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Chapter 9: Devistation

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Station Square 8pm

Sonic stared out of his apartment room window, viewing thie city infront of him. Waiting for Scourge to strike.

He heard some soft footsteps behind him.

Knowing it was Terra, the hedgehog asked,"How could I be so stupid? I shouldn't have let the Ravanger take the hero role alone. I know I agreed to it but.."

Terra placed her hands on Sonic's shoulders and told him, " This isn't our fault remeber? It's theis Scourge person's fault."

Sonic sighed and and replied " I wish that was true but now that I think about it. This city is my responsiblity. I shouldn't have left it for so long. I shouldn't have let ravanger take over. I was so stupid."

The blue hedgehog lowered his head in shame. Terra felt a little sad too at this point but then she began massaging his shoulders.

Terra then assured," Sonic, I don't think anyone blames you. I sure don't. Even if the blame was on you, it shouldn't matter. you've saved this city so many times that you desrved the rest. But now all we can do is move forward and stop this gang once and for all."

Sonic raised his head, turned to face Terra( still wearing the T shirt and blue jeans from last chapter) and looked at her with a smile.

Before he could say anything a loud thunderous boom was heard from outside.

" I have to go stop him.", said Sonic as he grabbed a red zip up jacket from a nearby coat hanger.

Sonic put on the jacket but didn't bother zipping it up.

" Sonic?", asked Terra.

" Yea?", asked Sonic as he was now putting on his right shoe.

She walked up to him and kissed him on the lips by surprise.

a moment later Sonic returned the kiss and placed his right arm around the blonde's back.

They broke the kiss a few seconds later and Terra said, " I love you, and please be careful."

" I love you too sweety, and I sure will. " replied Sonic while gently letting her go, then running out of the apartment superspeed.

Terra watched the red and blue blur run across the city but then turned to the apartments phone.

She hastily walked up to it and picked it up right before dialing a number.

The phone from the opposite line rang twice and a young voice answered the phone.

Terra asked, " Tails, is the costume done?"

He happily replied" Yup sure is. Its ready to be picked up at my house."

" Thanks, I'll be there to pick it up in a few minutes.", said Terra right before hanging up the phone.

* * * * * *

5 minutes later: on the other side of the city

Sonic ran to the site of the explosion, which happened to be the whitehouse of station square.

people from all around were screaming, panicing and running all over the place.

He moved through the crowd, closer to the building and noticed the door had been blown off and the guards have been knocked out and replaced by two thugs.

Sonic then ran up to them. They both pointed guns at him but he kicked one in the gut and snapped the other's wrist, disarming both of them.

Before either of the thugs could get up Sonic, ran inside.

he ran through a hallway and opening a door at the end of the hallway.

A heavy set thug grabbed the hero from behind and held held his neck with one large arm. Sonic reached behind him with both arms and grabbed the thugs shirt and with a great deal of effort, Sonic was able to slam the thug to the ground infront of him.

Sonic then continued running through the halls, knocking out thugs as he passed.

A thug aproached him with a handgun pointed at the hedgehog.

Before the villan could fire his gun, Sonic grabbed a thug by the shirt with one hand punched him in the face with the other then looked at the door infront of him.

' There's the presidents office, Im pretty Sure Scourge is in there.', thought Sonic right before charging at the door and kicking it open.

Sonic was correct as he saw the green hedgehog sitting in the presidents chair with his feet rested against a desk.

" Well Look who finally decided to show up.", said Scourge cooly.

" What have you done to the Knuckles,the guards,and the president." ,demanded Sonic angerly.

scouge evily chuckled and replied," To be honest I left Knuckles to rot in the city after we beat the crap out of him, the rest of my troops are right outside killing off the preseidents helpless guards and as for the big man himself..."

The green hedgehog motionedhis head to the right and saw a sweaty nervous, bigger older man tied up to a chair with tape on his mouth. Ravanger was standing above him with a knife to his throat.

" Ravanger?!", shouted Sonic in surprise to see her like this.

The ninja woman coldly replied," Scouge and I here made a deal."

"But wHY? I thought you were going to protect this city.",asked Sonic saddened.

"If I do this last task for Scouge I can revive my father with a chaos emerald. Isn't that right Scourge.", answerd the Ravanger placing the knife even closer to the president's neck.

Scourge nodded.

" NO!", shouted Sonic as he ran up to Ravanger to stop her ministrations.

