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Faith raised her fists Star gave a massive punch to his face but nothing happened "ha is that the best you got?" Ivory pulled back knowing she couldn't handle him.
"Fox Wind!" she spun her tails around as she held her dress down but to no avail "dammit this is my entire fault" said Faith feeling quite bad as Ivory wrapped her arm around her. "No it's not I know you meant well coming here besides there is something wrong here I can sense it."
"Ha you can't stop me I'm the invincible Hedgehog Man!!" he pulls out a yellow jewel and puts it on his chest "see I dare you to stop me now!!" Tears fill Faith's eyes "I should have brought my stones now look at us and why did I decide to wear a dress!!"
Ivory tell her "look nobodies perfect we'll get out of this I promise." "Yes we were thru worst before right" said Star trying to be positive.
Hedgehog Man starts running around at high speeds causing gusts of wind Faith with out her stones holding her dress down as Star and Ivory cover their eyes for the dust "just try and stop the next fastest thing around now hahaha!!"
Just then a rose fell from the sky and his Hedgehog man in the face cutting his cheek.
They all look up "Zelos!!" shout Ivory and Faith Zelos is standing on a flagpole "I stopped to smell the roses but some weirdo who looks like a freak is causing trouble."
"Who is that?" asked Star confused "Zelos Wilder ambassador to Tethe'alla" Said Ivory
"At your service ladies I hate to see women in distress, Ivory the lovely doctor, Faith the blue fox, and you cute little shorty next to you." Star gave a dirty look "I'm not that short!!! And my name is Star!!" Zelos only smiled "you're a star in my eye." "I have boyfriend" Star stated, "Zelos only pouted "humph!" as he drew his sword.
"You little bastard!! How could you aid them you know what there capable of??"
"Call me what you like but that isn't going to change me from kicking you monkey ass up and down the street." "Hedgehog!!!" Hedgehog Man hissed.
"Monkey, hedgehog doesn't matter I'm the newest ambassador here and my foot's going to be the ambassador to you ass!"
Some snot nosed guy in a pink shirt won't beat me! "Hahahaha!!!" Laughed "Zelos so you rather pick on women that can barely defend themselves how bout you pick on me!"
Hedgehog Man removed a golden necklace covered in colored stones and put it on as energy came around him giving him a shiny glow "I dwell a mist the abounding lights of heaven!"
"Demon Spear!" Zelos unleashed an attack "Victory Light Spear!! Double Demon Fang!"
"Super Sonic Thrust!" he unleashed various attacks causing damage to him "aaaaa damn you!!" Hedgehog man hissed as he clutched a wound on his side. "Damn I'm good" Zelos said getting cocky as he did a back flip. Hedgehog Man removed a black capsule "Thou are at the gates of the underworld!!" he tossed it at the girls as ascene of purple smoke covered them they coughed and were frozen "dammit I can't move" hissed Star "neither can I" said Ivory "oh no were paralyzed!" cried Faith.
"Oh now you done it you sick fuck!!" Zelos unleashed his angle wings "Lighting!" Zelos unleashed a lighting attack that only seemed to piss him off "damn this punk isn't going to be easy!" ha you can't defeat me "hahaha hahaha!!!" "oh shut up" said Star.
"Oh no you hurt my feeling, how bout you shut up!!" he waived his hand and some wrapping covered her mouth all she could do was muffle.
Zelos had the time of his life, hell Abysslon was a cakewalk compared to this guy.
"Well ambassador, I thought your kind before, now suffer and feel my wrath!!" "Wind Wrap!!" Zelos was wrapped in a gust of wind as a sheet covered him from head to toe "what a lousy way to go" were his final words. As he fell down hard.
Hedgehog man had a sadistic look on his face, as he walked to Faith "don't you dare hurt her!!" hissed Ivory "Silence you foolish doctor you can't save everyone and you sure as hell can't play God!!" "You hurt one piece of fur on her I swear as a medical doctor the wolf/fox alliance will rip you to shreds, and I will join them!!" "Oh could you stop" he said as he summoned some more wrapping and covered her entire face. Ivory was now bound and gagged.
