Tales Of Syphona Fan Fiction ❯ Hidden ❯ The Mysterious Woman ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5
How annoying.
Not only was the design covered in dirt and ash. But it also was the same dark color as the rest of the helmet. It's a little surprising Yuan even saw it, but half elves eyesight is far better than humans.
“Can you tell what it is?”
He glanced at me before going back to examining the strange symbol. “No… Ugh! Why the hell does it have to be the same color as the rest of the helmet?” He growled in frustration.
“It's hiding,” I mumbled.
“It's the same color so it blends in. It's avoiding being seen, but still there to express itself.”
It was easy to tell Yuan masked his surprise and realization with a scowl. “I knew that! It was just a rhetorical question.”
“Uh huh,” I said in a sarcastic tone.
Yuan opened his mouth to make a rude comeback but I cut him off. “What do you think it looks like?”
He glared at me before turning his attention back to the helmet. “I don't know, it kind of looks like a very badly drawn ampersand sign.”
I rubbed the symbol with my index finger, soon tracing over it. “Feels like… There's an `S' with a diagonal line going half way through it and another line against the left side.” I brought it a little closer to see it better. “Kind of like a--- “
“What do you think you're doing!”
Our heads snap up looking for the source of the unknown voice. We had been so concentrated on the design we didn't even notice someone approaching. Bad mistake. We spun around to find a cloaked figure standing on a large pile of rubble. Their face was well hidden by their hood, so we were unable to identify who they were.
Seeing our faces clearly the cloaked figure was taken aback. “Y-Yuan… But… So you survived.” The figure growled softly in frustration.
By their voice you could tell it was a female. I glanced at Yuan. “You know her?” Yuan shook his head. “Well she apparently knows you. And by what she just said she has to do something with last night's invasion.”
“Do you like stating the obvious just to hear yourself talk?” Yuan asked in annoyed sarcasm. I only `hmphed' at his remark. Yuan stood up and glared at the woman. “Who are you? Were you the one leading last night's attack?”
“And why should I answer to a lowly life like you? Go crawl back into the hole you came out of.” Her voice was cold as ice, but Yuan was not fazed. His scowl deepened as he took a step closer while taking out his Swallow.
“Fine then. I'll force it out of you.”
Oh great. I was hoping he wouldn't rush into battle and instead continue to argue for a bit. If played right we could have gotten more information. It would have been smart to avoid fighting at all since Yuan still hasn't fully recovered yet. But before I could stop him, Yuan launched into the air toward the woman. He brought the Swallow over his head and swung at his enemy. She easily dodged it and unsheathed a sword she had hidden under her cloak.
“Fool,” she went to attack. But Yuan was quick to react, bringing the other side of the Swallow around. The two blades clashed with each other. Yuan jumped back and got into his fighting stance.
Sighing, I decided to join the battle. I unsheathed Flamberge and carefully moved closer to the battle. Meeting Yuan's glance we both nodded. At the same time we charged at our opponent. I swung first; as she dodged Yuan came around with his blade. She caught it with her sword. But I was coming in with my second attack. I retracted my sword and lunged forward. She managed to dodge it but not without being hit on her right side. She let out a soft cry, warm blade beginning to soak her cloak. Seeing an opening Yuan twisted his Swallow to slash upwards. Just managing to escape Yuan's attack she jumped back, breathing hard. Yuan's attack may not have hurt her but it made a large tear in her cloak.
Noticing her identity was at risk she sheathed her sword. “You got lucky this time. It won't happen again.” Covering her face she retreated and ran off.
“Hey! Get back here!” Yuan yelled as he ran after her. She jumped down a small cliff and as Yuan and I looked over she was gone. “Where the hell did she go?”
“You're an idiot.” I said coldly, turning back to go home.
Yuan spun around to face me. “What? Why?”
“Why did you rush into battle like that? We could have found out more information if you didn't lose your temper. Think for once. Now we have to wait till they come back to attack us again in hopes of finding out anything. You dragged me all the way out here to figure out what happened and you completely ruin our chance.” My harsh tone even surprised me. Glancing back and seeing Yuan's expression made me suddenly wish I could take it back.
He opened his mouth to defend himself but found nothing to say so he closed it. “Sorry…” Was all he muttered?
I mentally winced, now I really regret yelling at him like that. Why I feel so guilty is way beyond me, he deserves it. But even knowing that doesn't help the guilt go away. “Forget it. What's done is done. No point in yelling about it.” Continuing my walk to the rheairds, I pointed to the helmet. “There's no point in sticking around here anymore so let's take the helmet and go home.”
Yuan nodded and jogged over and picked up the helmet. We mounted our rheairds and headed home. It was only late afternoon and I ached all over.
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