a free ride.
"Gee why are we going to the hospital again?" asked Peach "because I want to see my Grand Pa, Faith wants to see how her Ďheroí is doing." Said Tom Faith now annoyed "he is not a hero heís a loser and you know that I only feel bad because of what I did to him!!!!!"
Every one turns to look her. "What? Yeah I know what I did get over it." Faith really annoyed.
"Well this is going to be long" said Tom as he rolled his eyes, everyone is pretty quite faith rest her head on Tomís shoulder. Peach pulled put her headphones and (whispers) PSP and started playing. Tom wrapped his are around Faith.
After a good 20 min they arrive at Central City Memorial Hospital. Peach takes off the headphones and turns off her (whispers) PSP.
"Were here" said Tom "yeah" said Faith sadly. Just then Eggman appeared in a white lab coat with the words ĎDR. EGGMAN M.D.í in black scrubs "you impudent little brats you caused the destruction of the greatest hero around!!!" "Oh shut up if here were really fighting crime you wouldnít have us to worry about! Egg Head" hissed Peach.
"Silence! I am DR. Ivo Robotnic M.D. PhD. The most brilliant scientist in the world!!"
"Yeah, yeah so how is my grand father doing doctor?" Tom asked " well he is fine, of course you father I am worried about, beating up old women and having you grandfather squish them like grapes that will not do!"
"That bitch deserved it an you know damn well she did!" barked Tom.
"Do you kiss you mother with that mouth?" "Fuck yeah, why you jealous?"
Eggman now irate "Ooooooooo you snot nosed whelp have you no respect for your elders?"
"Gee sorry your so ass hurt did you lay a rotten egg this morning?" Tom threw at the Ďgood doctorí Eggman now turning red walks away.
"I think you hurt his feelings" said Peach "and?" responded Tom "hi-5" Peach raises her hand Tom slaps it.
They now head inside where Tom gets the shock of his life. "Dad!!! What theÖ." C.T. now with a cleanly shaved head along side the entire click all wearing turbans. "Hey kiddo" he gets down to hug his son "what do you think of my new due?" "What the hell you do that Mom will kill you!!" "Well my dad shaves his head and she didnít kill him." "1 heís bald 2 heís your dad."
Faith has a faint smile on her face "well if you excuse me I have to see someone. She kissed Tom and left.
"Well to be honest while I was gone Hilary Duff was running off at the mouth saying things she shouldnít have said because of that bitch we had to shave out heads!" the entire click was all mumbles. As Ivory in a white lab coat and blue scrubs enters with a kid in a wheel chair.
"Well I see your all ready and look so.." Ivory giggles "nice" "well come on Timmy" He hugged Tom another time "oh if your mother asked just tell here were shaved out heads for the Childrenís Cancer League."
They all leave Ivory stays behind "well you must be proud of your Father." Well yeah, but he doesnít need to go out of his way just to make Hilary Duff look bad." Ivory gives him a cold stare "trust me I may not see eye-2-eye but I agree what he does is helping disadvantaged kids as well and making that skank look bad at the same time. Come on your grand father is waiting. Tom gives Peach a nod and they leave.
Faith is in the burn unit coved in all white even her face is covered as she sees the Ďheroí covered in bandages like a mummy as machines breath for him a tube feed him whiel others give him meds and collect his waists heís in a medical induced coma and canít respond lucky for them the skin from his feet and parts of his calves gave skin tears fill her eyes as she sees first hand what she did to him.
"You should of left town, you had no right to hurt me like you did, you tried to violate me in a sick way, yet I took away your live and body and I am sorry." Tears continue to fill her eyes as a doctor touches her shoulder "you made your peace?" yeah she said wiping away some tears "he can hear you, but still he may not survive, thru the night who ever did that to him must have been really pissed off, that plant used is very rare the only way to even get it is to either risk your life on some jungle or be of a plant clan." They both exit "I did that to him."
"Well Iím sure you had a good reason." Faith looks back one last time then leaves. Tom (the old one) standing wearing a back brace and using a cane as the younger Tom and Peach enter. "How you feeling anyway?" asked the younger one "like shit did you see what you father did?" "Yeah that is so wrong, you donít mind giving us a ride to the mall do you?"
"Tommy I would love to but I took some meds and canít drive besides where is your Dad?"
"Heís helping out some kids with cancer. "Oh Christ. Well fine let me get few bottle of coke that should even them out." Tom Walks while holding on his grandsonís shoulder for better balance.
Of course being hopped up on Vicoden and Diet Coke wonít do much but keep you íleaning.í
Lunar then showed up in all white, he just came from the burn unit the only thing that truly gave him away was the chip on his ear as he ripped off the scrubs "well tell me what you know Faith" Tom held her hand and squeezed it to reassure her.
"Well it all started when Ivory and me decided to go out for dinner" after tell him everything "I see sadly, heís in ICU and I have more common sense to attack a burn victim even if I have full authorization to do so." Lunar said surely disappointed Ivory listing on so tell me Doctor how long will it take, if he survives, to be at 100%" "months years if heís lucky."