He lept twards the former heroine and and they crached through the window behind Scourge.

They both laned on the ground below. It took a minute for both of them to rise to their feet.

As Sonic got up he saw at least 100 thugs, including Red X and the Baylon Rouges with a circle of whitehouse guards and civilians, all with their hands bound.

Jet was giving out orders to kill as Storm snapped the necks of the prisoners one by one with his phonominal strength.

" Scorge is going to pay for this.", said Sonic under clenched teeth.

He was about to run twards them to stop the massecure but Ravanger kicked Sonic straight in the back, causing him to fall face forwad to the ground.

Sonic got up and tried to keep running twards the crowd but Ravanger grabbed Sonic by his jacket and pulled him lose to her so she had a knife at his neck.

" Looks like I win again. This is the end for you, Goodbye Sonic the hedgehog.", whispered Ravanger as she was about to strike.

Just then several loud gunshots could be heard from the preseidents office. This stopped everyones actions and Scourge came out from the office and shouted, " Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you the president of staion square! "

Scouge then grabbed the president's heavy weight body with one hand and threw it out of the building.

This angered Sonic more than almost anything. He wasn't going to allow Scourge to get away with this action.

He agressivly exteneded his right leg up, kicking Ravanger in the face, causing her to step back. Sonic then roundhouse kicked the ninja to the ground.

Sonic then lept twards Ravanger but she managed to kick Sonic off of her. The hero landed against a wall but on his feet.

Ravanger then threw ninja stars at Sonic simotaniously. as the came Sonic dodged them one by one as he advanced twards her.

Sonic then ran around her in rapid circles. Ravanger fell to her knees, gasping for air as it was quickly running out.

The blue hero then dashed twards the oxygen deprived ninja and began punching her furiosly. Then Sonic grabbed her by the neck and pulled her twards him and elbowed her in the head, knocing her to the ground out cold.

Once Sonic was assured she was unconcious, he ran tward the other thugs.

" Stop Right There you Freaks!" Demanded Sonic, not bothering to make any jokes.

All of the criminals stoped and Charged at Sonic.

" Let's do this!", ordered Sonic as he ran twards them.

Jet was the first to face Sonic, but also the first to be knocked down with two of Sonic's punches.

Sonic kicked an oncoming thug, backhand punched another, and he kneed a third thug. Knocking them down as he attacked.

A fourth thug swung at Sonic with a baseball bat, hitting him across the side knocking him down.

They all began to pile ontop of Sonic but then the hedgehog began to bassically breakdance on the ground, sending 10 thugs into the air.

Storm rushed into the brawl and jumped into the air, prepairing a body slam. Sonic saw this comin and rolled out of the way.

The massive bird landed on the ground and Sonic jumped ontop of him, slamming his head on the ground. the thugs then charged at Sonic who lept out of the way

Sonic then landed ontop of a thug then jumped onto another then he jumped ontop of Wave. He continued Jumping thug to thug for half a minute until a red X was hurled at him, cutting his leg and causing him to fall to the ground.

Red x then grabbed Sonic by the neck and then kicked him back to the ground.

the whole thug army then piled on Sonic and began beating up on him with fists and baseball bats.

As Sonic was taking the beating he struggled to break himself free but the onslaught wouldn't stop.

This looks like curtains for Sonic. There is no way out this time. he couldn't even lift a finger to stop them.

The ground started to shake violently and the thugs were thrown off balance to the ground.

" Leave him alone!", demanded a femaile voice. Everyone including a now black eyed Sonic looked at the source of the voice.

In their view was Terra standing on a floating rock, now wearing her costume which was a a brown leotard which exposed her legs and covered her arms.

She also wore matching boots. her loer sleeves, collar, and utility style belt were all lemon collored. There was also a mask around her face which covered her upper face other than the eyes, preventing everyone other than Sonic from identifying her.

She was accompanied by huminoied animals which included a large crocodile, a purple chamelion with ninja stars in hand, a small bee with a hekmet on his head, an armdillo with a tomato colred shell and everyones favorite Echidna, Knuckles.

The wind began to pick up and Terra's long hair began to move to the side.

" This ends now.", stated Terra in a serios tone.

To be continued

Authors note: okay so Sonic and Scouge didnt fight just yet but they will in the next chapter, promise

Oh and if you want a better description of the costume Terra's wearing, I submitted a new picture of it you can look at.