Teen Titans Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A Hero's Decision ❯ Broken ( Chapter 12 )

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Chapter 12: Broken

Disclaimer: I do not own Sonic or Teen Titans Characters. Sega and DC own them.

At Katie's front door:

Terra( wearing a red jacket, blue T shirt, and dark blue jeans.) walked up to the door and rang the bell.

a moment later, Katie( wearing a green shirt with black short sleeves and black pants) opened the door and gently hugged Terra.

" Hey Terra, what brings you here so early in the morning?", asked a cheerful Katie.

"Well...I was hoping we could talk, about Sonic.", answered Terra sadly.

Katie invited Terra into her home and motioned her to sit by a nearby couch.

Katie then sat next to Terra then asked, " How can I help you with Sonic?"

" Katie Sonic has been acting rather strange.", answer Terra.

" How so?", asked Katie.

" First he made a chili dog for breakfest this morning, which he normally makes him sick, next he called me babe. Then he..."

" what did he do then?", asked Katie.

" He went after me if you get what I mean.", answered the blonde.

There was a moment of silence untill Katie answered, "...Oh."

Terra sighed then continued," Yea, Im not sure what to do about it."

" How long has it been?", asked the black haired female.

"It all started this morning actually. " replied Terra.

" Maybe he's going through an after effect of that battle he had with that green hedgehog.", suggested Katie.

" hmmm, that would explain why he didn't even talk to me last night after the fight.", said the blonde.

" I'm sure He'll be fine, after all he's Sonic the Hedgehog. He'll get over whatever's happened to him. If not you can always take him to see a doctor.", said Katie while placing an arm around Terra's shoulder.

Terra thought for a moment and smiled, " You're right."

She then hugged her friend and said, " Thanks Katie."

" No problem, Glad to help.", she replied.

" Wanna see whats on Tv?", asked Katie.

Terra nodded in agreement and Katie moved to abother nearby couch and picked up a controller and aimed it at the TV they were sitting by.

As Katie began changing channels she first encountered Barny and friends

* click*



Willard movie

* click*

The news with Sonic's face in the background.

Two reporters were also on screen, one male and the other female.

The male reporter then stated, " And to celebrate his victory over the he decides to 'Party it up at club Rouge this morning.'"

" Isn't he married to someone?", asked the female.

" He sure is but that doesn't seem to stop him.", answered the male.

" I wonder how his wife will take it. I sure wouldn't be happy with him if he were my husband."

Back to Reality:

Terra was staring at the tv, she looks as if she was going to cry.

The blonde rose to her feet and began to head out of the apartment.

" Terra?", asked a concerend Katie.

" * sniff* I have to go.", replied Terra as she opened the door.

Katie went after her but as soon as she got to the front door, Terra was already rock surfing away from the apartment.

Katie looked back at the TV and thought, ' Sonic, what have you done?'

* * * * * *

Club Rouge:

The club was full dancing teenagers. Multi colored lights were scattered all around.

The Black eyed peas Song " hey momma ( radio edit version)" was playing.

Sonic( with a black jacket and matching gloves and shoes) and Rouge were at a bar each with a glass of wine.

" So Sonic, enjoying yourself so far?", asked Rouge.

Sonic took a sip of his drink and answered, " Of course, I can't believe I didn't come here sooner. Has this place been around long?"

" For about a year now actually. But I just remembered, aren't you already married to someone?", asked Rouge, right before taking a sip of her own drink.

" Yea but things aren't exactly that great so I thought I'd have some fun here. Besides what she doesn't know wont hurt her.", said Sonic confidently before taking another sip.

" In that case, Would you like to dance?", asked Rouge with a smile.

" Oh Yea baby!", replied Sonic happily with a thumb up.

Rouge grabbed hold of Sonic's right hand and led him to the center of the dance floor, Sonic placed his hands were on Rouge's waist, and the bat danced in a seductive manner.

A Circle of teens soon gathered around the new couple, some of them cheering for Sonic as they danced.

As Sonic danced with Rouge, he thought to himself ' This is awesome, These people practically worship me. Keeping up this reputation has payed off so far. This city is pretty much mine to own as it is. Too bad that my friends arent around to share it with, oh well.'

* * *

AT the other side of The club, Terra was walking her way through the club. gently moving people out of her way.

As she looked around for Sonic, she saw people grinding with eachother. She turned her head the other direction, seeing a couple kissing.

