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Chapter 13: Revelation

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Just outside of Club Rouge:

Terra was on her knees and staring at the ground beneath her. Tears were flowing out her eyes with no signs of stopping.

" Why? Why Would Sonic do that? How could he abandon our relationship and run off with that bat? sobbed Terra right before slamming a glowing fist on the ground, causing a quick earthquake.

" Terra, there you are. I have been looking all over for you. What happened, did Sonic do something to you?" came Katie's Voice from behind her.

Terra swallowed hard and hesitated for a moment before answering," More like a ton of things. First Sonic went to this club, next he made out with some bat girl, then he slapped me across the face and ran off "

" I'm So Sorry Terra, said Katie with compassion.

The blonde earthmover turned around and stood up and faced her friend. Terra then embraced her friend in a strong hug and sobbed onto her shoulder.

* * * * *

In a high security Station Square Prison:

Scourge the hedgehog (now in an orange prison uniform) was sitting against a wall.

His face was filled with both frustration and sadness, unable to figure a way out of the situation.

" You have a visitor Scourge." called a security guard.

When the green hedgehog looked at his visitor, his face quickly changed into pure anger and he rose to his feet.

Sonic smirked at him from the other side of the titanium bars.

" You! Shouted the furious green hedgehog as he lunged out and reached for his blue enemy.

" Nice miss, loser. taunted Sonic as he took a step back.

As Soon as Scourge calmed down Sonic asked, " So how do you like your new body?"

" I want my old one back. What do you plan on getting from my body anyhow? asked Scourge.

Sonic replied, " The same reason I attacked Station Square to begin with, city domination. You see the people there love me now that I'm in your body. So now I can get what ever I want without having to do much work."

" Terra and my friends will find out and put you away! shouted Scourge.

" Actually Terra won't be anywhere near me anymore after what I did. stated Sonic coolly.

" What on earth did you do? Did you do what I think you did? asked the green hedgehog.

" Relax, I'm not that bad. I dumped her and I'm now going out with Rouge the bat babe. said Sonic.

" Why you little, I'll tear you apart! Yelled Sonic in anger as he reached out even farther, so he could strangle him.

Sonic was unfortunately too far away for him to do so.

" You have no power here' Sonic.' In fact if I'm correct you'll be receiving the electric chair within the next few days right." stated Sonic with a smirk.

(Im still going to name each hedgehog according to his body meaning Scourge is Sonic and Sonic is Scourge: If that makes any sense.)

Scourge hesitantly moved his hands back and stopped attacking, knowing that Sonic was right.

" Anyway you don't deserve to live your life, but I do. So now I'll take my leave. Farewell Criminal. said Sonic as he walked away from the cell.

" Oh and By the way, I will soon receive the key to this city and the glory that could have been yours will be mine." pointed out Sonic right before leaving the prison.

Scourge was about to reply but realized that there was really nothing he could do at this point.

'He's right, this is the end for me. I'd go and set things right but unfortunately I can't escape, security is too high. thought Scourge.

Just then, the bars on Scourge's cage opened and a few security guards escorted the hedgehog to one of those lunch areas for prisoners.

As soon as Scourge entered the room, a prisoner noticed his appearance and shouted, " Hey guys there's the hedgehog that brought us all here."

The rest of the prisoners turned towards Scourge and started to advance towards him, Storm with a fist in his other palm.

"Payback time, mwa ha ha. chuckled Jet as he positioned himself in a karate Stance.

' I can't talk them out of this can I? Even if they did believe I switched bodies with Scourge, nothing would change so here goes nothing. thought Scourge right before moving into a fighter stance.

* * * * *

At Terra's apartment:

" He slapped you Terra!? The next time I see that hedgehog I will send him to outer space! shouted Knuckles as he pounded his fists against the table, nearly breaking it.

" Knuckles calm down a little. Terra and I think something's happened to him. said Katie.

" Oh, he sorry Terra. But What do you think happened with Sonic? asked the crimson echidna.

" We aren't sure, but we think it had something to do with his battle against the green hedgehog last night. answered Terra (no longer wearing the jacket) as she was gathering cups of water for her guests.

" You mean Scourge? Did you happen to see any chaos effects during their fight? asked Tails.

