Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ Lunar's Act Of Genocide ( Chapter 22 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lunar now in the control room of The Ark coughing at the dust scattered around damn someone need to clean this place as a female voice is herd "is there no other way?" "is this the right thing to do?" "Yes it is" Lunar replied back.
Lunar grabs the case of Chaos Emeralds and inserts them one-by-one "you really think that will destroy that world?" another voice appeared it was Kratos.
"Look we have no choice even your son speaks about exspears and how they are used to hurt people I will send that comet back to hell!!" Kratos just nods his head "do what you must it's your fate."
Lunar charges up the canon and fires it at a large purple mass causing it to explode.
"See you angle bastards in Hell!!" Lunar said as he and Kratos head back to Earth where the battle is now in their favor. Yggdrasil now in a fit of rage as the wolf/fox alliance now attacks the Desian's with sheer force suffering no casualties the worst injury is a cut on the arm.
"Dammit this will not happen!!"
Summoning what angles are left the skies fill with the wings of dark angles many of them Miles looks up in sheer awe as he removes his sword ready to attack Tails charges up knowing this is for that worlds an Faith Lunar soon joins them but Martel quicklsy captures him and a ascends to the heavens as a golden light covers them both metal starts to fall form his face bit by bit his radar and metal plate as well as part of his brain (made of metal) all fall out it's soon revealed that Lunar was fully healed his face now whole with 2 brown eyes instead of one info red as he fell down past memories came back of him with Tails "noooooooooooooo!" Lunar caught up with him he was now whole but suffered from the past.
Mega Shadow transformed Tails to his Mega Form as they both attacked Yggrasil now in Mega form they are 10 X more powerful and Yggrasil can't seem to shake them as Miles and the others take down the angles one by one. Magnius and Forcystus double-team the young fox but he seems to be in control.
"Dammit this can't be yelled" Yggdrasil.
Leah near the great tree as Faith and the Master Emerald are bound together. "Come child you work here is done go aid you brother." Leah touched the tree opening it reached her hand in and gently took faith by her hand and removes her as she opened her eyes "what happened" she asked confused.
"You saved the great tree now go before it's too late." The master emerald stayed where it was Lunar still in a state of shock as Faith went to him "Lunar your still you no matter what."
Tails and Shadow seem to have Yggdrasil beat till the mage appeared "hahaha! You really think you can stop me!" the others are busy eliminating the remaining Desian's as Sheena casts Maxwell to deal with them.
The mage reveals himself to be Abysslon "you thought you were going to defeat me well Yggrasil offered me a second chance I came thru on my promise!!" "Mega Fox Thunder!" "Mega Chaos Blast!" Tails and Shadow unleashed their attack turning him into dust
"Your next shit face" said Tails all cocky. Just then Martel appeared "no one shall hurt my brother we both long for a better world."
Just then Leah appeared "you'll have to fight me bitch!" "ooooo snaps cat fight goddess style!!
Yeah, yeah I know this is short but the next Ch is going to be long