Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ The Voyage Home ( Chapter 24 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The odd worldy gate now fully open Collette cried a bit as the heroes left Genis and Raine decided to go with them as did Zelos it was quite heart breaking that Miles was leaving but he was no longer the soft, sweet hearted, kind soul, with low self esteem, instead he was a low class mercenary who won’t take crap and it showed yet he still had some cuteness left.
Lunar hasn’t said a word to Tails since there wasn’t much to do Faith and Ivory left first, Tails and Miles, Lunar, Genis, Raine C.T., Shadow and Zelos all left as well.
"Gee I wonder what will happen" said Lloyd holding Mithos they will return after exploring the new world said Persea putting on a brave face.
As the portal opened the goddess decided to let people come and go as they please rather than have the portal forced opened and thing like that happen again. As she returned the Master Emerald her words go as follows "don’t let person issues get in the way of doing the right thing heed my call and keep the world at peace if you must fight let it be for a just cause, not personal reasons."
Everyone goes back to doing normal things first off with Molly and C.T.
Molly now wondering if C.T. returns what will be the out come of course when he arrives at Amy’s rather than a warm embrace Molly almost slaps him dead in the face he caught here hand as tears fill her blue eyes "why…tell me did you have an affair with that half-elf!?" C.T. was both shocked and surprised "what!!" "tell me" she was about to slap him with her free hand but he grabbed it and brought her in to him and hugged her tightly as she cried she wanted to get free but couldn’t "no I would never do that even if I was stupid a half elf. Are you high?" Molly’s eyes filled with more tears "Prove it, I want proof dammit!" "ask Lunar, Ivory or give me a lie detector test your choice." He said sternly he then let her go, a few hours later a cop showed up and hooked C.T. up to a machine and game him a bunch of questions
Q1-Cop: how old are you?
CT: 77
Q2-Cop: is Hilary duff you favorite singer?
CT: yes she is
Q3-Cop: Did you have an affair with a half- elf?
CT: yes I did
Q4-Cop: is John Shanks a real man and song writer
CT: yes to both
After wards he checked the list
"The following goes as said for question #1 he said he was 77 that was a lie,
for question #2 is Hilary duff his favorite singer that was a lie, for question #3 did he have an affair with a half-elf that was a lie, for question #4 is John shank a real man no every one know John Shank is a diva!! That was a lie." The cop put away the equipment. "Well he did not cheat on you but he is a liar." Molly smiled as they kissed I told you, I told you besides why have her whey I got you" he smiled as they kiss again.
Cosmo,Amy, and Cream all come back with bags of stuff.
Amy sees C.T. and Molly kissing "Oh..My..God…" she drops her stuff "oh..your..God" Cosmo drops hers "welcome back, see Molly I told you he was a good guy." Smiled Cream.
They all rush to hug him but he stops them ladies "there’s only enough of me for one and that’s my lovely wife Molly, but hey I missed you all."
***********Now on to Lunar and Luna this is going to be funny***********
Lunar well rested walking down the street as she passed Mantigore and Crock doing some vandalism the both stop acting nervous "why even bother, don’t let me stop you." She said as she walked on they go back to spray painting a building.
Thunder hissed in pain as Amadeus climbed on his lap "he likes you" smiled Peach as she adjusted her quills "bite me" Thunder hissed Peach kissed him on the cheek as he shrieked on pain "how long will these pill take to kick in?" "how long ago did you take them" asked Gust "about 59 min ago" "well right now" Gust said looking at a clock. "Oh crap" Thunder lied his head on the arm rest of the couch Amadeus fell asleep in his arm s as well (awwwwwww).
Peach gently took Amadeus away as she placed a blanket on her brother and kissed him good night, Claudius happily bouncing in Gust’s tails as Lunar opened the door Peach quickly rushed to him. Hugging him "welcome back did my dad come as well" he’s busy but he will show up later on." "So how were the kids and where’s Luna?"
"She’s on her way back, well the kids, well their still babies so you don’t need to worry as much" Lunar looked at Thunder then saw a bottle of pills in his hand he removed the bottle it read "Vicoden" "damn that doctor oh well" "wait something is different about you" said Gust "yeah he’s right, tell us" said Peach "when Luna comes"
Just then the door opened Luna popped up to be greeted by Claudius she saw Lunar his face was whole again she almost fainted "ok this is what happened."
******Shadow and Zelos********
They along side Raine and Genis arrive at the president’s office
"Mr. President, Zelos Wilder the Ambassador of Sylvrant" "Tethe’alla" Zelos protested "quite you" hissed Shadow just then a puff of smoke appeared, it was none other than Sheena " hey I knew you guys would need me" she smiled. "Sheena but how" said Genis "I have my ways." "Ok now let’s start" said the president "you are his staff right well then, tell me more of your world." "Well it like this a simple world somewhat old fashioned very beautiful, we do need some things but traveling is at it’s best quite old fashioned, we have dragons that can take us and some modern machines." Said Zelos "we also have magic, and use it for everyday purposes too" said Raine "what are the schools like here" said Genis.
"Inner city you’ll get shot at and get to disrespect the teacher’s hell the ‘good’ ambassador just a few weeks ago sent Gust, Faith along with his own kids to set the teacher up next thing you know he has her jumped an dputs her thru a table over an event that happened 15 years ago.