Terra looked around the place with disgust written on her face.

' Why would Sonic come here? Sonic hates dirty dancing as much as I do. Did the green hedgehog do something to him like Katie said?', questioned Terra to herself.

The blonde continued moving through the crowd for 10 more minutes, searcing for Sonic.

She stopped and sighed, ' this is impossible, I geuss I should start asking people.'

She then asked female dancer and asked, "Excuse me, have you seen Sonic the hedgehog here?"

The teen ignored Terra so she tried again but this time louder, " Hello!"

The music was just too loud for Terra to communicate with anyone.

Terra then poked at her, the girl finally turned around to face Terra.

" Have you seen Sonic the hedghog?", asked Terra.

" Nope, sorry.", replied the girl.

Terra walked off thinking, ' what a waste of breath, wait maybe this guy knows.'

She poked at a guy and asked him the same question. The gut just upfront kissed Terra with passion. Terra immediately pushed him out of her face and walked off.

' So much for him, I'll give it one more shot.' thought Terra as he poked another guy and asked him the same question.

" He's over there * Points a pinger at the direction* dancing with Rouge the Bat...", answered the guy right before passing out.

" What!?", shouted Terra, who was both furios and sad at the same time.

* * * *

Sonic continued to dance with Rouge but now they have changed positions where Rouge was now facing her back twards him as they danced.

Suddenly a guy shouted out, "Kiss her Sonic Do it!"

This caught everyone's attention. The guy who shouted before then started chanting," Kiss her. kiss her kiss her..."

more people soon joined him and then even more.

The couple stopped dancing and lokked around to see the circle shouting. " Kiss her, Kiss her , Kiss her..."

Rouge turned to face the hedgehog and asked, " You wanna kiss."

Terra stopped her moving to see the couple staring into eacothers eyes.

" Don't Do It Sonic!", Shouted Terra. But the croud chanting canceled out her voice.

Just then Sonic went in for the kiss. the kiss quickly bacame a passionate make out session, both with hands roaming around eacother's bodies.

The croud cheered louder than before and Terra was absolutely stunned for a moment. Tears obiosly flowed down her face as she watched what was happening in front of her.

She then clenched her teeth in anger and began marching her way up to them. Her eyes glowed ane rock hands began forming around both of her own hands.

" SONIC T HEDGEHOG!!!", shouted Terra, so loud that everyone stopped what they were doing and the music stopped playing.

Sonic and Rouge stopped kissing and faced the furious blonde.

" Hey what are you doing here?", asked Sonic.

" You are coming with me!", shouted Terra as she grabbed his arm with her left rock hand.

Rouge walked up to Terra saying, " Hey you can't just..."

BAM!, Terra Punched Rouge so hard that she was sent through a wall.

Terra glared at the crowd with her glowing eyes and began marching her way out taking Sonic with her.

The earth shook a little with every step Terra took oiy of the club, causing everyone to make a clear path for Terra to walk across.

* * * * *

Terra walked Sonic out of the club and into a nearby alley.

" What are you doing here?! You've been acting strange since this morning.", asked an obviosly angry Terra after releasing Sonic from her grip.

" I was just having a little fun. You should too every once in a while jees.", replied Sonic.

" That is not just a little fun! That was gross dirty make out session with Bat-Skank!", shouted Terra.

" Yea speaking of which you pratically killed her! I was going to come home like nothing happened but you ruined it, what do you think of that you psycopath?", hissed Sonic as he pointed a finger at her.

" Why do you care so much about her? Don't you love me?", asked Terra as she began sobbing.

" Not anymore, im not evn sure why he...I loved you in the first place. You are just an up tight, crazy, stupid, crybaby who gets pouty whenever something doesn't go her way.", answered Sonic.

" What?!", hissed Terra.

" you heard me you little **** It's over. People here worship me. I can do whatever I want here without anybody questioning me. I don't need you!", shouted Sonic.

" But Sonic..."

" SHUT UP!" yelled Sonic right before backhand slapping Terra across her face.

" If you get in my way again, I will make sure to kill you and cover the evidence. Are we clear?", threatened Sonic.

Terra remained Silent as she stared into the hedgehog's hate filled eyes.

" Good!", stated Sonic right before superspeeding away.

Terra stood there for a moment, the tears flowed more.

She then fell to her knees burying her face in her hands and full on cried. No longer holding back anything.

To be continued.