(Oh don't worry you sick people will get a small sample, besides am I not evil? Yes I am!)
"no stop!!" cried Faith "oh you hurt me many times before you and you friends, you set me up when we first met, you let that crazed diplomat have his way with me, 18 months of intense
CIA training and A car salesman made my brain his bitch"!
"Your cousin wants me dead for saving his sorry ass life!"
"I was a hero and you and your pesky little friends always try to ruin me and steal my saves!!!"
"Oh I will enjoy this little girl" tears fill her eyes "no please" he grabs her wait the bow is wrapped around as he rips it clean off "ha see how you like it" he then slap her across the face with sheer force as she beings to cry even more, her blue face now red as he slaps her again ha you now know what real pain is!" tears flow down her red face as fear is in her eyes the first time ever she experienced that sense.
He grabs her sleeves and rips them off "oh yeah this is going to be fun" "please I will stop, I swear on the wolf/fox alliance!!"
"Ha like I believe the word of a fox, your words are that of a dead snake!" he then does the unthinkable.(not it's not what you think I'm not that evil or am I?) "what do we have here." He lifts up her dress revealing pink underwear, as Faith screams he puts his hand on her tail thru the dress and yanks it with sheer force causing her to fall down hard as she cried even more he raised his foot and slams her hard on the stomach, "you sick fuck" she cried he continues to stomp her damaging her dress and body, as he rips a piece off he raised it high for everyone to see as she cried and pleads for him to stop.
He grabbed her by the foot and twisted her ankle and caused her to scream in pain as he held her up side down like a prized kill her dress now falling down he then grabber her tails and proceeded to tie them in knots. And dropped her face first. As he laughed he gave her a swift kick in the ass, causing her s mover forward cutting her knees up as well as damaging her face. Now bleeding and badly hurt she could barely move she couldn't even cry as she began to stomp her some more her dress now red with blood as was her pink underwear.
He grabber her and tossed her hard into the others. Just then some green light covered Ivory as she came out super pissed "you hurt her now I'm going to hurt you!!" "b-but how, how did you escape that it was perfect!!" "I'm a healer it took some time but now, I'm going to kill you use my powers as a physician to bring you back and then kill you again!" Ivory fur went up her ears went down as she let out a massive hiss she released her claws and scratched so hard his mask was removed "owwwwww!! That really hurt!!!" "Good because, I'm just getting started!" she starts to scratch him up some more as he cried in pain.
Just then he unleashed a thunder attack shocking her sending her back he was now bleeding all over as he removed a heal unit, he smashed it and quickly healed himself. "Ha that the best you got?" "Meteor storm!" a series of comets came crashing down on him Genis standing on a building "we won't let you hurt them anymore I'd advise you to leave now before it gets bad!" Just then Raine jumped down, as did Sheena "sorry were late did we miss anything?" said Sheena "you Amazonian beasts!! You try and cross me you'll end up like you ambassador over here" he points to Zelos wrapped dup in some magic cloth.
"Root Of All Creation Grant Us The Breath Of Life! Revitalize" Raine raised her staff and Zelos rose "Love ya" he said "too bad you couldn't keep his mouth shut." Said Sheena.
"Dammit that is it!" Hedgehog Man now in super pissed off mood "you bring newbie's here don't worry, I'll send you all back to hell!!!"
Hedgehog Man now sends various lighting attacks as the others dodge Ivory gets up removes her jacket wraps it around faith lifts her up bridal style "damn your no longer baby, oh well" and she takes off to the beach for safety, as well as to heal her.
"Time to kick ass!!" said Zelos just then a young fox wearing a hooded cape covering his face the only part was his nose mouth and muzzle he was wearing white pants cuffed black boots a red shirt with armor on it and cuffed leather gloves his tail was thing and long with a golden ring around it (it's Miles duh!)
