Teen Titans Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A Hero's Decision ❯ Confrontation ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 10: confrontation

Disclaimer: Neither the Sonic or Teen Titans characters belong to me.

All of the villans and Sonic stared at the new company that has arrived.

'Terra, Knuckles, and team chaotix? what are they doing here?', thought Sonic as he was still shocked to see Terra in a hero costume.

"What are you waiting For? Rush em!", ordered Scourge from the white house as he pointed at Terra.

Most of the thugs rushed tward Team Chaotix and Terra, Jet taking the lead.

Terra jumped off of the rock she was standing on and with her powers, sent the boulder colliding against Jet and about 5 other thugs, knocking them all down.

Knuckles Glided twards them full speed, sending anyone in his path flying.

The purple Chamelion rushed tward Red X and both of them started battling with ninja stars as if they were swords.

the rest of the team followed and attacked any criminal in their path.

Sonic managed to break free from the thugs on him and knocked them out with a punch and an elblw.

The blue hedgehog then ran twards Terra, who just backhand punched Wave with a rock like fist in place of her hand.

" Sonic!", shouted Terra as she ran twards him and they empraced in a quick yet tight hug.

" Terra what are you doing here? And where did you get that awesome costume?", asked Sonic concerned.

Just then a small circle of thugs surrounded the couple.

Terra quickly raised her right arm in the air and a large Rock cage surrouneded them but outside of the thugs, it left small gaps so the couple could breath.

" I came to help you out Sonic. It looked like you could use the help. And Tails made thyis costume for me while we were away so I could do so when we returned.", said Terra with a warm smile.

" Wow... wait how is Knuckles fighting with us now and and how did you find the team?", asked Sonic.

" oh, Knuckles was found on the street and taken to a hospital whle we were gone. Knuckles also found the team and called me, he knew that I wanted to help you also so we all met up and well here we are.", answered Terra.

Sonic then noticed a green blur from a space between two rocks.

" Terra I have to go. Scourge is making a run for it. Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.", said Sonic right before kissing Terra's fore head.

Terra nodded and Sonic jumped out of the cage and ran superspeed twards the direction he saw the green blur.

Terra also spread both of her hands out and her hands and eyes began to glow. Just then her cage flew apart, knocking out all of the thugs right outside of the cage.

* * * * * *

Even at superspeed, Sonic was slowly ganing on the blur, which was moving almost as fast as he was, hopping over cars in his way.

' I have to catch him. He will not get away with killing off the president.', thought Sonic.

Sonic noticed the blur make a sharp turn to the right onto another street so he followd it half a second later.

The blur then turned left then right then left but no matter how fast or tricky the green blur moved Sonic mimiced all of the movements and was only yards behind.

'I have to go faster if I hope to catch up with him and I have to do it now!', thought Shonic as he incresed his speed.

The grren blur, Scourge, heard this and turned his head around to see Sonic gaining on him.

while running, Scourge pulled out two handguns, one from each jacket pocket. He then began rappidly fireing the guns at Sonic.

Sonic saw the bullets come twards him so he zigzagged left and right contimuously, dodging the bullets which instead hit cars, and sides of buildings.

The green hegehog growled in anger as he saw that Sonic didn't loose any speed, therefore he increased his own speed.

Sonic then summersulted on the ground and lept forward with full power.

Before Scourge could react, Sonic had him tackled to a sidewalk.

Scourge then elbowed Sonic in the Stomach, freed himself from Sonic's grip and Punched the ble hedgehog in the face.

Sonic quickly recovered the blow and threw a few punches of his own, which Scourge managed to block.

The green hedgehog jumped a few feet in the air and kicked Sonic straight in the gut, which caused Sonic to step back.

Sonic then ran tward Scourge and performed an gainer ( Back flip), Kicking Scourge up high enough to land ontop of a small buliding.

Right after Scouge landed back first on the building. Sonic jumped on the building as well.

" You arent going to get away with the murder you commited today.", Said Sonic with a heroic tone.

" Whats gotten into you? you havn't made a retarded joke at all like you usulally do. Oh well, I tried to do this the easy way but now Im going to have to kick your ***", yelled Scourge as he rose to his feet.

Both hedgehogs ran twards eachother at superspeed, ready to beat the tar out of one another.

* * * * * *

Back in the brwal at the whitehouse.

The blonde heroine, Terra, blocked oncoming Karatie chops coming from wave then she kicked the swallow high enough that she hit her lower beack, sending the her to the ground.

As soon as Wave was able to rise to her feet,. Terra summoned a bowling ball sized Rock ans sent it straight at Wave.

The rock hit her head on, sending her crashing inside of the white house.

Just then five thugs approached her, all with guns in hand.

Terra shot up a rock shield from the ground right before they began fireing.