"Private school you get a bunch of goody, goodies that think there better than you unless your rich and have a parent in rehab."
Rich public school’s the same thing only the geeks the get bullied by the jocks come back with a gun and shoot up the place only difference between that and the inner city the kids aren’t stupid enough to bring a weapon to the school they shoot each other on the street."
Shadow said raising a finger the president started to blush in rage rather than embarrassment
"We have some very fine schools here I have some pamphlets sent over soon." I would like to teach here and maybe help some troubled youths." smiled Raine.
"Well I’m off" Shadow took off "where are you going" said Zelos "I have some personal matter to attend." The president coved his face and nodded his head and quietly mutters "I hate that hedgehog."
******Faith and Ivory******
They head back to Faith’s house Miles is off Tails is in his work shop just being quite
Ivory sits down and watches T.V. While Faith is in the shower. After awhile (give or take 30 min) Faith comes out in a white short sleeved ruffled dress with red bow tied around the waist her hair is in 2 long braids (pig-tails) with white socks and black buckle shoes 9she’s dressed like peach. "Well aren’t we dressed up all fancy" smiled Ivory"
"I was hoping we could go out just the 2 of us but most likely my bother and some other will join us." Smiled Faith. "That sounds nice but I have to change let’s stop by the office real quick."
They both leave about after 20 min of walking and discussing plans "tell me why did you ambush that teacher any way I know there was more than a hit sent out by C.T. besides her could of easily done it himself." Faith is sounding nervous "well she was being a total bitch, she tried to crush Miles self esteem or take away what was left of it, I intervened and told her he can’t help it if he’s shy and kind hearted she gave me 2 hours detention for sticking up for him Gust then called her an old hag and she has no right to treat us this way he got it too."
"I see so she was being a bully Miles now has a high self esteem and can take care of him self. Am I right?" yeah Ashley and Tom did it because I told C.T. my self he told us to stand out ground and gave us the idea to scapegoat so we set Eggman up problem was we didn’t think about the booby traps surprisingly Ashley and Tom weren’t hurt."
Ivory smiled and hugged Faith "well you could of went to your dad or Lunar" "were not Luanr’s kids and I doubt they would grant him the authority to hurt her so we went to C.T. he does."
They arrive in front of a huge building a simple grey one at that as they enter Ivory nods to a guard and they enter an elevator. After a few floors they exit to a simple room with many offices one reads "Dr Ivory MD, PhD, DVM" were here she smiled as she opens the door on affine wooden desk various letter and on her wall witch is off wither 3 degrees and various licenses "wait her I have some extra clothes in the back ."
Faith takes a seat Ivory head into the back 15 min later she comes out after quick shower wearing a black pants suite. "Where to" smiled the doctor.
"How bout that fancy place C.T. mentioned a few months back" you mean the one where he bitch slapped the Maitride" scoffed Ivory "hey he insulted Ashley!"
"I’m sorry lets go." they both exit.
As they leave they bump into Shadow "well aren’t we looking lovely?" "it’s just us 2 I might bring Star and Peach." Said Faith "how both Tom we all know you like him" Smiled Shadow.
"Shadow!!!" Barked Faith "how many people have you told!!" he only smiled just you 2 if you want to bring Peach you’ll have to bring Gust since there together like C.T. on Demerol.
Ivory gives him a look and they take off. They arrive at some fancy restaurant as they enter a waiter with a swollen face and black eye very nervous takes them to a table. Where they look at some menus. "As Star shows up I got bad new we need to talk." Have seat said Ivory as she sits down.
*******Thunder and Peach*********
Thunder wakes up Lunar and Luna are in the kitchen the babies are asleep Gust is still there for unknown reasons. Just then Shadow shows up shows up Thunder is kinda stiff. So what’s the deal with you kid Shadow says as he looks at Thunder since, Thunder is all banged up.
"Hedgehog Man he has this new armor Chaos Control had no effect on it." "Well lets see the damage" thunder removes his shirt to show his chest bandaged up "are your legs hurt at all?" "no" "good, any other areas" " well my head and mouth" Thunder opens his mouth Shadow looks at it. "Hmm looks like the good doctor did a good job if your ever in danger and you attacks are fruitless run like hell and don’t look back unless you got reinforcements." They hug but Thunder hissed in pain "oh yeah Gust, Faith is back as is Miles and you dad."
Gust is all excited now that his family is back together sadly he know the truth about Tails and Lunar.
******Miles The Soloist********
Miles walking down the street still dressed in his mercenary gear "who should I see first hmmm" he turns around and heads to Sonic and Amy’s of course the only ones there at the moment are his mom, Amy and Cream.
He heads there of course he decides to fly to get there faster all he thinks about is how to get his dad to make up with Lunar. He gets there soon enough as he opens the door Amy, Sonic, Violet, Rusty?" "Oh hi Miles" Amy says cheerfully Sonic and the others will be here shortly, why the get up?" "long story" "well your mom is here she’ll be happy to see you…" when he heard that he runs into the living room. "Mom!!!" Cosmo is over joyed to see him bus is shocked to see how he looks as she embraces him "what did they do to you?" she said with concern.

