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Chapter 5: Upon Goddess Wing's
By: Dralan
Now back to the topic at hand Raven just had her birthday celebrated with her friends and love. The only problem was that it was crashed by Slade. (you will have to watch the episode of that from teen titans) So this brings us back to where we first found Raven.
Dressed in her usual purple cloak and dark blue-black leotard. “Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos… Azarath, Merion, Zinthos…Azarath, Merion, Zinthos…” she kept chanting as she sat cross-legged in the air on top of titan tower. What no one notice about this situation is that Raven was starting to sweat profusely do to her concentration.
Beast boy started to open the doors to the roof of titan tower when he heard Ravens chanting behind the door. Quietly Beast boy opened the door to see Raven in the lotus position as she meditated in the air. `Raven… Why is she up here? No one is in the tower besides me and her…' Beast boy thought as he quietly went threw the door and approached Raven silently. Surprisingly enough he made it all the way next to Raven. He noticed that she was sweating by the bucket and that her entire back was damp, even through her cloak. “Raven?” Beast boy asked attentively as he placed his hand gently on her shoulder.
When Beast boy touched her shoulder Raven jerked towards him to then latch on to him as well. “Garfield…” Raven moaned lightly as her eyes snapped open. She fell limp into Beast boy's arms despite her grip on his shoulders. “I can't feel my legs…could you help me please?” Raven asked gently as she held on to Beast boy as if her life depended on it.
Beast boy nodded as he scooped her up into his arms and cradled her against him. “Not a problem Rae… But are you ok aside from your legs?” he asked as he started for the stairs of titan tower. “I mean you looked like you were there for a long time…and that you had not moved.”
Raven looked up from having her head buried in Beast boy's chest. “What time is it now?” Beast boy held up his watch as it displayed that it was about eight at night. “I guess I was there for about… six hours.” Raven said as she rapped her arms tighter around Beast boy's neck. Beast boy nodded at the statement and gently hefted her up as he past the door to her room. “Where are you taking me?” Raven asked as she saw her room door go by.
“I'm going to take you down to the kitchen and make you some supper and also get some fluids into you as well…Raven you didn't realize that you were sweating for about four or five hours did you?” Beast boy asked as he started down the stairs to the kitchen area. Raven just shook her head no and felt a little dizzy as she tried to sit up when Beast boy set her down in one of the stools.
About ten minutes later Beast boy had a mug of tea and a plate of food ready for her to eat. “Don't worry there is no tofu in it at all. And I made your favorite tea as well.” Beast boy said as he sat down next to her with a salad and mug of tea for him as well.
Raven turned to see what Beast boy had gotten for him self. What surprised Raven a second later was that Beast boy was actually drinking tea. The next thing that surprised her was that Beast boy actually cooked something with out tofu being used. “Garfield… Are you feeling ok?” Raven asked as she ate her meal. what she got for a response was a smile and a light chuckle.
“Yes I'm fine Raven, how about you though, everything taste all right?” Beast boy asked as he ate his meal as well.
Raven smiled as she bit into the steak before her. “Yes it tastes exquisite Beast boy…I just didn't think you could cook meat so well.” she said in between bites and sips of her tea. “I mean…I didn't think you would cook meat.” Raven said a second later. She finished her food and started to stand when Beast boy caught her arm to steady her out when he noticed her sway slightly. “Thank you Garfield…I still can't stand that well, but I think I can make it to my room.” Raven said as she tried to stand straight up again. This time Raven fell into Beast boy's lap. “Sorry…I…I didn't mean to-” Raven was cut off as Beast boy kissed her gently on the lips.
Beast boy smiled slightly as Raven stiffened a little in his lap. “Don't worry Raven I can take you up to your room…” Beast boy said after he broke there kiss. He scooped her up and sat her in his lap and quickly finished his supper. He cradled Raven in his arms again as he started off towards Raven's room.
Raven snuggled into Beast boy's chest yet again. Before Beast boy and Raven made it to her room, Raven had fallen asleep in Beast boy's arms. The only problem with this situation was that Raven also had her arms rapped around his neck tightly enough that Beast boy knew that Raven was not letting him go. So as Beast boy opened Raven's bedroom door he simply walked in, shut the door and sat down with Raven in his lap. Raven, herself, cuddled more into Beast boy and found a comfortable position with her head resting on Beast boy's chest. When Raven did that it made Beast boy have to lay down on her bed. `Oh shit…I'm going to be dead meat in the morning…I can imagine the chaos that will ensue when she gets up…at least this will be a good way to die, being held in the woman of my dreams arms. I just hope she wont be to angry with me when she wakes up…yeah me too…WHAT THE HECK?…what it's me the inner you Garfield, the man beast. I'm going to do what Raven said of course. Its just that I'm also going to help you out while I'm at it. She told me specifically not to try and take you over ever again. And to that I'm not going to do. But what I am going to do instead is be an inner voice of special reasoning. (yes children that kind of “special” and I bet you wondered why I rated this thing “R” too…)… Why? I thought you only wanted Raven because she was part of your territory…nope to be honest, even though I'm a part of you and you are a part of me, you still want Raven I'm just trying to make it fun. Besides, why the heck do you think that I had you kiss her hmmmm? Just for the heck of it and to watch things blow up? NO I did that so you could have something happy in your life besides those couple years with your parents. I'm basically your survival instinct, your desire, your lust, and your ever helpful guide to some of the reasons that be. Plus a couple other things that I just don't know the name for.' Beast boy's thought's and inner beast were battling slightly in his head as he lied there with Raven clutching him tightly and his own arms rapped around her as well. Beast boy quickly and quietly removed Raven's cloak and set it aside on the floor seeing as he could not get up at the moment. Eventually Beast boy fell asleep as well after another short talk with the man beast inside of him.
