Tales Of Syphona Fan Fiction ❯ Aurion ❯ Sadness ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
group, with Mithos, went to an island southeast of Altessa's house to gather an information on Raine. She had suddenly left the group that night while they were sleeping. When they started to go in, Regal, a cnvict whom they had met right after meeting Presea, refused to go in. They then proceeded to go without him. They split up into two groups to talk to people. Presea, Collete and Sheena all walked up to a gravestone where an old man was.
"Alesia...! You're suppose to be dead!" He said backing away, looking at Presea.
"Alesia's my sister." Presea said shcoked by the sudden news.
"Oh, you must be her younger sister then, please. If you wish to mourn her, go to the top floor of the Lezareno Company. Give them this and they'll let you through." The man said giving Presea an employee ID. He then walked off.
Presea, Sheena, and Collete met up with the boys and they all went to the HQ. When they reached the top floor, they're was a great surprise. Harley, the man who was after expheres, was there talking with George, the man who gave them the ID. George was refusing to tell Harley where to find the expheres and Harley had desians with him. It wasn't looking good. Lloyd saw this as a chance to gain more of the groups respect. He took this chance by going behind harley and pointing a sword at his back.
"One move and I'll cut your head off." Lloyd said.
The desians looked at him. They didn't move.
"Hey, get this kid offa me!" Harley yelled.
Lloyd went closer to him, making the sword go to his back and make some blood come out. He then went next to his ear.
"Lord Kratos," Is all Lloyd said before he threw him on the other side of the building.
"I... I won't forget this." Harley said, while he and the desians left.
"Thank you." George said, his hand on his chest.
"Are you okay?" Sheena asked.
"Yes, oh wait, you're the girl I met awhile ago. Alesia's sister." He said looking at Presea.
He then explained what had happend to Alesia.
After leaving Altamira, and Regal rejoining them, they went with what they heard, and flew east to an island.There they saw Raine. When they reached her, they found themselves surrounded by the pope's knights, the Cardinal Knights. Quickly they defeated some, but shortly they were out numbers and fled into the other worldly gates, escapeing to Sylvarant.
The group soon found themselves near Palmacosta.
They then decided that they couldn't really bring Mithos with them becausse he maybe in danger. So the group decided to drop him off at Palmacosta so Neil could watch him.
After Neil agreed to watch Mithos (Lloyd was laughing in his head at him), Lloyd saw Mithos give Genis a special flute, one that Martel gave him. They then stayed tere for the night.
(That night)
Lloyd waited till everyone was sleeping. He then walked out to the beach near Palmacosta. He then contacted Kratos, whom shortly after, showed up.
"Lloyd, good you're okay." Kratos said relieved.
"Yes, Lord Yggdrasill showed up a couple of days ago, he's watching me." Lloyd informed him.
Kratos shook his head.
"Be careful Lloyd. Are you sure you weren't followed?" Kratos asked looking around.
"I checked their rooms, and I slipped sleeping potion in their drinks to make sure."
"Good, what about Lord Yggdrassill?"
"I made sure he wasn't aware I left."
Kratos nodded at him.
"How are you doing Lloyd? You aren't to strained are you?"
"No dad, I'm fine." Lloyd started smiling, "it's just I feel bad about deceiving the group I'm with. Heh, I think I'm actually starting to like them."
"Lloyd, remember, you cannot become their ally." Kratos informed him.
"I understand, Lord Yggdrassill told me the kill them as soon as they fully trust me." Lloyd told him.
Kratos looked out at the ocean.
"Don't, when our plan is done, maybe, just maybe, you will have them as your friends."
Kratos then walked off, leaving Lloyd on the beach staring at the water.