"You hurt the innocent and you call you self a hero!" they mysterious fox said "so it's 5 on one ok I got back up too, Fox Boy, Beaver Man!!, Hawk Girl" (yes there are OC's mine of course yet they might be only be used here still ask to use them.)
A young person dressed like a red fox with a long bushy tail "I'm here, The Great Fox Boy!!"
"Oh come on now were fighting animals at the zoo!!" said Zelos a guy in beaver costume with
2-buck teeth also jumped up "Beaver man his here and I will gnaw you down!"
A girl with black hair with brown wings, a mask over her face, red underwear black boots and a golden vest with an "X" shaped harness on was holding a spear "I am Hawk Girl defender of Station Square."
They all stand together "and we are the Zoo Tycoons we stop evil in its track and look damn good doing it!!" they said in unison.
As the battle is about to start Ivory lays Faith down still wrapped in her coat on the sand "what did that bastard do to you dear?" Faith still breathing but unconscious.
"Well glad she won't need morphine right now" Ivory slowly and gently unties her tails, which caused her to flinch a bit "easy girl this will only hurt for a sec." She lifts up her dress "no don't stop." Faith said softly "shhhhhhh I'm a doctor I've seen it all" she saw a nasty cut above her naval, blood dripping on her pink undies, she touched the wound and it healed she then pulled the dress down examined her skinned knees and face she touched her knees and healed them. Then she wiped some blood from Faith's soft blue face and healed her yet her powers were limited so finally she knew Faith deserved revenge that very day she looked into her purse and removed a heal unit "this is an exception, I hate these things", the cat said as she smashed it over Faith after a few min Faith rose and hugged Ivory. She grabbed her coat and covered her self with it. That way nobody could see the ripped and bloodied dress. Yet some blood was on her socks.
"Let's go back to my place I forgot something." Said Faith in a harsh tone Ivory gives a nod as they head to the train station.
As they leave Star stays behind. "Who are you?" she asked all puzzled as she looks at the mysterious fox. "Be warned if I reveal my self." He removes the hood and cape revealing to be Miles, Star faints. "I told you be warned, now time to kick ass."
"All right people lets see now who gets who." "Raine you get the fox boy" "yes sir Captain!" Raine gave a salute
"Genis you get the buck tooth beaver and bring back his teeth unless you all ready knocked them down his throat."
"Sheena get that bitch!" "All right" Sheena runs off. "What about us" asked Zelos all confused "we deal with Hedgehog man just the 2 of us." "Bud!" Zelos opens his arms for a hug Miles rolls his eyes "after the fight."
On the train Faith is about the rest on Ivory's shoulder "no dear don't fall asleep." After 5 min of pure quite Ivory decided to break the ice so why are we coming here?" "change of clothes and get my stones why you ask." "No reason, just that if you do kill him you have to report to the wolf/fox alliance." Faith has a look on her face "Oh you'll vouch for me right."
"Of course he had, no right to do that to you or anybody I swear on my good name as a doctor I will aid you any way I can but please don't do anything stupid my healing arts have limits."
They get off in the Mystic Ruins, and head to Faith's house. As they arrive Tails is exiting "Faith what happened?" Her father said shocked as she embraced his daughter "well we got into an altercation, I need some items." "You going to kill him right?" "Well duh! For me and Thunder!" "is there anything I can do to convince you to stop." Tails said with worry.
"Yes make up with Lunar as of now and I'll call it off." Tails was in total shock "look I need my space, after what he did I plan to talk to him but I'm leaving and wont be back anytime soon take care I love you, and always will." He bends down and kissed her fore head tears in his eyes and he took off. Not even looking back.
Ivory had tears in her eyes as they enter the house.
Faith drops the coat picks it up and hands it to Ivory "sorry it's bloodied I have something for it hold on a sec."
She heads into the bathroom lifts up her dress pulls down her underwear inches from the knees and sits on the toilet a dripping sound can be heard "aren't you going to close the door?" said Ivory Faith looks at her "your a doctor so I figured you wont mind."