The blonde served everyone their drinks and sat herself beside Tails, then replied, " I did see a green light and I heard Scourge shout Chaos control."

Knuckles took a sip of his water and then asked, " Was he using words like 'babe' and 'hot stuff?'"

" Actually he was, he also tried to...move really fast with me right before leaving. admitted Terra with a blush.

" But...doesn't Sonic run fast all the time? asked a clueless Tails as he was taking a sip of his water.

Katie then whispered something from across the table; Tails then accidentally spit out his water all over Knuckles ant Katie across from him.

All four of them sat in silence for a moment. The rock mover stared at the fox in surprise of his action.

Tails, with an animated sweat drop behind his head, placed a hand behind his head and apologized to the couple he spat on.

The twin tailed fox then turned to Terra and asked, " He really did that to you with out your approval?"

Terra nodded in response, not really wanting to repeat the moment again.

" This isn't good at all. said Knuckles as he was drying himself off with a napkin.

" Do you have any ideas on what happed to Sonic? asked the echidna's girlfriend as she too was drying herself off.

" I don't think that chaos control failed. I believe Scourge used it to transport himself into Sonic's body. stated Knuckles.

"He What!? Shouted all but Knuckles in unison.

" Look I know it sounds crazy, but Chaos Control works in many different ways. I was once a living chaos emerald myself. said Knuckles defending his case.

" As weird as that sounds, Knuckles does make a lot of sense. After all lots of weirdness has happens here in Station Square. added Tails taking a slow sip careful not to spill out any water.

" That is definitely true here. agreed Katie.

" So If Scourge is running around as Sonic then Sonic must be... concluded Terra right before gasping in horror.

* * * * *

The next morning at the prison:

Scourge lay asleep against a wall; his uniform was now torn up, mouth bleeding, messed up quills and bruised up all over.

Just then the hedgehog felt a quick, sharp electrical surge course through his body.

" AAA, Hey what's the big idea?! questioned Scourge as he turned to face the cop with a taser stick in hand.

" You have another visitor. You better not attempt any attacks this time or you'll get the chair as soon as she leaves. answered the cop right before walking away.

' Wait, she? thought a puzzled Sonic.

Just then Terra (wearing a white shirt, navy blue jacket and blue jean pants) entered the room and went strait towards Scourge's cell.

" Terra? asked Sonic as soon as he saw her face.

" Sonic! shouted Terra in excitement.

They both hugged each other the best they could through the bars for a good 30 seconds.

Once they released the hug Terra smiled and told him, " Oh Sonic, I've missed you so much. I'd kiss you if I could."

Sonic smiled back and assured, " It's okay. These lousy bars are in the way. But how did you know that it was me in this body and not my evil copy cat?"

"Oh, Knuckles figured it out. But you look Terrible, what happened. asked Terra noticing all of Scourge's bruises and rips in the uniform.

"This? I got in a fight with all of the other prisoners. On the bright side though I came out far better looking then they did, not to mention it's quiet here now. joked Sonic in reply.

Terra couldn't help but laugh a little at Sonic's joke then asked; " Do you know when you are getting out?"

Sonic lowered his head in shame and shook it.

" No one told you? The cops are supposed to let you know how long you are supposed to stay in this dump! shouted a now frustrated blonde.

" Actually, they plan to kill me in two days. I'm getting the electric chair. answered Scourge sadly.

" What!? Are you Serious!? asked a shocked Terra.

" I'm afraid So. I'm getting this punishment since I...he killed the President. said Sonic Softly.

" No! shouted Terra angrily, causing Sonic to look up at her.

" I've lost you once and I'm not going to lose you again! yelled a determined blonde.

" I wish something could be done. replied Sonic.

" Sonic, you and I both know that when there's a will there's a way. assured the rock mover.

" I've been thinking of ways to get out quite some time now. The only way I can think of is to somehow convince the police that I am really Sonic. suggested the green hedgehog.

Terra's face then brightened up and she smiled at her husband. " Sonic, I have an Idea that just might work."

To be continued

AN: How does Terra plan to release Sonic? And will it work? Find out next chapter, which I'll write ASAP, I'm off of school for a month so chapters should be coming up more often now.