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Chapter 11: The new Sonic

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the sonic or teen titans characters. If I did I would have made a crossover episode.

At the Station square skyscraper:

" Say Goodbye, Sonic the hedgehog!", said Scourge with a gun pointed right at Sonic's head.

Sonic kneed him in the stomach, causing him to growl in pain.

Sonic then moved himself behind Scourge and grabbed him by the back of the head.

" This is for killing the president.", stated Sonic in a harsh tone.

The heroic hedeghog then slammed Scourge's face against a nearby window, shattering the glass and causing him to howl in pain.

" This is for Knuckles.", shouted Sonic.

Sonic slammed Scourge's face against another window.

Sonic's hand began to bleed due to contact with Scorge's quills but he ignored the pain.

" This one is for...", Sonic was hit in the face by the back of Scourge's right fist.

Next Scourge grabbed the hedgehog from behind him and threw him into the building.

Sonic came crashing through a window on the opposite side of the skyscraper.

He fell to a lower level of the building and landed on a ledge, back first.

Sonic was now badly wounded. His mouth bleeding, his black eye worse than before. He was bruised up almost everywere, his Jacket even had some cuts from all of the glass he's gone through.

The blue hedgehog was unable to raise to his feet at the moment, the pain was far too great and his limbs were extremely tired.

" What now punk?", asked Scourge from above, who too was wounded but not quite as bad.

The green hedgehog's hands began to glow a lime green color. " Looks like I win. Your girl isn't here to save you this time.", shouted Scourge so Sonic could hear him.

Scourge jumped off of the building and aimed his glowing hands at the wounded hero.

' No, I can't loose not now.', thought Sonic.

Scourge continued to decend, now laughing evily as he came closer to Sonic.

' I have to get up, I can't quit now.', thought Sonic as he staggared to his feet.

He unfortunately fell back down. AS Scourge was only 50 feet above Sonic, the hero riased his palm toward Scourge as a last line of defence.

Right as Scourge was about to contact Sonic, he was sent flying high into the sky by a powerful wind.

Sonic layed there shocked for a moment. The blue hedgehog asked himself,' All I did was raise a hand, and a strong wind blew him away. Did some energy of the chaos emerald Scourge has sink into me?'

He then rose to his feet and told himself that it wasn't the time for questions.

The blue hedgehog then concentrated his energy and opened his palm towards the ground.

' I sure hope this works.', thought Sonic.

Just then the same powerful wind shot from his hand launching Sonic into the sky.

Sonic soon met Scourge in the sky and immediately began punching Scourge simotaneously.

The heroic hedgehog then performed a frontflip and slammed his right leg against Scourge's left shoulder.

The attack sent Scourge soaring down, slamming his back against top of the skyscraper.

Sonic landed on top of him and pinned him down.

" Game over Scourge!", said Sonic with a stern tone. He then raised a fist, preparing a strong punch for green hedgehog.

Sonic threw his punch, but Scourge caught his fist, smield evily, and Shouted " Chaos Control!"

Both Sonic and Scourge were surrounded with a bright green light.

A minute later, the light faded and both hedgehogs remained on the top of the building.

" Looks like you fail.", said Sonic with a smirk right before Punching Scourge in the face, hard enough to knock him out cold.

Sonic fished the emerald out of Scourge's jacket and placed in a pocket of his own.

As if on cue, three G.U.N military helecopters surrouned the hedgehogs, all pointing their spotlights at them.

" Sonic!", called out Terra from a distance. He turned to her as she flew twards him.

When she reached Sonic she jumped off her rock, onto the building and hugged him tightly.

" I'm sorry I couldn't help you out. I wish I found you sooner.", said Terra while still embraced with Sonic.

Sonic hugged her back and assured, " It's fine babe, don't worry about it."

One of the choppers decended to the building and two military men came out of it, grabbing Scourge by the arms.

Scourge slowly lifted his eyes and saw Sonic now rubbed Terra's back, Sonic looked at Scourge and gave him a smirk.

Sonic and Terra began kissing one another with passion.

Scourge glared at the couple and then fell back to unconciousness, too weak to fight any longer. The cops loaded him onto the helecopter and all of the choppers flew from the scene.

* * * * * *

The next Morning:

Sonic(who had healed himself using the chaos emerlad) and Terra(now changed into her Pjs) lay in their bed in their apartment.

Sonic slowly rose out of bed and yawned. He looked at the still sleeping Terra and then hopped out of bed.

The hedgehog then looked around his apartment and walked into the kitchen.

one by one, He started openeing droors and cabinents as if he had forgotten where everything was.

The blue hedgehog then heard Terra say," Sonic, the food's in the cabinet to the left."

First, Sonic turned to Terra, and then to then to the cabinet. " Oh I knew that.", said a chuckleing Sonic as he opend the cabinet door.

He found cerial, bread, and foods of all sorts, he shifted his eyes twards the food trying to figure out what he wanted.

He decided to go with a chili dog and he pulled out a hot dog bun and some chili.

Terra looked at Sonic with a puzzled expression as the hedgehog took a hot tog out of the fridge and started cooking the chili.

The blonde walked twards the hedgehog and placed a hand on his shoulder.

" Are you feeling okay Sonic?", asked Terra with concern in her voice.

" Yea why?", asked Sonic not even turning around.

" You never eat chilidogs for breakfast. They make you sick in the morning remember? ", answered Terra.