Faith gets up drops her underwear flushes and puts them in a pile of dirty clothes.
Heads into her room opens a drawer removes some black shorts puts them on quickly grabs some lime green overalls puts them on removes her dirty and bloody dress revealing a white tank top, she grabs a black blouse short sleeved quickly puts it on and buckles her overalls she removes her socks and get another pare. She then puts them on along side some lime green combat boots with spikes on the bottom that can be released with a snap of the figures.
She removes the braids and ties her long cobalt blue hair back in a ponytail leaving some bangs in the front of her head. She grabs a necklace made of silver with 3 stone of a normal size one yellow with lighting volt in the middle a green stone with a leave it the middle and a white stone with a tornado in the middle, the elemental stones of wind, thunder, and plants.
"Time to kick his ass!" Faith said as she raised her fist "lets bounce! oh wait sorry Dr. Ivory." She ran to the kitchen and grabbed some clear liquid. Sprayed it on the coat and it was clean again Ivory puts it on. "Well the train or fly?" fly they both run out side faith spins her tails around, and is now hovering above the ground. "I was afraid of this, oh well." Faith grabs her hands (paws) and lifts her up as they fly back to Emerald Coast.
*******Back at Emerald Coast*******
Ladies first, Raine and Fox Boy are walking around Fox Boy, trying to stab her with his tail but every time she dodges it and hits him with her staff. "Ow, hey you crazy lady what's the big idea?" you tell me you boss caused this why don't you be a good little boy and go home." Raine said taunting him. "How dare you talk to me like a child you OLD HAG!"
Raine now annoyed "what did you say?" "I'm not a child I'm Fox Boy defender of this city!!! And you're an OLD HAG!!!" Raine now super pissed swung her staff at full force and almost broke it,
"Hey you crazy bitch you trying kill me?!" "Heheheh are you afraid?" Raine then chanted "Light! Photon!" she sent a blast of energy at him knocking him down with sheer force.
She then (you now this is fucked up) grabbed him "hey what the hell are you…" sat on an curb put him over her knees and started to spank him "hey why the fuck are you…" he starts to bawl "ahahhahahah, waaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaa, wwwwwaaaaaaaaaa aahahaahahahaha!!!" "This is going to hurt you alt lot more that it will me." Raine smiled as she continued to `tan his hide' "I want my….mommy!! ahahaahaha ahahahaha waaaaaaa!" After a while she lets him go "now what are you going to tell people *sniff* "I fell down the stairs!" *sniff* he then runs off stiff sobbing. "Dammit Fox Boy…what the hell…." Hawk girl see Sheena reading a card "I call upon the servant of Mother Earth. Gnome!" a giant thing comes out "time to eat dirt!" and he slams on Hawk Girl with sheer force almost crushing her.
"That was easy." Sheena smiled.
Genis was having a time with Beaver man as he swung his kedama "damn hold still!" "hahaha, you can't hurt me with a pathetic toy child!" of course after a while he started summoning spells "Engulf this pathetic soul! Ground dasher!"the ground rose up and hurt the poor guy (not!) Beaver Man swung his tail aroud but nothing happened since Genis dodged it he then swung his kedama hitting him dead in the mouth knocking out his 2 front teeth "my teeth" he cried as he ran off his mouth covered.
"And don't come back!!" The Sylvarant team won but one member was still standing.
Miles and Zelos were having their hands full Hedgehog Man finished with a thunderous attack knocking Zelos out cold "damn not like this" Genis, Raine, and Sheena all came back Raine attacked him as well but her HP was drained to the point where she was on one knee "Come forth Thunder of the Gods!" Hedgehog Man was doing another attack as Genis was casting another spell Hedgehog Man stops "what the fuck is that?" "It is over! Indignation!"
A red triangle in a circle with various patterns and lines comes from Genis' hands and blast Hedgehog Man hurting him badly.