Lunar wraps his arm around Faith good job "Iím very proud of you in celebration I plan to throw a party in your honor for the fall of hedgehog Man." "Hey mind driving me home and take the kids to the arcade?" Tom said all buzzed like.
"Fine where you live?" "The OC" Lunar rolls his eyes " fine you got a car right? Luna and Cosmo took mine." "Well my son loaned me his." "Is it the rolls?" fuck no its a Honda."
"Fine letsí gets out of this fuck hole" said Lunar Ivory now super annoyed "so your calling this pace that? ok tell you what next time you get your head busted open donít come crying to me." "Please forgive him he means you no harm heís just having a bad day."
Faith said trying be the peace keeper. "Bad day my ass!" scoffed Ivory "fine but no more obscene language this is a medical center not an arcade or family restaurant."
They all leave. Heading to the parking lot, to a tan Honda Accord "Iíll drop the kids off since the mall is closer." said Lunar "what-ever man I feel like a freaking hippy."
"Grand Pa are you all right?" Tom asked "oh heís fine just mixing Ďhappy pillsí and soda is not a good idea but what ever the reason I best not ask" Said Lunar as he drives Faith rest her head on his shoulder Lunar smiles back "get a room you 2" "what about me and" Gust Peach said "90% of the time you pay video games so why bother." After 20 min they arrive at the mall. "Well were off, thanks again, by gramps" said Tom as the trio exits. Lunar gives a faint wave and drives off.
They enter the mall there are many shops and a food court and other stuff but they head to the arcade Tom pulls out his flask and takes a swig "arenít you a little to young to be drinking?" asked Peach "arenít you little to young to be playing Grand Theft Auto IV?" said Tom.
Peach then shuts up as they walk to the back of the loud and bright-lighted machines they find Gust and Thunder on a dance machine "damn your are getting you ass kicked" said Gust. "I may not be good at dance games but try me at Mortal Kombat!" Thunder said "well look whoís here" Gust said looking at Tom and the others.
Thunder did a move and won "ha in your face!" "you got lucky if I wasnít so tired I would do a rematch" everyone looks at him "no really I charged the machine and was dancing over 3 hours."
"What-ever" said Faith "you hot wire stuff for fun." "Well at least I donít agree with hurting teachers!" Gust countered his twin with.
"Speaking of sibling whereís Miles" asked Tom "who knows heís probably either shopping for swords or something." Said Gust.
Just then Miles comes in with a large case "bastard claims this sword cost 700 dollars!! When I have the paper it only coast 499.00." " What about warranty and insurance?" said Faith.
"Pah thatís for babies!" said Miles drawing his sword "nice" Tom takes another swig.
Just then Ashley and Violet appear wearing simple clothes (E.g. blue jeans and t-shirts) carrying large bags "hey boys" mind helping us." said Ashley. "Un my hands are full" said Tom as he quickly wrapped his arm around Faith " whereís Rusty?" said Thunder "probably out getting more quarters." Said Violet. Gust pulls outs a roll of quarters. You mean this I always have this ready. Violet takes it and looks at them "these are made in Mexico!" "Keep it down will you" hissed Gust he then whispers in her ear "they are made in New York City."
The entire arcade yells "NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!" "Look whoís talking Mr. Big Mouth." Said Violet "welllllll excuse me!" hissed Gust
Just then Rusty comes running by stopping causing a brake noise "well I made it" he drops a bag full of quarters. "Gee what did you do rob a Chinese laundry?" said Violet "no I ran to about 10 laundryís and used 40 dollars in each. "So your using 400 dollars in quarters you know how heavy that is?" said Tom "well were here how bout couple challenge each other." Said Tom.
"All right Faith and Tom vs. Gust and Peach, this should be fun" said Ashley "fine how bout wrestle fest or some tag team game" said Gust "like Def jam fight for New York." Said Peach.
"EA Games! Challenge The Mentally Challenged!" said Gust everyone gives him a look.
"What about us?" said Ashley "fine we got the couples how bout Ashley and Violet vs. Rusty and Thunder." Said Gust "girls vs. guys I like that" said Thunder Tom of course now feeling it. "I.. play betterÖdrunk!"
"Your going down!" said Gust "just bring it!" said Faith they all head to the PS3 room.
"Pah motion sensors" said Thunder "oh relax" said Peach "we got the adaptors that let you use the PS2 controller."
"Pah" said Thunder as Tomís face was getting red and he was getting tipsy.
"Hey what about Miles" said Ashley "oh he went into Wii room he isnít really a fan of fighting games heís more into RPG, action games besides in Red Steel heíll probably kick some ass" said Faith.
Miles in another part of the arcade playing Red Steel "bah, the guns are weak I like the sword better."
"All right letís show then what were made of!!" Said Peach *hiccup* Iíll kick your teamís ass up one street and down the other" *belch* Tom said feeling he affects of vodka on his small body.
"Faith is he drunk or just cocky?" Said Violet Faith now blushing "well, um you see.." "heís drunk" said Peach Faith gives her a stare.