" errr...I thought I'd give it another shot.", said a somewhat nervous Sonic.

"Sonic? Are you sure everything is alright?", asked Terra once again.

This time Sonic turned to face Terra and smirked at her answering, " Everything is great, how can it not be with a hott babe such as yourself around?"

"Hott Babe?", asked Terra now really puzzeled.

" I... mean beutiful young woman.", answered Sonic, hoping she wouldn't be mad.

Sonic then slowly walked up twards Terra, ignoring the cooking chili.

He then carresed her face and planted a kiss on her lips. Terra was shocked at first but then slowly returned the kiss.

However, Sonic had other plans.

Sonic kissed her with more passion and started stoking her blonde hair.

He then snaked his tounge into her mouth and she gasped in surprise.

Terra began to accept the kiss but then came to her senses and she gently moved him off of her.

" O so you want even better. I can do that.", said a sly Sonic as he ran with superspeed and pinned Terra to the bed and began kissing her neck.

" Sonic. I thought we agreed not to go this far yet. Let's wait for a special moment.", suggested Terra while Sonic kissed her neck.

Terra moved him off of her once more and looked at him asking, " Please Sonic, can we wait?"

Sonic looked slightly annoyed but then let out a sigh, " Alright we can wait I suppose."

He then got off of Terra and went back to his chili, which had finished boiling.

Just then, he heard a police siren from outside, but chose to ignore it as he added chili to the dog he made.

" Sonic, Souldn't you be out of here by now? You know saving the City?" asked Terra, coming out of the bedroom.

The blue hedgehog looked at her confused for a moment and then said, " Oh yea, right. Outta here!"

With that he supersped out of the apartment, taking his chili dog and Chaos emerald with him.

' What's gotten into him?', thought Terra in wonder.

* * * * * *

' Whew that was way too close.' thought Sonic supersped in Station Square.

Sonic jumped over a few cars and across a busy intersection.

The blue hedgehog began to ponder,'I wonder, who do I have to save? hopefully someone willing to offer some serious cash for coming all the way out here.'

Sonic soon caught up with the police cars and followed them.

As Sonic was running next to one of the cop cars. The window was rolled down and the cop called out to Sonic saying, " There has been attack at Club Rouge..."

Before the cop could finish Sonic increased his speed and passed all of the cop cars.

As Sonic was getting closer to the club, He saw three masked men wearing all black. one of them pinning a female humanoid bat to the ground pointing a machine gun to her head.

The other two were gathering money and jewelry from the place, stuffing it all in a brown bag.

Sonic rolled his eyes and thought,' oh great, the three stooges are robbing a club and hurting a nice looking babe. I want to keep a good reputation so, time to do the whole hero thing I geuss.'

The blue hedgehog took another leap this time however he crashed into one of the thugs robbing the club.

Sonic slammed the criminal to the ground and threw a punch to his face, knocking him out.

The second robber pointed a machine gun towards Sonic and asked, " SO you are a wise guy huh? You may be quick, but are you faster than speeding bullets?"

The man rappidly fired Several bullets at Sonic's direction. The criminal then noticed Sonic was gone.

He began walking and looking around for Sonic. " I know you are in here. Come out and fight you filthy rat.", demanded the thug.

The man was gretted with a powerful kick on his back, causing him to crash against a wall, knocking him out as well.

Sonic crossed his arms and asked, " Was that fight enough for you?"

The blue hedgehog then went up to one of the knocked out thugs and took his machine gun for his own.

' Two idiots down. One more to go.', thought Sonic as he cocked the machine gun.

Sonic stepped out side and saw that the thug was trying to make a run for it, leaving the bat Knocked unconcious.

The thug ran into an alley, he stopped to catch his breath but he then felt a piece of metal pressed against his back.

He shriked in fear once he realised that Sonic had a machine gun pointed ho his chest.

" Get on the wall!", ordered Sonic. The man quickly obeyed and shook nervously.

Sonic then used his free hand to remove the mask from the criminal, revealing a sweaty pannicked bald guy around his thirtys in age.

" You know. If you were a real criminal you'd at least try to fight me. o well.", Said Sonic.

Sonic pressed the gun against the criminal's neck and was about to pull the trigger.

' No, as temping as it is Id rather keep this rep going so I geuss I'll just knock him out too.' thought the hedgehog right before hitting him with the gun, knocking him too unconcious.

Sonic grabbed the man by his foot and dragged him out of the alley and to the robbery site.

The cops finnaly arrived and Sonic quickly delivered all of the crooks to them.

" Here you go.", said Sonic trying to sound casual.

" Thank you Sonic you've done it again.", said the police chief shaking Sonic's hand.

" um...yea sure thing.", replied Sonic.

' What? No cash?' Okay if I don't get some reward, this hero thing is over. Wait maybe if I ask...' thought Sonic before being cut off by a female voice.

" Sonic, thanks for the save. Since no real dammage was done here I was about to open up the club. Would you like to dance?"

Sonic now got a good look at the bat and noticed her blck skintight outfit, her large bat wings, her pink heart shaped chestplate as well as her attractive figure.

' lets see, this might bring up some suspicians. A well since Im not getting any money I should get some kind of reward. Not to mention that girl is hott.', thought Sonic with a smile.

" Alright, lets go.", replied Sonic.

Both of them walked into the club together, preparing for a fun day ahead of them.

To be continued.

What has gotten into Sonic? What will Terra do about it?

You'll find out whats going on if you havn't already caught on.