Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Move, and You're Dead! ❯ A letter from Grandma ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Beast-Boy did all he could to try and stay awake without moving. It was really getting hot up there on that bridge.
“Beast-Boy… Beast-Boy. You must not give in now.” Copy-Cat said over the communicator. “We will be with you shortly… but you must continue to speak. Now carry with your story.”
Beast-Boy caught his breath. “I… I remember… What happened?”
Back to the story
A few days after the party, all was quiet around Titans-Tower. No criminals had broken out jail, and no new ones had even appeared. The titans were just picking up and going about their own ways.
Robin was in the evidence room, still looking for ways to beat Slade. While Starfire spent her time with Silkie in her room. To her Silkie was almost like a child of her own.
“Perhaps someday, my dear Robin and I will conceive a little Bongorf of our own to love and raise.” she muttered to herself.
Raven was meditating in her room. While Copy-Cat was in his own room, sharpening his Wolverine-claws. “Ahh… perfect.” he muttered to himself. “I believe not that have I ever done such an intriguing job before.”
Beast-Boy, and Terra were playing video-games in the lounge. “Dude… I am so going to get you.”
“Mmm… not if I can help it.”
Beast-Boy was just one super-punch away from actually beating Terra for the first time, when Cyborg distracted him. “MAIL'S IN!!” causing him to jump up, and lose his grip… and allowed Terra to score the winning hit.
“All right!” Terra leapt up off the sofa with her fist up high, and left Beast-Boy to slump down once again in humiliating defeat. “Dude… I was close. So close…”
All the titans came into the lounge to collect their mail. Robin got the bills to pay again, and Cyborg got his new addition of “Car-Lovers monthly.” And they still hadn't put the T-Car in it. “Yo' Man… what's up with that?”
Copy-Cat rejected his letter from Broadway. “I have told them several times over… I refuse to star in their “Cat's” Musical.” he said sternly. “I am a Prince of my race. I do not entertain in a variety of humor.”
Raven got her order of mediating candles, and Beast-Boy got another letter from the mopad people telling them to “STOP WRITING!!” and that his new motor-cycle would come when it was ready.
Raven looked confused. “You can change into animals that can fly, and you're getting a motor-cycle, why?”
“Dude… do you have any idea what the new sense of modern-travel is these days?'
Starfire didn't get any mail, but she did notice the bottle of. “Lemon-Fresh suds. Please, I wish to know what sort of beverage this is?” she asked as she drank the bottle until it was empty…. much to everyone's shock.
“Uh… Star… that's dishwashing-liquid.” Robin said.
Starfire let out a satisfying belch. “And it was marvelous.” The others all let out a huge sigh of disgust.
Terra however got something nice. A letter from her adopted Grandmother. The very same old-lady who looked after Terra when she was freed from her stony-state, and lost her memory.
It had been such a long time since she last saw her. It was at her and Beast-Boy's wedding that she was last seen before she moved down south to San-Miguel, Mexico, where she could live in the warm weather.
The Note read…
“My Dear, Terra…”
“It's been such a long time since I ever saw you, child. Despite the fact that we are blood-related, you will always be a granddaughter to me, and Beast-Boy… or Garfield as I'd rather call him, he can even be like a Grandson to me.”
“I've been having a wonderful time down here in San-Miguel, but feeling rather empty without seeing your face, and wondering how you've gone in your married life.”
“I was wondering if I may be allowed to actually come and visit you in Jump-City, and see how much has changed, and maybe even have a tour of your home.”
“Please write back soon, and I always will love you like my own.”
“Love: Grandma.”
Terra finished reading the note and smiled. “Maybe it would be great to see her again.” she suggested.
“Totally” Beast-Boy agreed. “and what better time… no bad-guys around.”
Robin thought about it a bit, and he supposed it would be nice for them to have a little company and brighten things up. “Okay… we can invite her.” he said.
Starfire leapt for joy. “How wonderful it will be for us to see our old-friend again.”
Cyborg nodded. “I remember the delicious pot-roast she cooked for the wedding. Mm-Mmm.”
Robin decided to send Beast-Boy to be the Old-lady's escort. He was to fly to San-Miguel the next morning, meet with the old-lady, then fly back by traditional airlines.
Terra would've been better off staying at the tower to prepare a guest room fro her grandmother. She lived with her, and knew her a lot longer than any of the other Titans had, and she knew all her likes and dislikes.
So it was settled.
The next morning
Beast-Boy bid goodbye to his friends, and an extra-special goodbye to Terra. “Please be careful.” she said to him. “Whatever happens, just come back.”
Beast-Boy smiled, and kissed her tenderly, for the third time. “Don't worry, babe… I've taken on the world before by myself. No one's going to stop me now.”
He kissed her one last time, and then. “San-Miguel… Here I come!!” he changed into Falcon, and took off to the skies… un aware that Jackie was close by on the shore-line and was able to hear him perfectly.
Then she met up with Jillian about six blocks away near a house with its own helicopter. “He's going to San-Miguel.” she said to her partner.
“Sweet.” Jillian sniggered. “That'll be the perfect place for the trap.”
“Yeah but how are we going to get there?”
Jillian already showed her the plan. She ha d wrench in her hand, and she pointed to the man was fixing up the helicopter. The man also had a radio playing so he couldn't hear the girls sneaking up behind him.
Finally… when the man got up.
BONK!! “Uhn…!” He was hit from behind and went out cold.
“Yo… wasn't that a bit harsh.” Jackie asked sternly.
“Aww… shut-up it was just a little tap.” Jillian answered. “Come on… lets get him out of here, and get going.”
The girls had actually studied a bit on helicopter flying after they graduated, and tried to use it to get into college, but sadly they never were licensed, and were rejected again by their selfish acts of popularity hunger.
They did manage to successfully take off, and plotted course to follow Beast-Boy. “Watch out you little-green-freak.”
“We got your tail now.”
The girls shared a sinister laugh each.
Outside the story
Beast-Boy carried on all he could. “I could actually… see… the chopper far behind me, but had I known it was them. I probably would've stopped them.”
“Yes… please continue, Beast-Boy.” Copy-Cat said over the radio. “What was it that occurred upon your arrival in San-Miguel?”
Beast-Boy was almost finding it hard to breath properly now. “Dude… this heat!” he moaned. “I…don't think… I can.”
“Friend… you can.” Starfire said. “You must be strong.”
“Yeah… even I want to hear what else happened.” Raven said and the she muttered. “I can't believe I just said that.”
Beast-Boy rekindled himself all he could. “Okay… okay.” he moaned. “Just hurry and get here. Don't; know how much more I can last.”
He rolled his eyes to look at the Generator by his feet, and he could still almost hear the ticking of the bomb under the road… only thirty minutes to go!