******Round I Teams*******
Faith chooses Crow (Snoop Dogg) Tom chooses David Banner (heheehe!! you wouldnít like it when Iím angry Bitch!! Yeah!!!)
Gust chooses Omar Epps (O.E.) Peach chooses Bone Crusher (You will be destroyed!! X3 hehehehee!!!)
Faith and Tom have the upper hand most of the time however Peach some how makes a come back but Tom gives her player a K.O. with only a bit of heath left. Just then Gust K.O.ís Faith so the girls are eliminated Gust and Tom both hanging by a string, But Tom wins for his team as Faith hugs and kisses him. "Well you are worthy" said Tom shaking Peachís hand in a show of respect. "You were the better man." She said being humble.
"Aaaaa, my stomach fells funny excuse me" said Tom he quickly runs into the bathroom.
Thunder raised a finger "and, now" everyone hears aloud noise. Faith grabs Thunderís finger "if you ever raise a finger to my boyfriend again, I swear I will break it." Thunder has the look of a frightened child "s-sorry" Faith lets go better Tom comes out feeling like shit "damn, I had too much to drink." Faith wraps her arm around him and kisses his fore head "well were out of here, if he doesnít feel hot I rather tend to him." Faith takes Tom and leaves.
"Well that was rather odd" said Ashley "who did he see to get the liquor from anyway." "Your Great-Grand-M" said Peach since faith is gone she can say what ever she wants without being criticized.
Miles still busy killing the bad guys like there Desians as a mysterious figure approaches him "so you want to try me on for size?" Miles calmly put down the controller and draws his sword "ok youíre on sicko" the figure turns on the lights revealing himself to be Aska whis is scared out of his mind "what the hell is wrong with you, canít you tell its me Aska!"
Miles puts his sword away "donít ever sneak up behind me like that you know Iím a trained mercenary." "Look I know what happened with your pops but still." "Who said anything about me being upset he can do what he wants now shut up, grab a controller, so I can kick your sorry wolfish ass!" Aska does as said "who said your going to kick my ass I put money that Iíll kick yours first."
They begin, Miles has sword training so he of course has the upper hand (DUH!) "Oh shit where the hell you learn how to slice like that!!" Cried Aska as he was loosing badly so badly I feel sorry for the poor guy.
"Man you fight like a girl" smirked Miles "well at least I got one I can call my own!" Aska countered Miles let that get to him as he fell back Aska got his first win "finally!"
"You got lucky, but you need to work on you sword play ask me, and I shall train you." Miles said clenching his wrist "fine but can we rest out hands, they hurt and look how swollen they are." (if you played the Wii your hands will hurt after while since your not used to the Motion censored Remote that DOES VIBRATE!)
They both leave the score 10-1 the girls (Ashley and Violet) are winning against the guys (Thunder and Rusty) "you disappoint me, blue hedgehog you loosing not only to a girl but your own sister" said Thunder trying to act like his father (oooo boy looks like a bit of a rivalry) "oh shut up, looks whoís talking your getting your ass kicked too!" Rusty countered.
The girls win happily hi-5ing each other while laughing at the guys. "Come on Iíll kick your ass in Marvel Super Homoís" said Rusty "you mean Marvel Super Heroes" said Thunder "yeah, only who the hell do they think they are a bunch of grown men running around in their underwear." Said Rusty ("too bad they donít take off their underwear first") muttered Rusty "you faggot!" said Thunder "I heard that remark" "that was a joke and you know it" "Sometimes I wonder about you" said Thunder nodding his head.
"All right letís begin" Thunder chooses ĎHulkí Rusty chose ĎPsylockí Rusty wins looking cocky "hey are those boobs real?" "I donít know, probably not" "bah letís ask Ivory she knows she is a doctor" "go ahead and get smacked up side the head" Rusty wins again. "Dammit you cheated!! And you used a girl!!" hissed Thunder "Oh quit your belly aching." Scoffed Rusty "Peach!!" Thunder hollerd for his sister Peach came to him as fast as she could "What!" Thunder playfully pushed her and pointed to the side "get the Action Replay!"
She quickly dug into her purse and pulled it out. And inserted it into game "now we pay by my rules" he unlocked Dr. Doom and Thanos. They both choose Thanos of course the first round is a double K.O. "Motherfucker!" said Peach "Iím leaving" she heads toward Gust and they leave arm in arm. "Gee whatís with her?" said Rusty "she just got disappointed that no body got their ass kicked when a double K.O. happens she leaves unless sheís playing it her self." Ashley and Violet soon take off. Only Thunder and Rusty remain. After a good hour they decide to head to the food court. Miles and Aska share an ice pack on their hands
Peach and Gust are sharing a malt Ashley and Violet are discussing plans for next week. "Well he won, give it up for Rusty."
Every one starts to boo him playfully.
"Yeah whatever, give me 15 chili dogs and a pack of ice."
*********Faithís Place************
Faith with Tom who seems to feel better "well no more drinking for you your body doesnít seem to like it."
They kiss then he passes out "typical men these days."

Well this Ch was long as hell right well itís almost over.