Next Terra summoned a storm of dirt and sent it in the eyes of all of the thugs, causing thm all to shout in pain.

While the enemies were blinded Terra grabbed her rock shield with her powers and sent it twards the criminals, taking them all out at once.

* *

Knuckles was now punching thugs out of his path simotaneously, sending them flying as he went.

a thug aproached Knuckles from behindand grabbed on to his neck. The echidna elbowed the enemy hard enough to send him straight at another criminal.

Just then Knuckles felt a rather hard punch connect with the right side of his face.

The blow sent him out of the crowd and into a wall, causing it to crack as he collided with it.

Knuckles placed a hand on his cheek and saw Storm emerge from the crowd walking twards him with an evil smirk on his face.

The echidna removed his hand from his cheek and lept tward Storm, ready to Punch him.

Storm blocked the attack with his massive hands and caught his fist. The albatross then turned around and threw Knuckles back twards the brwal.

The echidna saved himself from landing on the ground by gliding quicklky and circling himself back twards Storm.

As soon as he was near Storm, Knuckles began punching the albatross simotaneously untill Storm hit his back against the wall Knuckles was on.

Knuckles then grabbed Storm by the chest feathers and slammed him twards the ground.

The echidna then noticed Terra, finnishing off some thugs by causing them to sink in the ground below them.

" Hey Terra!", Yelled out Knuckles.

The blonde turned around and saw Knuckles.

" incoming albatross!", Shouted Knuckles as he threw Storm at her direction.

Terra summoned a human sizes rockmade hammer from the Ground.

With her powers, she caused it to swing like a baseball batt and hit Storm back twards Knuckles.

" Back at ya!", replied Terra as Storm was now sent his direction.

Knuckles then jumped up and raised both fists in the air and slammed Storm to the ground, Knocking out the now badly wounded albatross.

" Great Job Terra!", compimented Knuckles.

" Thanks!", relpied Terra.

"Hey Knuckles, Are the prisoners free?", asked Terra.

The echidna glanced over to the area where the prisoners were held and noticed they were not there. He also saw the humanoid bee wave at them happily then stick out his right thumb.

" Yea, My teammate Charmy freed them while were fighting.", replied Knuckles

" Good, I have an Idea.", said Terra as she, through her powers, threw a large boulder at a group of three thugs.

" You do?", asked Knuckles right after kicking a criminal out of his way.

" Yes but you have to call your team back.", replied Terra.

" What do you plan to do?", asked the Echidna as he punched another few thugs.

Terra punched a thug twice and kicked another out of her way before answering, "There's no time to exlain. You'll have to trust me."

Knuckles hesitated for a moment, not sure on what the blonde was going to do but he nodded anyway, assuring his trust in her.

Terra then summoned a large flatter rock, jumped on it and flew away.

" Team Chaotix. Fall back I repeat Fall back.", ordered Knuckles.

in a few minutes all of the Chaotix members started running away from the area.

The remaining many thugs began to cheer and cuss out the team about how cowardly they were to leave.

* * * * * *

Ontop of a tall building in station Square:

A now slightly bruised Sonic connected a punch against his green rival and a second one with his other hand, sending Scourge stepping back a few pases.

Scourge Dashed twards Sonic and lept forward performing a kick in mid air.

Sonic frontfliped over Scourge avoiding the attack. The blue hedgehog then ran tward Scourge and wasabout to throw another punch at him.

The green villan caught Sonic's fist then grabbed onto his arm. He then spun Sonic around and threw him strait into the window of the building next to them.

Sonic crashed through the window and rolled across the floor, but his jacket prevented Sonic from any serious wounds.

people around him were gasping and staring at Sonic. Sonic looked around and noticed he's in a computer room.

As soon as Sonic rose to his feet Scorged rammed into him, grabbed him by his jacket and slammed him on a computer desk.

The employees of the building were now panicing. Some of them left but others couldn't help but watch the battle.

" I could have had this city ruled by now if it wasn't for you and that stupid little rock girl", shouted Scouge as he slammed a few punches on Sonic against the desk, causing Sonic's mouth to bleed.

The blue hedgehog was reaching for any object he could grab onto while getting pounded by his enemy.

He then felt a glass cup and slammed it against Scourges head, causing the hedgehog to howl in pain.

Sonic kicked the green hedgehog away from him, sending him to the ground.

Our hero then ran toward Scourge and was about to pin him down but Scourged kicked Sonic in the gut with one foot and sprung up on his feet.

Scouge then uppercutted Sonic, hard enough that he was sent across the room, nearly hitting the opposite window.

Sonic noticed Scourge lunging his body towards him, therefore as soon as Scourge landed on him, he flip kicked Scouge So he was sent crashing against the window and ontop of a taller building.

"Chaos Turret!", Shouted Scourge as large, glowing, lime green energy beam shot from his hands towards the now below Sonic.

