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And now are feature presentation
Chapter 6: A Life's breath
By: Dralan
Raven walked with Beast Boy down to the living room of the titan tower hand in hand. As soon as they got to the bottom of the stairs Beast Boy noticed that his mother was sitting on the couch next to Cyborg chatting him up. Robin on the other hand was sitting with Starfire at the alcove for the kitchen.
“Garfield, my son it is so good to see you again.” Martha said as her tail lightly swayed back and forth. Beast Boy came over to his mother slowly as Raven walked with him. “And I see that you brought your girlfriend with you too-”
“MOM, please don't I don't want to be embarrassed again. Please…” Beast Boy pleaded. Raven raised an eyebrow to this and wondered what was going on. `Okay, his mother either rubs things in a little to much or Garfield is over exaggerating something.' Raven thought as she stood there holding Beast Boy's hand in her hand tightly. `Yeah, it looks like G.L. is having some family issues as well… I'm prone to agree with Happiness on this one Raven he looks like he is about to either melt or freeze over… That's not possible Reason. A body can't melt and be frozen at the same time… Knowledge not to burst your bubble but it's a figure of speech… Okay ok I get it, I understand what you are trying to get at here but still his mother is making him shake bad and I'm not the one that is doing it… true, true but still shouldn't we do something about it? Yeah helpfulness is right we need to defend are manly man of a green bestial muscle and oh so nice firm ass. It just as that wonderful appeal that you just want to go and pinch it to see if it is even possible…' at that moment all the other emotions stopped saying anything when Beast Boy jumped slightly when he felt something try to pinch his butt. ( yes girls you can't pinch his butt… it is just all muscle there. Sorry (wish I had muscle like that))
“What was that?” Beast Boy asked quickly as he slightly jumped forward. He looked at Raven for a minute only to notice that she was staring off into space like she did when she talked with her emotions. `oh boy…Yes… Nothing just scared as to what ravens emotions will do… Meh nothing to be scared of… on second thought yeah your right there is something to be afraid of. God I hope they don't feel the need to come over here and talk to me… Uh I don't know if they can…Lets hope they can't and pray from there…Yeah some things are best left in my head. nod' Beast Boy quickly asked the one question on his mind for most of the three days that it had been since he had gotten the letter from his parents. “Mom what are you and dad doing here?”
Martha just smiled at Beast Boy and patted the seat next to her for Beast Boy to sit in. Beast Boy did so and Raven followed him, seemingly on auto-pilot at the moment. “Well Garfield, I came here to see you and your friends. Also so I could help celebrate my son's twenty third birthday.” Martha said as she sat next to her son.
At that admission ever titan there dropped there jaw. Beast Boy was turning twenty three and that also meant that he is the oldest titan there is. (if I didn't mention it before I'm saying it now yes Beast Boy is the oldest but acts the youngest. Oh and yes Raven is younger than Beast Boy I'm not saying how old cause that would be wrong.) “Uh Beast Boy you never told us you were turning twenty three we always though you were like eighteen or nineteen.” Robin said as he passed Cyborg a folded twenty and Starfire gave Robin a peck on the cheek while also whispering in his ear something about later and you winning.
“Yeah sorry guys it's what I got for shape shifting a lot. My body didn't age as fast do to the different life spans that I took on while being in one shape or another.” Beast Boy said as he sat there blushing a little.
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