Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Move, and You're Dead! ❯ Trapped on the bridge ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The next thing Beast-Boy remembered, was when he got to San-Miguel, he looked around and asked as many people as he could where to find the old-lady.
Only some people only spoke Spanish, and he couldn't understand them, but eventually he found some people who knew English, and when he showed them all the picture of the old-lady he was looking for, he was given her phone-number and address.
When he made the call, the Old-Lady was ever so delighted to know that her invitation was accepted to come stay at Titan's-Tower. She gave Beast-Boy directions to her cottage, and Beast-Boy was off again…
Unbeknownst to him that trouble was lurking around every corner.
Jackie and Jillian had landed their stolen chopper in an abandoned field close to where Beast-Boy was, and even stole someone else car to help them get around and spy on Beast-Boy.
Jillian put down her binoculars, “Okay he's moving…” she said to Jackie. “Lets go.”
They carefully followed Beast-boy so he wouldn't see them. Then Jackie dropped Jillian off halfway up the lonely desert roads so they could start putting their plan into action.
Later on
The Old-lady sure had a very fine estate. A quiet little cottage in the warm fields, great view, and nobody bothered her. She invited Beast-Boy to stay a while she made her travel arrangements plans with the airport.
She couldn't fly back, riding on Beast-Boy. A woman of her age wouldn't be able to survive such a thrilling ride, and that was also why the T-ship 2 was also voted out.
Little did they realize however… that they were being pranked on the phone.
Outside, Jackie had followed Beast-Boy all the rest of the way to the cottage, and began to use her scheming ticks to rewire the phones, and pose herself as an airport manager.
“Something wrong Grandma?” Beast-Boy asked.
The old-lady scratched her chin. “That voice, it sounded almost too young to be a real airport manager.” she said. “But none the less, my flights all booked. We can leave sometime this afternoon.”
Beast-Boy nodded, and he placed his soda down on the window sill as he got out his communicator to report to the Titans that he'd be returning soon.
Yet… while he and the old-lady were distracted, Jackie snuck up to the window to put another bit of the plan into action. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small vile of clear, scentless, liquid.
She added the content into Beast-boy's drink, “Heh, heh… let's see you animal your way out this one, freak!” she muttered softly and the she ran off before being seen.
“So, I see you dudes soon.”
“Okay Beast-Boy… and be careful out there. Over and out.”
Beast-Boy then grabbed his soda and drank it all down. He let out a huge belch. “Heh… sorry about that.” he said shyly.
The old-lady smiled. “Are you sure you won't have anymore apple-pie, Garfield?”
Beast-Boy's stomach gurgled. “No, I think I had enough.” he said. “Besides, we should save the other pie to take back with us to the others. Terra really misses your home-cooking.”
After they cleaned up a little. Beast-Boy helped the old lady pack up for the airport, and the old lady had her own car they could use.
Finally they were off.
As they drove along the desert roads, Beast-Boy wished he really had his new mopad-bike. He could just picture him and Terra traveling along the roads… together.
“Gee… it sure it hot around these parts.” he said as he turned up the AC to high.
“Yes… but at least there's not much traffic out here, so we can go a lot faster.” The old-lady, and what a surprise… she SLAMMED her foot right down.
Beast-Boy held on tight. “WHOO-HOO-HOO!!” he cried for joy. “And here I thought you preferred it sallow and easy.”
As they sped up the road they could see a road-block up ahead meaning one of the two roads was closed to the general public. So they took the opposite road that had sign saying. “Bridge of San-Miguel. 200 yds!”
Suddenly, up ahead, they could see a young red-headed girl standing right in the middle of the road… with a pistol in her hand.
The car stopped, and Beast-Boy recognized the girl at once. “Jackie?”
“Yeah, Beast-Boy… fancy meeting you and the old-lady way out here.” Jackie smirked.
The old-lady recognized her voice. “You!” she snapped. “You were that person who I spoke to on the phone.”
Jackie nodded. “Pretty clever for a girl who graduated with low marks.”
Beast-Boy narrowed his eyes. “All right… cut to the chase Jackie. What do you want?” he snapped at her.
