Tales Of Syphona Fan Fiction ❯ Aurion ❯ A Spy!? ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
(Zelos is using a Kralan devise, like Lloyd's gem, to talk in the following with Yggdrasill.)

"Lord Yggdrasill, I've been watching Lloyd like you asked. He's been acting strange." Zelos whispered outside a inn in Luin,
"How has he been acting strange Zelos?" Yggdrasill asked.
"Well, he's been leaving to places, and not being found for hours at a time. He's also coming back with more scratches, and they don't look like a monsters claw." Zelos said.
"Have you asked him how they got there?" Yggdrasill asked, rather bored-like.
"Yes, he says that they're from training." Zelos said.
"How deep are the wounds?"
"Deep enough that they can't be self inflicted."
Yggdrasill paused.
"How else is he different?"
Zelos thought for a moment.
"He's talking more. Seems like he's keeping something from us."
"Is that all? what are you suggesting from that Zelos? I want to be sure before making a move on the boy."
"I think he's contacting someone and they went rough on him. He maybe a trader working with the Renegades." Zelos said.
"Hm, working for the Renegades, what proof do you have for that?" Yggdrasill asked, apparently not happy with Zelos' assumption.
"I saw him with a man resembling a Renegade."
Yggdrasill's eyebrow raised.
"Really? I thought he would change sides eventually.... The boy doesn't see our ideals..... I'm sending some people to take care of Lloyd. Make sure he's outside the group." Yggdrasill said before ending the conversation.

____________________________________________________ ______________

"Hey Lloyd, come with me for a minute!" Zelos said coming up to him.
Lloyd could see by how he was acting that something wasn't right.
"Naw, I need to do something." Lloyd said thinking it was best to be with the group than to stay alone with him.

_____________________________________________________________ _____

Later that night, Lloyd walked outside, feeling that something bad was going to happen. He quietly, went and sat on the roof.

____________________________________________________________ ______

"You summoned me?"
Kratos walked over to where Yggdrasill was.
"Your son is a trader."
Kratos stood there for a moment, stunned.
'Lloyd you weren't careful enough....' Kratos thought.
"Lloyd's just a kid, he may not fully understand what he's doing. Surely he's not a trader." Kratos said looking Yggdrasill in the eyes.
"I think he did Kratos. He was working with the Renegades."
Kratos looked at Yggdrasill, stunned.
"Lloyd isn't working for them, I'm sure of that. But whomever he is working for, they must have something that interests him." Kratos said.
"Well Kratos, he's your son, what do you want to do with him, the trader?" Yggdrasill asked unamused.
"Who gave you the information?"
"Zelos, the Chosen of Tethe'alla. He was vague, but he saw him with a Renegade."
"How can you trust him? I say we leave Lloyd alone until you have proof that he really is a trader." Kratos said trying to suppress his anger.
"Fine, we shall do that then." Yggdrasill said.

____________________________________________________________ ______

Lloyd looked down at his gem, it was going crazy, Kratos must really want to talk to him. He sat there on the roof for a minute before answering.
"Yeah dad? What did I do this time?"
"Lloyd, grab Colette and run, you're not safe anymore. Go to where Maxwell resides, stay there till I tell you otherwise."
"What why?"
Lloyd looked at the gem shocked.
"Lloyd, you've been found out. I've just made a deal with Yuin of the Renegades. We are going to stop Yggdrasill together. Yuin is taking Martel. We need you to take Colette and keep her safe." Kratos instructed.
"Okay." Lloyd said not truly happy with this.

____________________________________________________________ ______

"Colette, wake up." Lloyd whispered while shaking her.
"Wha... Lloyd?"
Lloyd put his finger to his mouth.
"Colette, we have to leave, I'll explain on the way. I just need you to go with me."
Colette looked at him.
"Lloyd, who are you really?"
"I am Lloyd Aurion, son of Kratos Aurion, the second in command of Crusis, the friend of the Renegades, and protector of the Chosen of Sylvarant."
Lloyd looked at her, trying to see her reaction. She seemed okay with the fact of who he really was.
"So Lloyd, why do you want me to go with you?"
Lloyd looked out the window, they were running out of time.
"Because, Crusis has found out I am a spy, they are after me. they're after you too. So if we don't leave, we're caught."
Colette looked at him for a moment, then out the window to see what he was looking at.
"We don't have much time! Come one Colette!"
Lloyd said giving her his hand.
"Okay! But you have to tell me the rest later!"
Lloyd then helped her outside and led her to their hiding place. Showing her his wings, she being he firs person he ever wanted to see them. That day he was happy, happy that he could actually have a friend, happy that someone could accept him and really mean it. He was happy because that day he knew he had fallen for Colette.