"well long story short i was trained and no way in hell am I goign back to the way I was." Miles said as he removed his bandanna revealing a long deep scar across his forehead. Cosmo fainted "well I'm off, take care of my mother of course I'd advice her to see Lunar solo."

Taisl puts on his bandanna grabs his hood and covers his face with it "Amy mind if I borrow a bracelet."
"sure but why" "I have an important mission to complete" Amy hand him a golden bracelet he pushes it on his tails and makes it lok like he has one big one. as he takes off Amy hugs him. "be careful" Amy said as Cream is trying to revive Cosmo.

*****Tails All Alone********

Taisl in his work shop lookign thru some old photoalbums Lunar gave him when they first met. Taisl now almost feelign bad that he won't talk to Lunar he decided to see Iovry and ease the pain of Course Sonic would be ther to be with him like always. Taisl quickly changes and leaves. wondering what it's going to be like.
Now that Lunar has a family and Gust foudn a 'true love'.

*****Star's Bad News*******
Star choking back tears "were leavign to the UN soon i hate to go but it's for the best." Faith hugged her gently "everything is going to be all right." that seemed to make her feel better. of course she dosn't know what Miles is like in due time she will know "so tell us more about Chade." Ivory said with her ears high up
"awsome he's real kind and sweet" she was now smiling as there leaving discussign the future.
"so tell us more about Tom ooooo" smiled Ivory "I rather not get into details" "oh relax I'm a doctor I've seen it"

"Oh my did i say it that loud shit!!" Faith's blue face was now turning red.
Of course the day started to get goign it was about to go sour.
a new figure in a golder suite with long quills he was human but looked like Super Sonic. he had on golden pants and shirt with long rubbery like golden quill with med length white gloves and boots as well as white underwear on the outside of his pants, his face was half coverd by the golder mast it covered the top part of his face.
"ha you little bitch rember me you set me up!!" he looked at Faith "oh no not this creep" said Star ready to fight.
"you impudent little brat you made a fool of me!!" it was Ultra Hedgehog Man. And he wanted revenge.