Tales Of Syphona Fan Fiction ❯ Aurion ❯ The Tower ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kratos and Colette went ahead of their group into the tower while a dark figure watched from a distance. He watched as they others shortyly followed them in coming. They took on notice in him, but in the fact Kratos and Colette were aready inside. Quickly, the figure threw sleeping gas at them, they would only ruin the plan if they were to continue. He supposed the Renigades would be there shortly, so he better make it look as if they were also inside. On his own, he moved them to the side of the building, now only awaiting the enemy. He knew he needed to be careful, after all, they wouldn't be kind if they saw who he was. As if on cue, he saw Bota and some of his men run up. He smiled under his cloak, this was too easy. The rouge swiftly went and unsheved a sword on his waist while he went behide Bota. Bota apparently saw him coming and readied his own weapon prepared to fight.
"You, you're not Lloyd, hmm... Are you working for Crusis?" Bota asked him still with his weapon.
"If I am? And what about it?" He said confusing the men with Bota.
"Don't play with me!" Bota yelled.
"Lord Yggdrasill will be very displeased if you were to pass, course all I am to do is to say I tried to delay you. All I need is for you to leave me a scar." He said coming closer to Bota.
"What, why are you doing this?" Bota asked hesitantly.
"For Lord Kratos gave me those orders. Do not let this chance slip by Bota. Stab me near a vital and leave me for dead!" He yelled surprising them all.
"What, why are you asking me to do that!?" Bota asked very confused.
"Cause, there are some people near by that will help me later, I will no die Bota, you know that..." He said as Bota caught on to who he was.
"Yes, I see, fine then." Bota agreed stabbing him deeply in his stomach and running into the tower.
"D... Dad... Don't... let me die...." The rouge said bleeding from his wound on the ground before passing out.

_____________________________________________________________ ______________________
Kratos saw the Renigades running in, he made it look like he was trying to stop them, as they grabbed Colette and ran away. When they did, Yggdrasill yelled so many hateful things out so that both worlds could hear.
"Lord Yggdrasill, have you heard from Lloyd?" Kratos asked worried.
"No, the boy was last heard from the PalmacostaRanch, he was following you, so he should be outside the tower." Yggdrasill replied.
"I see..." Kratos said going outside.

_________________________________________________________ __________________________
Kratos came out to see the rouge on the ground bleeding heavily. He walked over to him. The boy was still alive, but how? And why was in in this state? Who was he? Was what crossed Kratos' mind that second. Kratos first pulled down what was covering his face. He gasped when he saw it was his son, Lloyd. Quickly, Kratos started to preform healing arts on him.
"Don't die Lloyd..." Kratos said while the wound started to close.