Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ Clash Of The Gods ( Chapter 23 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
As Derris-Karrlan was now destroyed Martel grabbed her staff and swung it at Leah hitting her dead in the face.
Leah turned around as if nothing happened Martel hit her even harder the same thing.
Leah then punches Martel in the stomach causing her to fall back.
Martel pulls out a golden emblem and transforms into another powerful being long blond hair wearing a green outfit her pulps are now gone "play time had ended." As Martel sends a blast of energy tossing Leah back "where have I heard that before?"
She decides to transform into ‘Ultra Leah’ her old outfit changed now a red body suite with red boots up to her thighs and tight long red gloves as a staff covered in spikes appeared in her hand, a flash of light appeared as a black male lion appeared next to her, sending out a huge roar.
"Just bring it, [bitch] just bring it!!!" Leah said taunting her opponent Martel swung at Leah hitting her, Leah fell back but quickly got up and swung at her hittihn her dead in the face.
Martel fell down but quickly flew back up as Martel tossed a holy lance at Leah, Leah quickly dodged it and unleashed "Chaos Blast!" the wave of red energy sends Martel falling back to the ground bus she quickly ascends back and punches her dead in the jaw, as they now use the staffs on each other in various ways.
Martel has the upper hand since she used staff’s since childhood over 4000 years ago Leah is new to that kind of weapons and when she does fight (very rarely) she uses ‘Chaos Based’ attacks. Martel finally has the upper hand as she trips Leah they decide to fight on the ground since it’s easier than fighting in the air.
Their staff’s are getting the most of the beating as they both are equally matched of course Leah is a true goddess.
Lunar gets up with the aid of Faith realizing Kvar set him up as plot to turn Tails against him of course he had a choice to make have Ivory heal them or solve their problems on their own…..
"I know what I must do" said Lunar standing tall as Faith took his hand Miles was busy fighting off Desians left and right. Ivory comes rushing by shocked as ever to see Lunar looking normal "what happened?" she asked, "Martel healed me but did some damage."
Ivory touched Lunar and a lot of painful memories were being felt and seen, a young grey wolf/fox seen at a tombstone reading ‘Claudius Prower beloved uncle, father, father-Gertrude Prower beloved aunt, mother, wife’ 2 red foxes are confronting the young wolf/fox.
"Are they coming back the young wolf/fox" says with tears in his eyes tears fill in the male fox "no you will stay with us now Lunar."
Ivory fell back realizing that some of the most painful memories have returned Ivory with tears in her eyes touches Lunar again this time he’s at the mall with Santa "can you get my parents back?" Lunar asked "why yes little boy." Christmas comes and Lunar is heartbroken.
Time passed a young nurse is holding his hand taking him to a room where the red foxes are.
"This is your cousin Miles" one says as she ands him to Lunar. Lunar and Miles grow up together till their village is destroyed.
Lunar now on a distant planet getting half his face blown off when he wakes up he has a metal plate covering it as they are adding a radar system after a while he finds a human girl very sickly he takes her in her name is Molly after wards he meets a plant creature name Cosmo she give him word that Miles is alive and well.
Lunar and Molly return to Earth Lunar now reunited with Tails.
Ivory pulls back, Lunar rises Faith hugs Ivory as she gives her a small electric boost.
"I’m getting too old for this" said Ivory Faith runs to her brother’s aid as he is now being out numbered.
Lunar removes his sword "when I get my hands on you I’m going to slap 7 shades of shit out of you!!" He says looking at Yggrasil.
Leah and Martel now in hand to hand combat their staff’s now broken similar to a catfight.
As they punch and dodge Martel unleashes "Holy Lance!" Leah stop it with ease via "Chaos Control!" Leah had the upper hand until Yuan appeared "Martel stop this at once!" he pleaded Martel sent a beam of energy at him, sending him flying.
"Dammit now look what you made me do!" hissed Ivory as she grabbed Yuan healed him and kissed him on the lips everyone turned around in sheer disgust.
"Get a room" barked Miles as he stabbed a dark angle. Magnus and Forcystus both ready to attack "you really think you’re going to live thru this?" Magnus said as he and Forcystus attacked Lunar who easily thought them off. Martel, when she saw that tears filled her eyes.
As she lashes at Leah sending her back C.T. quickly caught her "you need back up?" Leah gives him a look.
Martel full of emotions and rage bum rushes Leah taking her down with sheer force Leah now getting the lower hand "you caused all of this why did you even come here!?" Martel cried as she banged Leah’s head into the ground.
Leah quickly teleported away grabbed Martel and tossed her several feet in the air as she fell down she gave her a good swift kick "Chaos Spear!" Leah unleashed a red beam of light that penetrated Martel to the point she wasn’t going to get up as soon as normal. But some how she did breathing heavily "you bitch" she hissed as blood came from her mouth she grabbed her staff and "Holy Lance!!" "Chaos Spear!" the attacks were evening each other out as the goddess’ bout flew back in opposite directories.
Lunar decided to aid the goddess he grabbed his sword and sliced off the necklace that made her think the way she was as electric energy flew everywhere Lunar was some how not affected. Martel turned to normal "what happened, where am I?" "Mithos?" "What have you done to my sister?!" barked Yggrasil "Giffca, now!!!" Leah ordered as the black lion attacks Yggrasil.
"I just wanted a better world" Martel vanishes away Yggrasil now with his hands full is no match for the loins strength.
"Faith lets finish this! Dad, Shadow you teak on the dark angles we’ll take on these assholes!!"
Shadow turned around overexcited that Faith lives "sorry to keep you worried" she smiled.
Magnus and Forcytus were ready as Miles and Faith double-teamed them. Giffca released Yggrasil at the command of Leah, as he got up Lunar raised both swords and off with his head his body turned to dust. Everybody else and the wolf/fox alliance were keeping the rest of the descians at bay.
"Fox Vine!" Faith bound the leaders up and they were powerless "White Fox Thunder!"
Miles unleashed his own powerful attack.
It was almost over the desciancs were crushed the ones that survived fled let them be I doubt there will come back said Leah.
As for Magnus and Forcystus Leah opened up a portal a red beam came out "time to return to hell!"
"Not again!" they both yelled as Kratos and Miles took turns stabbing them Kratos said "Feel the pain…of those inferior being…as you both burn in hell…"
The war is finally over everyone can return to living in peace Leah returns to her normal wear a long white see thru gown and white bodysuit "you may say your good byes I will return the wolf/fox alliance and the master emerald you may return when you please at the odd worldly gate." She said as the army and the Master Emerald disappeared.
Everyone all excited all but Lunar since Tails walked away Ivory about to heal him and solve it but C.T. stopped her "they have to solve their own problems trust me it will take time but it can and will be done.
A/N well they now return home and do Tails and Lunar make up well duh.