“Hey, hey, hey!” Jackie said. “What sort of tone is that to talk to a chick with a gun in her hand?” she asked rhetorically. “Now you're going to do as I say, Logan.”
Beast-Boy gritted his teeth. “Oh yeah… well lets see how you like this!!” he tried to change into a rhino and charge her, but something was wrong. He didn't change at all. “Dude… what's going on.”
Then, Jillian popped out from behind a bush with another gun. “What's going on… is that we're calling the shots now.” she said sharply.
Jackie explained to them that she drugged Beast-Boy's soda with a stolen serum used in pest-control. It reacted with his animal DNA, and made it so he was temporarily unable to change into any animals.
The girls got into the back seats of the car with their guns aimed at the two. “Hey, Jill… did you put all the roads signs back where they were?”
“Good… now, as I was saying. You two are going to do as we say. Now you're going to drive all the way onto the bridge. Now get going!”
The old-lady had no choice. So she restarted the car and they were on their way… Right into the trap.
Outside the story
Beast-Boy's was so sweaty under that sun, that it was almost making him look all shiny as if he was made of plastic. “Dude…” he cried weakly. “How much longer are you guys going to take?!”
“Take it easy, Beast-Boy.” Robin said. “We're just crossing into Mexico, we'll be with you in a few more minutes. Just keep going with your story.”
Beast-Boy rolled his eyes down at the generator by his feet, and the bomb was still ticking away under the bridge.
“Beast-Boy?” Copy-Cat called. “Continue with the end of your story. You were taken to the bridge…”
Beast-Boy closed his eyes. “Yeah… yeah… I remember. They were trying to get me to agree to divorce Terra and let her go from the team… but I wouldn't.”
Back to the story
Beast-Boy and the old-lady were on the bridge, and still being held at gunpoint by the girls.
“You're wasting you time.” he snapped. “I love Terra, and she loves me, and we're staying together. I'm not going to divorce her ever… and even if I was do you think I'd let her run off and join you two troublemakers again?”
The girls had taken enough of his badmouthing them. “All right, kid.” Jackie snapped as she motioned to a high ladder, which lead up onto a tall I-beam above. “If that's how you want to play it, Get moving! The old-lady too!”
The old-lady was quivering in fear.
“Look girls… whatever it is you want with me has nothing to do with her.” Beast-Boy said, trying to spare her. “You can do what you want with me, but let her go!”
“Cut out the hearts and flowers, kid.” Jillian said. “…and take this with you.”
She handed him a small silver-box with antennas on its head, and a red light. “What's that thing for?” the old-lady asked.
Beast-Boy looked ready to blow. “Why, you filthy--”
“Shut up!” Jillian snapped. “Now get up there, onto that beam. We would've had it all if you hadn't shown up at school and took Terra away from us.”
Beast-Boy and the old-lady made it up onto the beam, and the girls took down the ladder. “All right… now put that generator down in front of you, kid.” Jillian called up to them. “And don't try anything.”
Beast-Boy placed the box down near his feet. “What is that thing, Garfield?” the old-lady asked. “Never mind, Grandma.” Beast-Boy said to her. “Sit down over there against the support.”
The girls began to snicker. “You might want to explain to the old-lady… how se may cause a whole heap of trouble up there.” Jillian called.
“Is… is it a bomb?”
Beast-Boy looked down at the little box. “Well… sort of, I guess.”
“Yeah… sort of.” Jackie called to them. “We fixed the real bomb, right under this roadway. It's going to blow this crummy bridge to bits in a couple of hours… but that other box up there is just an extra present.”
“We're going to keep you two covered until we've left the bridge, and then you've only got to make just one move… and disturb the ultra-sonic waves from that generator and BOOM... the whole place goes up ahead of schedule.”
“We're going to switch it on by remote control.”
The girls… hotwired the old-lady's car, and climbed in. “So long!” and they drove up the road and out of sight.
“They're gone, Garfield.”
“Careful Grandma. Whatever you do… don't move.”
That pretty much covered everything. Beast-Boy had nothing more to say. It was all up to the titans now.