Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ beauty and the beast boy ❯ just a wish for him ( Chapter 7 )

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A/N: Okay first off I'm going to tell you that no I didn't know that Beast boy's original parents were in fact dead. I never knew that nor have I seen that episode of teen titans that explains that. Secondly in light of this fact this fic could be considered an alternate universe where just about everything is the same except that Beast boy's parents are alive and well. It's just that Beast boy was taken from them when he was probably ten or so and got `trained' to do what he did.

Chapter 7: The wish just for him
By: Dralan
It's about three P.M. and almost all of the titans were off doing there own thing. Robin in his lab trying to find out who or what was causing there latest problems in there fair city. Starfire sitting next to Robin watching him trying to find out who or what was causing there latest problems in there fair city. And Cyborg sitting in his workshop trying to invent a device for something that he thought would help them monitor the tower better. Beast boy and Raven have been in raven's room with Beast boy's mother discussing something that Beast boy never thought he would discuss with anyone for at least another few years…MARRIAGE.
Martha Logan on the other hand thought that her little Garfield was growing up so quickly that he should at the very least consider that he would eventually marry Raven. “Honey you and me both know that you are eventually going to marry this fine lady sitting next to you. In fact I would think that her parents would be very disappointed in you if you didn't.” Martha said with a cheery smile on her face, not even knowing that for one ravens mother is dead and two that ravens father (may the bloody bastard rot in the very bottoms of hell and actually hate being there) would probably feel the need to just kill Beast boy instead of having him as a son in law.
Of course after Raven and Beast boy explained this to her she frowned slightly and patted Raven on the shoulder. `Okay this is starting to worry me. You and me both sister…does miss login always act like that?…I hope not…hehe yeah its making me wonder if she is all there or not…don't say rude things about Garfield's mother, its not nice…yeah what ever. OKAY I GET IT . Would you all please stop that? Yes'em…' Raven thought as she sat there holding Garfield's arm tightly. While Garfield just kindof sat there stunned.
`Me? Married to Raven? That would be great and everything but…but uhh what would that mean for the team? I know its been a while since we have actually been called the teen titans but what would happen if me and Raven got married? Would we move? Would we just stay in the same room?…will you two ever have SEX? Or even think about kids?…WHAT? SEX? ME AND RAVEN HAVING KIDS?…YES OH UBSERVAINT ONE KIDS, LITTLE FEET SCAMPERING ABOUT THE HOUSE MAKING A RUCKIS THREW YOU IT AND YOU HAVING TO CHANGE DIAPERS AND HAVE TO CLEAN UP PROJECTIAL VOMIT OFF OF THE FRIDGE WHEN YOU DODGE IT. Mind you kids are not all that bad…Uhhhhh eheh yeah me and Raven together with little one's. that doesn't sound to bad. So says you Garfield Logan. Remember I have to go threw the pregnancy and give birth to them. All you really have to do for the part is be a kind donator and rub my feet and ankles like you do so well.' Beast boy turned to Raven when he heard those thoughts. `Raven was that you?…Yes what I'm not reading your mind I'm making sure the man beast does not do anything to my man…wouldn't dream of it dearest. I understand why I'm hear now and I'm going to try and help Beast boy here to be a very helping man to you. Mumble grumble grumble…What was that? Something about my cute butt and seeing if it can spread wide?…ok you two stop it please mom is wondering why we are not answering one of her questions.' where Beast boy's last thoughts before he turned to his mother and tried to at least understand what she was talking about.
About two hours later Beast boy came down to find that the other titans had also taken the time to decorate the titan hall for Beast boy's party. There were streamers everywhere as well as tinted lighting as well as the titans east sitting there with the others before turning to Beast boy and yelling out surprise like the rest of them. The party was great for Beast boy all the titans got him at least two presents as well as also opening the presents he had gotten from his family that was spread out all over the globe and couldn't be there.
He had gotten things for his moped from Starfire and Robin as well as a few books that would be of use for him, considering that one of them entailed things about mythical creators as well as some books talking about some alien creators from other planets that they thought Beast boy could shape shift into. Eventually the time flew by and the titans went to either there homes or there rooms. Martha of course went to her hotel after telling Beast boy that he should open the package that she had given him a minute later with Raven up in her room.
Up in Raven's room Beast boy sat with Raven next to him with said package in his lap. He opened it after Raven prompted him to. When the deed was done they both stared at medium sized box with an in graving of a forest on it. It looked to be almost like a picture was taken and but onto the box lid with every little detail accounted for. Beast boy looked up a Raven as she also looked up at him. “What do you think is in it?” Garfield asked as he sat there. Raven shrugged as the best answer she could come up with was to just open the box. Which they both did a minute later.