Then next day Raven awoke to find that Beast boy was asleep with her in the same bed the covers over the both of them, her cloak on the floor next to the bed, her arms (still) wrapped around Beast boy's neck as well as his around her body with a rather good grip. `Garfield…yeah Garfield.' Raven and one of her emotions thought inside her head. `What should I do…well for one why don't you tell him about terra hmmm? We all know that you don't really hate her or dislike her that much.' Raven mentally nodded at that notion. `Yes…your right about that…but I don't think Beast boy would take it to well if Terra came back and started to come on to him again. He might wall him self off from me and I really don't want that to happen…ok that is understandable but still it is only fair to both Beast boy and Terra that you tell Beast boy about what you found out about her and what you can do to bring her back to the both of you…alright I'll tell him as soon as he wakes up but…but I still don't want to lose him I love him too much to lose him and you know what happened when I lost something… yeah I remember knowledge remembers to. Still it is only fair for you to do that equal opportunity and all…alright, I said I would tell him and I will…good now go wake up you boyfriend and get this over with two loves should be more than enough for you for a long time.' Raven blushed at the statement one of her alter egos said.
Raven gently moved atop Beast boy as she tried to sit up. She also mentally decided that a bath was in order as she felt sticky and her leotard clung to her in an uncomfortable fashion. Raven stood up a second later after getting Beast boy's hands and arms unlocked from her waist.
Beast boy started to squirm slightly as his mental instincts kicked in. The first thing those instincts noticed was that Raven was not in his arms. The second thing was that Raven was not in the bed with him. The third, and last, thing Beast boy's instincts noticed was that Raven was near by out of bed with the sent of special oils, soaps, and shampoo's all around her. So with the mental instinct assessment completed Beast boy awoke with amazing suddenness to see that Raven was in the room and wearing nothing but a terry cloth towel and a smile.
Down stairs, however, Robin and Cyborg were sitting in front of the television playing a new game while Starfire was cooking something (normal) for all of the team to eat. “Robin…what is suppose to go into tofu pancakes?” Starfire said as she tried to understand some of the short hand that was in the cook book she was reading from. (I know she is smart and everything but there are some things that even normal people can't read…you ever tried to understand VCR instructions?)
Robin stood up from the game a second later and helped Starfire with the recipe for the pancakes she was making for Beast boy. About a second later Robin came back to the game he was playing with Cyborg only to stumble over the couch and land face first on the floor. “You ok there man?” Cyborg asked as he helped Robin back up and took notice of the lipstick still on the boy wonder's lips.
About a minute later the door bell rang. Robin and Cyborg got up and answered the door. “Um hello Miss…?” Cyborg said as he and Robin stood there looking at the woman like she had a second head. She smiled at both the teens as they stood in the door and just starred at the tall beauty. She looked to be like one of the Yakshi of the earth elementals. She stood at about six foot five inches with a long full head of bright rich red hair that came down to about the small of her back. Her body was one of a model that looked to be just starting out but had a good leg (buns and bust) up on the compotation. Her face looked to be smooth and flawless. But what really caught there eyes was her own eyes. Her eyes were a deep shade of caramel. What she wore was a nice green sun dress that came down to about her calf's.
“Hello Cyborg I'm Garfield's mother. He should of gotten my letter three or four days ago…is he here right now?” Mrs. Logan asked as she stood at the door. Cyborg stepped aside and let her in. As she walked in Cyborg also notice the long tail coming out of a hole in the dress near the small of her back.
Still up stair's in Raven's bedroom, Beast boy was sitting on the bed facing away from Raven as she started to change back into her leotard and cloak outfit. “I'm sorry Raven I didn't know that…that you were…were still changing…I…I…didn't mean to stair if I did and stuff and… and-“ Beast boy stopped talking when he felt Raven pressing into him as she wrapped her arms around Beast boy's waist. She turned his head to face her only to notice that he had his eyes firmly shut. Raven just smiled as she leaned forward to kiss him gently on his lips. “Open your eyes Beast boy, there is nothing to worry about…I'm not going to bite.” Raven whispered gently into his ears.
Beast boy opened his eyes to see that Raven was dressed in her leotard and that she was also blushing. “Sorry, I…I just didn't want you to be embarrassed because I woke up and you were showering.” Beast boy said as he looked away from her face.
Raven silenced Beast boy by kissing him on the lips. A second later there was a knocking at the door followed by the voice of a very worried Starfire. “Raven…Beast boy's mother is here to see him and she is wanting to talk to him immediately.” Starfire said as she stood at the door.
Raven broke the kiss she had shared with Beast boy and stood up dragging Beast boy up with her. “Come on Garfield we need to get up and get down stairs.” Raven said as she hauled Beast boy to his feet.
Beast boy stood up and walked with Raven towards the door. “Raven…I forgot that my parents were coming here this week for something… I just wish I remembered what it was that they are here for. The letter my mother sent said that she and my dad wanted to meet you and the rest of the titan's but I don't know it seemed like they also wanted to do something else to.” Beast boy said as he got closer to the door.

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