Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ beauty and the beast boy ❯ the power of a goddess ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: day in the life of a monster
By: Dralan
Last time on beauty and the Beast boy: She gently rested her hand on his cheek as she thought all of this. `Beast boy tell me what is wrong…and did you really mean it when you said that you loved me? I hope so Beast boy because I love you too.' Raven looked to see that the door to the room was locked and then leaned down to lightly press her forehead against his own.
As Raven pressed her forehead against Beast boy's she felt an infinite number of thoughts, feelings and emotions contained within the little green changeling. `Raven…help me… please…I'm sorry…if I hurt you…please don't leave me.'
The one main emotion that she felt within Beast boy was love. To Raven's surprise this love was directed towards her. `Why Beast boy would you love me?… I hurt you all the time…I-I cannot love anyone…I can't even have an emotion towards anyone with out having something around me getting destroyed in the process… So why would you love someone that hurts you…that is an emotionless shell… why?' Raven thought as she delved deeper into Beast boy's mind. What she got for an answer in return was most definitely not what she expected, but she still wanted this passion that Beast boy held for her.
Beast boy's mind responded with its own thinking and answers to her questions. `I love you…because I know that there is a loving caring person with in you…you're a wonderful being that I care for…you make me happy when you smile…your smile… it is like the sun greeting the new day after a cold winter storm…it makes me feel warm inside seeing you smile just a little.' Raven did a mental gapping of the mouth to that statement. She never expected to be compared so symbolically to something of such an important creation.
Raven started to get more emotional feed back from Beast boy and more thought's as well. `you can love Raven… when you were with that guy that you thought loved you, I still want to beat that guy into a pulp, your emotions didn't do anything…It was like a new Raven had come and when she expressed her emotions to other people they didn't blow up anything… Not even once while you were like that did your emotions do anything that would of hurt anyone… I have never ever thought of you as an emotionless shell… You express emotion's all the time no matter what you do…not to many people can notice it but I can…you're a mystery to me and I can't help but love you because of that mystery.' Raven raised a mental eye brow to that one but didn't take it here nor there.
The more Raven tried to figure out where Beast boy`s actual conscious had went, the more she went threw layer after layer of reasons Beast boy loved her. She came upon just as many reasons that Beast boy thought that Raven was more then just a friend and a team mate. One of those thoughts kept playing in her ear repeatedly almost like a mantra of power. `It's this mystery that I try to solve more and more each day…and its not just because I love you Raven, that's right I said that…me, Beast boy, a.k.a. Garfield Logan, loves you Raven, my wonder of life and gift to this world are loved by this insignificant little human changeling that is better at being an animal, that could hurt anyone in an instant, then human…' after Raven felt the emotions in those words she just wanted to hold Beast boy and set him at easy.
Raven eventually found the small battle taking place inside Beast boy. The only thing wrong with this battle was that Beast boy looked badly bruised and battered. She noticed not but two feet from Beast boy the beast inside his head ( you all remember that green beast that was Beast boy in one of the teen titans episodes right?). “GARFIELD!!!” Raven yelled out as she flew towards beast boy's beaten body. “Beast boy wake up… please wake up…come on its me Raven… wake up…” Raven sat with Beast boy's head in her lap as she tried to heal the damage done to him with her powers.
All this time the beast inside Beast boy just looked on at ravens antics. “Youghhhh… you arrrrre not suppossse…to be in here…” the beast said to Raven as she cradled Beast boy's head gently.
Raven just turned to the beast with death in her eye's. “YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DOES NOT BELONG HERE!!!” as she said this Raven powered up her attack that shot a pure blast of energy towards the beast knocking it to the ground and, in the process, left a long slice across the monsters chest.
The made the monster bellow loudly at Raven as it hit the ground. “DO YOU REALIZE THAT YOU ARE HURTING THE ONE YOU ARE INHABITING? YOU ALMOST KILLED GARFEILD BY TRYING TO GET HIM TO DO SOMETHING AGAINST HIS WILL. HIS WILL BEING MADE OF STRONGER MATIRIAL THAN YOUR ABILITY TO HURT HIM. BEAST BOY WILL NEVER LISTEN TO ANYTHING OR ANYONE EXCEPT HIMSELF AND HIS FRIENDS.” Raven roared at the beast as it started to get back up displaying the blood across its chest. She once again slapped the beast down with a wave of power, only this she chained and caged the beast. “You monster will never harm Beast boy again or so help me I will be back to make you regret it.”
All the monster did was frown at Raven as she turned back to Beast boy and picked him up to then carry him away. “What you don't realize Raven is that I am apart of Beast boy you can't kill me no matter what you do.” as the monster said these few words she turned back to the beast.
“And what you do not realize beast is that there are worse things to fear then death. Also I will deal with you if you try and get out of that cage.” Raven said this with the most calming tone that it felt like death warmed over talking. “Besides I know Beast boy will tame you to the point where I will not have to deal with you ever.” she said that part with the most tender lovingness that she could muster as she held Beast boy to her body.
The monster just nodded as it stared on as Raven carried Beast boy off towards his proper placement in his mind. “Garfield…you need to wake up…if you don't you wont be able to try the new game that Cyborg got.” Raven said as she sat next to Beast boy. She new that it was kind of corny to try with him but it had to work. She was not about to try other drastic measures unless it was bad enough to do.

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