What they saw when the box was opened was first a little book that looked to be a very old journal that had Beast boys father's name on it. And when the book was lifted up they found twenty rings under it. All of the rings looked to be either wedding or engagement rings. They signified how many generations were in the Logan family. At least that is what the journal said after they opened it up and read the first few pages.
Beast boy set the box aside and wondered as to why his mother gave him this box. He did not know if there was anything important behind it or if there was anything that would help him out with the odd rings.
But he stopped pondering this as he eventually felt ravens eyes on him. “Garfield…I need to ask you something that I have been wondering about for a while now.” Raven said as she tried not to sound depressed when she would finally ask him. Beast boy nodded while also looking confused sitting there. The next second Garfield found that Raven standing and urging him to stand as well as follow her to the bed near the head board. She sat and laying against the pillows with her arms out stretched to except him into an embrace. He did so and laid his head in-between her breasts. The next thing Garfield knows is that he is in a dreamscape and Raven is still holding him to her but he is also being held by other Raven's as well. The one that wore orange lifted her head up and stared at Beast boy only to then ask him “I remember when you had passed out and were laying on the med-bay bed that you had so many scars all over your chest… Who or what did that to you Garfield?” A lot of the other Ravens laying there holding Beast boy looked up and muttered her same question only in different ways. But the few that didn't held Beast boy tighter. One impractical that had a gray clock and looked to be shivering slightly grabbed onto him tighter. Wrapping her arms and legs in an embrace that looked like it was going to crush bones. Beast boy smiled at this one and wrapped his arms around her as well. (I know what your thinking “His arms are able to wrap around twenty or so girls that are of ravens build? How is that possible” well he is mainly hanging on to the gray cloaked one and Raven her self.) she looked to be near a fit of hysteria. “I got them when I was taken from my birth parents. They are from all the…” He stops for a moment to look at Raven unparticular. “Times the slavers beat me for either not stealing or stealing the wrong thing…it was a very long time ago that the particular indecent happened.” his voice was starting to get rougher and rougher as he talked to them.
The Raven in gray looked up at him only to kiss him fiercely and whisper in his ear, “Do they still hurt?” Garfield smiled at the way she acted and kissed the top of her head while a tear or two escaped his eyes, “Only if I wear certain things. I can't wear anything anymore that has a rough quality to it. Like wool or fleece. I just rubs against them to much.” the gray cloaked Raven nodded at this.
An instant later Garfield opened his eyes to see Raven again holding him tightly. She also opened her eyes to see Beast boy smile at her. What she did next stunned Beast boy a little. She reached down and pull Beast boy's shirt off of him. Raven sat Garfield up gently as she pulled his shirt off. After that was done she took her cloak off and set it aside on the floor next to Beast boy's shirt. She looked at all of the scar tissue and those few that still looks like they still had not healed up right or at all.
Raven then made Beast boy straddle her legs as she bent and kissed the first scar her lips made contact with. She gently ran her tongue across that scar gently licking and kissing it. Only to stop as Beast boy gasped when he felt more of her skin touching his.
What no one really knew about ravens leotard was that it was made very thin but built strong. It was also designed to obey ravens mental commands when need be., like now when she wanted to have her arms feel Beast boy's body and not just her hands. The leotards arm sleeves pulled back and disappeared into the rest of the costume. And Beast boy felt more skin touch his own. He wrapped his own arms around her as well.
He started to rock back and forth as tears started to escape his eyes. He started to remember all of those times that he was whipped by the people who owned him before he was part of the titans. Raven also saw all of those memories played out in his mind and she started to quietly say to him, “It's ok my love…you have nothing to fear…those men while never beat you again…they are gone…your with me now and you are safe here with me…” during each pause she kissed and licked another scar on Beast boys chest. Raven held Garfield tightly as she kept this up one scar after the other. Raven gently nibbled in some places as she went on threw all of those scars, nibbling in areas that looked clear of the abuse he had suffered. When she nibbled in some of those areas Garfield gasped or moaned gently at what Raven was doing to him.
He eventually stopped remembering all those bad times. He didn't stop crying though, but that was do to the fact that Raven was doing this to him. And it felt wonderful to have the love of his life kiss away the pains of his past, to lick away his troubles from the pains that were caused from those memories and to nibble gentle in areas that she felt best would mark him as her own lover.
Raven eventually stopped after Garfield gently pushed her away. To which he quickly situated them both into a better position with her on top of him as he kissed her loving lips to only break apart again as he whispered to her, “I love you Raven Roth, and I want you to hopefully be mine soon…” he had to stop for a minute as he felt Raven kissing him fiercely and holding him tightly.

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