Just then Faith arrives with Ivory "Faith, Ivory glad you came!!" Said Genis with joy leave this to me said Faith as her necklace started glowing the stones turning off and on variously.
"Vine Whip! Wind Tail!!" Faith summoned some vines wrapping around Hedgehog Man "Poison Oak!" Her tails spinning causing him to go airborne as the vines wrap tighter around him causing him to itch but he couldn't.
As wind sharp as a razor cuts into his costume and spills his blood. "This is it we end this now!!! For me, my brothers, and Thunder!!" "Blue Fox Thunder!!!" blue electric currents went thru the vines shocking the hero in which he screamed in agonizing pain.
Ivory quickly gave Star and Zelos smelling salts to get them up Star dazed and confused. "What happened?" "Nothing dear just watch out next time."
"White Fox Thunder!!!" she now was sending white electric currents as he screamed even louder her thunderstone was glowing even brighter.
Hedgehog Man's costume was melting off but some of it was fusing to his skin. That caused him to scream in even more pain "oh shut the fuck up!" as she summoned another vine to gag him. "Faith stop this now, he learned his lesson, if you must kill him make it quick!"
Pleaded Ivory as the smell of burning flesh and plastic over came her, the will of a doctor was taking over. Faith turned to her and said, "I'LL STOP WHEN I'M READY!!" "Damn that smell it reminds me of Raines cooking," said Genis who got a much deserved smack upside the head from Raine.
"Faith Rosemary Prower your causing a living creature harm, please kill him in a humane way!" "HE HURT ME! now lets see how he likes it Wolf/Fox Attack!!!" the thunderstone was glowing bring as more electricity went thru his body. After a while the thunderstone shattered and the electric attack stopped. "Wind Attack" Faith's tails began to spin at such a high rate the ground was being cut up. She now started slamming him into building almost destroying them thru the vines, Ivory had seen enough. "I'm sorry but you must stop" Faith's fur was now a dark blue are blue pupils were gone her eyes were now totally white, she was at her peak. Ivory grabbed the necklace and started to pull it off her neck as she did thunder went thru her body, but she didn't care she only cared about Faith as it hurt her she ripped it off and as it fell to the ground. Hedgehog man fell at least 20-26 feet to the ground; Ivory fell to her knees quickly healed herself.
Faith now backs to normal, "Dr. Ivory" were her firsts words of course everyone turned around holding their breath. To see Hedgehog man badly burned he suffered 3rddegree electric burns over 80% of his body and since his costume was made of plastic and/or rubber that madder it worst and the stench of burning flesh was out of this world (it smelled like a burned goat)
Star approached his body he was breathing but barely she removed the necklace, a golden allure surrounded her she quickly dropped the necklace "so this was the root of his power."
Said Raine.
Faith left tot eh beach her head down tears in her eyes Star was about to go after her but Miles stopped her with let her be on her own Ivory is the only one that can help her.
However Ivory was tending to the fallen(wannabe) hero "80/20, he has a 20% chance of survival chance, I gave him something for the pain but my powers are limited as are your Raine."
"In my own option I say we let him die, save us all trouble" said Star.
"Star go to your boyfriend the wolf/fox alliance will be here shortly and I don't want them to cause you trouble." "No I care for you I will deal whatever they have to say!" she said strongly "now tell me about you what happened." He removed his du-rag and shaved a deep thick scar across his fore head "I am no longer a child, but a simple mercenary." Star kissed him on it as he put back on the covering.
Faith on the beach her face buried in her kneed as she sobs. "Why? Why did this have to happen?" All the negative energy was withdrawing and her positive nature was slowly returning.
As a hand touched her shoulder she backs away flinching a bit Ivory sat down next to her. "Its' ok dear I'm here now, it's ok." Faith looked up as the doctor embraced her.
As she sobbed in Ivory's arm Ivory began to heal her having flashback to the days events.
