Tales Of Syphona Fan Fiction ❯ Sheena is a Punk Rocker ❯ 1) Warm Up ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Sheena is a punk rocker 
Her first gig.  
Her very first gig.  
Well, she shouldn‟t have just thought of it being hers, it was her bands. She wasn‟t even the lead 
singer, but it felt like it was entirely her gig. All she had to do was get out of class and she could 
run home, grab her bass, and head to the gig. She was never the best student, so not paying 
attention was normal for her. She twirled the pen in her hands, waiting for class to eagerly end. 
She wondered about the crowd, and if those older men would be there. How badly she wanted 
them. Either one of them she would kill anyone for a night for. Hell, she‟d want them both at the 
same time. When they peeked at her band‟s rehearsal a week ago, she eyed them like a lion 
eyeing their next meal. Thankfully they didn‟t seem to notice. As she was daydreaming about 
them, she didn‟t even notice that her class had ended, Zelos was already out of his class, and was 
sitting next to Sheena, waiting for her stop daydreaming. When Sheena came out of her fantasy a 
few minutes later, she noticed Zelos next to her and gasped  
“How long have you been there, asshole!?†Zelos cracked up “Long enough to know you‟ve 
been fantasizing!†Sheena rolled her eyes “So what if I was? You do it way more often than I 
do!†Zelos winked at her â€œBet‟cha anything y ou were fantasizing about me.† Sheena rolled her 
eyes again â€œGet real Zelos, I never think about you!†Zelos started to get up and out the door 
“After tonight‟s concert, we‟ll see about that.†Sheena sighed and smiled as she followed him out 
of the classroom. “I‟m gonna head to my apartment to grab a few things and then I‟ll meet you at 
the venue okay?†Zelos smiled “Sure, I‟m gonna grab a few energy drinks and head over that 
way. I‟ll see ya later then!† 
Sheena quickly drove home , shoved a tv dinner down her throat and picked out an outfit for the 
show. She was told to dress her best since this was her first, and everything counts. After she 
parked her car, she almost went in the front way. 
 â€žWait…Iâ&e uro;Ÿm in the band!‟ She thought with excitement and headed towards the back. “I saw you 
starting to head towards the front, first time realization huh?†Sheena smiled and turned around 
to find one the older men standing behind her. „Even more gorgeous up close…Ah! Shit! Say 
something!‟ She thought and& nbsp;rolled her eyes a bit â€œYeah I guess, but I didn‟t expect to see you 
here…uh…ya&n bsp;know…I don‟t even know your name…†He gave the tiniest smile and answered 
“Kratos is my name. But on campus it‟s Professor Aurion.†Sheena tilted her head a bit â€œon 
campus?† Kratos nodded. “That‟s right, I teach piano lessons there.†Sheena was taken aback a 
little, but smiled â€œWell, I guess I could be formal on campus, but only because you‟re making 
me.&a circ;€ Kratos gave another small smile & acirc;€œI would appreciate it. But don‟t you have a show to get 
ready for?†Sheena realize d that she had been distracted by him and her eyes widened. â€œOh shit! 

You‟re right! Uhhh, see ya later!†Kratos gave himself a small smirk and walked towards the 
front of the venue â€žLater…I lik e that…†