Sonic lept toward, just above the beam, which blew a massive hole in the wall it struck.

Just before landing, Sonic threw a punch so hard that it sent Scourge to the ground.

Scourge rose to his feet once agan ,this time a lens on his sunglsses had been broken due to the impact of the punch.

The green hedheog tossed his now useless nightvision glasses off of the building and stared at Sonic with anger in his blue eyes.

" Why You little Freak! No more mister nice guy!", Yelled Scouge as he pulled out his guns from his jacket once again.

" That will be the least of your problems once I'm done with you.", remarked Sonic.

" Shut up!", shouted the grren hedgehog as be began fireing his guns.

* * * * * * *

Terra was ontop of a large building near the whitehouse. Slightly nervous about her next move.

' Come on Terra you can do this.' , she thought to herself as she watched Knuckles and the chaotix retreat.

' But what if I miss, what if the attack doesnt work.' thought Terra as she took a step back.

But then her face changed from frightened to serious as she thought,' No, Sonic wouldn't ever give up, and neither will I.'

Terra ran as fast as her legs would carry her and leaped off the building as far as she could go.

she then positioned herself in the shape in a cannonbal dive position and began to slowly summersult in the air.

As she continued her decent, tons of Rocks came out of the ground and from buildings and made a large sphere shaped barrier around her.

when she got closer a yellow flame tail formed around the large commet Terra was inside of.

* * * *
Down below: The thugs coninued to celebrate their victory but then Jet pointed at the large rock and shouted "Incoming!"

All of the criminals began to yell, scream, curse and pannic but it was to late for them to leave the area because the rock was moving faster than before.

The large commet collided with the ground and the rocks shot outward in all directions. Knocking out all of the criminals in the area.

As the dust began to clear, the Crocodile of the team asked, " Is she okay?"

" I'm not sure Vector. I'm just not sure.", Repled Knuckles, just as anxious.

"There's only one way to find out fore sure.", said the chamelion.

The dust had cleared and saw Terra standing with a smile on her face. She noticed the chaotix and waved at them.

The whole team began to cheer louldly and all ran to her and they gathered around.

" Good Job Terra.", complimented Knuckles as he gave her a hi five.

" Good? More like great." said the armadillo of the team.

" Thanks Mighty", said Terra with a smile.

Vector placed his hands on Terra's shoulders from behind and said, " Kid that was amazing!"

"Way to go Terra!" said charmy as he flew around her with his wings on his back.

" Thanks I appreciate the compliments guys.", said Terra, smiling about compliments and the fact that her plan worked.

Knuckles then noticed the chamelion was rather quiet and asked, " Hey Espio, what do you think of Terra's move?"

Everyone was silent and thely looked at Espio awaiting an answer.

After a moment of silence, espio gave a small smile and looked at her complimenting, " Excelet plan and execution Terra."

They all cheered for a moment but then Terra said, " I could'nt have done it without you guys, to team Chaotix."

She placed her right hand forward. The team understood what she wanted to do so they all placed a hand in the center and shouted, " Chaotix!"

Police sirens could be heard from a distance and the team began to pile the knocked out criminals.

Terra then remembered Sonic and ran up to knuckles tapping him on the shoulder.

"I have to save Sonic, could you and your team help out the cops if they need it?", asked Terra anxios to leave.

" We can take care of it, now go help out your husband.", replied Knucles without any hesitation.

Terra smiled at him and summuned a rock and flew away on it.

The cops arrived in the scene in many cop cars, choppers and armored vehicles.

* * * * * *

On Top of a building in Station Square:

Scourge continued to fire his hand guns at Sonic, who was 30feet away and speedily dodging every bullet Scourge fired at him.

Sonic then lept foward and threw a few punches at the green hedgehog.

The punches were blocked and the evil hedgehog countered by swinging one of his guns at Sonic.

The weapon hit Sonic, cauing him to loose balance. Scourge then placed his weapons in his jacket and charged at Sonic.

Scourge then performed a slide tackle. Sonic saw this attack coming and he jumped, but his jump didn't avoied the attack.

Insted Sonic landed right on Scourge's face, then he jumped off the green hedgehog.

" Had enough?", asked Sonic as he crossed his arms.

" No way. I'm just warming up.", replied the villan as he rose to his feet.

Scourge then dashed towards Sonic with superspeed scocked the hero across the face simotaneously and then elbow charged Sonic right in the stomach.

The attack hit hard enough to send Sonic's back against a wall of the nearest building, the Station Square Skyscraper.

Scouge immediately lept towards Sonic and pinned hima gainst the wall with one hand.

He drew out one of his guns with his other hand and pointed it right at Sonic's head.

" Say Good bye Sonic the hedgehog.", said Scouge with an evil sharp toothed smile on his face.

To Be continued