Ivory gently stroked her blue hair, kissed her cheek "like I said I will vouch for you." Sirens could be heard in the distance. An ambulance shows up as people scramble to the away the wannabe.
A wolf, a grey one, dressed in all white appears "so tell me what happened" he digs in his pocket and hands Faith the necklace one stone is missing, the thunderstone.
Faith pulls away from Ivory wipes the tears away I was the one who did most of the damage he hurt me and degraded me of course the half-elves aided me, I burned him sadly my stone broke before he was finished, he also bloodied me and I have some clothes he ripped at."
Ivory got up "yes that is correct, I'm medical doctor and was there if you notice, I have some proof" she digs in her purse and removes a red ribbon ripped up and covered in blood.
"Is there any family that can vouch for you as well?" "She is family were sisters" said Faith Ivory had a warm feeling inside her "I see, are you related to a Lunar Prower?" "yes he's my 3rdcousin, why?"
"Then my decision is made as of this day you, the Prower clan now have full rights to kill Hedgehog Man and his associates when ever and how ever you see fit." He then walks away.
Faith and Ivory hug "all right!! Lunar will be so pleased." Like I said I always have your back.
They go and join the others Star with a smiled on her face "well that wasn't so bad now was it?"
"Come on lets go home" said Miles.
Zelos, Raine, Genis and Sheena head one way Star goes solo Miles Flys off and Faith and Ivory take the train.
********Lunar's Place*******
Luna getting ready to take the kids to the park "Gust, Thunder, Peach you coming too or what?" "Count us in" said Peach grabbing Gust's hand "hey" said Gust.
"I'll pass Lunar claims he can beat me in Marvel vs. Capcom" "not only can I beat you bit I lived it" said Lunar "Luna is he lying can you vouch for him?" "well your were still in your mothers womb when it happened I was taking care of Gust and Faith and yes it did happen." She, the twins, and the cute couple take off.
Just then Tails shows up all of a sudden, Lunar has no expression on his face "Lunar I forgive you but I need some space, I'm heading to Sylvarant for a while" Tails holds out his hand they shake and Tails takes off.
"All right now lets kicks some ass!!!" said Thunder "were you waiting for the kids to be gone to say that?" "Yeah" "good job." They start to play the game
*******Tails Place********
Cosmo back at her house "oh why do they leave their clothes all around this place" she starts
Picking up clothes when she sees Faith's underwear stained in blood she is now worried she heads in to the room and finds her dress ripped and bloodied "oh no!" Tears fill her eyes.
She doesn't know what to do or say, "Ok Cosmo just calm down let Faith say what she has to say first."
Just then the door opens Faith and Ivory enter "Mom what are you doing here I though you were with Amy and Cream." Faith said surprised "what happened, tell me everything" said Cosmo holding out the stained underwear and dress.
"It was massive fight with Hedgehog Man, no he didn't do what you think but I did get a nasty cut on my stomach." Faith unbuttoned her overalls lifted up her shirt and revealed a scar that was freshly healed. "Aaaaaaaaaa" Cosmo lifted up her bangs as her tails twitched "glad that was a relief." The mother and daughter hug "welcome back sweetheart." Cosmo said hugging her daughter "you too Ivory" a group hug was formed. (awwwww)
****The Park*********
Luna pushing the twins on the swing Gust and Peach sitting on a bench Eskimo kissing (rubbing their noses together) "so what now, your sibling are back you want to fight Hedgehog Man some more." Gust has a look on his face "why bother he's in a burn unit ICU and has a 20% chance to survive." A mysterious voice said "Miles!" they both said as he jumped out of a tree welcome back they both hugged him "nice gear" smiled Peach "I take it you know about us right?"
Miles gives a look "well duh, don't mind me I had a fucked up day" Peach kissed him on the cheek with the "O" scar "Miles! Such language" hissed Luna from a far. "My bad."
"Well don't mind me" he said as Peach and Gust have their first kiss.
Well I'd say this is the longest CH. and almost finished…