Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ My Protector ❯ FIRST LONG CHAPTER ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I sat on the curb, shaking from the cold my hands clasped together, water was dripping out of my palms and freezing on the ground. The cold rain dug into my skin.
The sides of my eyes got dark and I felt my head hit the cement and I was gone.
Red X was walking to his home when he saw a girl passed out on the street. "survival of the fittest" he thought and kept walking but then he saw a pool of water around the girl.
He walked over and nudged the girl. "Wake up, you can't sleep in the road" he said.
The girl shivered and tears began to pour from her eyes. Red X's attitude of only looking out for himself shifted, he felt obligated to take care of the girl too. She wasn't beautiful but she was helpless.
Red X lifted the girl up and carried her to his house. It was small, and dirty and no place to help her get better. He put her on the couch and tried to think of a place where she would be taken care of.
"the titans" Red X thought out loud.
I woke up on the steps of a large tower sort of building. A note was crumpled in my hands "ring the doorbell, they will take care of you X " I looked at the door and rang it once.
Someone came to the door, it was a boy maybe a year older than me. His skin was green and hair was too. He looked at me vacantly.
I opened my mouth to say something but my throught was dry and nothing would come out. I shoved the note into his hands.
"Wha-?" The boy said "One second" He ran away, leaving the door opened a crack.
"ROBIN! There is a girl at the door and she gave me this, I think red X brought her here!" Beast boy squealed to his friend on the large black sofa.
"Are you sure?" Robin asked
"look!" Beast boy said shoving the note in robin's face.
"Take care of her?" Robin muttered. "I'll go talk to her, don't tell Starfire about her or she will make us take care of the girl." Robin whispered to Beast boy who nodded in return.
Beast boy remembered the last time they took care of someone, Terra. And she ended up stabbing them all in the back.
I stood at the door. Alone and clutching myself for warmth. It was still cold and damp outside. I tried to moisten my throught but it wasn't working. I started to suck on the water that was coming out of my palms.
"Red X sent you here?" Another boy said opening the door, he was older than the first boy who had came to the door.
"I don't know who Red X is, I just woke up here" I said finding my voice and lowering my palm.
"We can't take care of you" Robin said plainly.
My teeth started to chatter. "alright" I said and began to walk away.
Robin watch the girl turn around and he saw crystal clear water dripping from her hands.
"Wait, come back." Robin said. I turned around. "What's on your hand?"
I looked in my palm, a shinning pool of water began to gather on the center of my hand.
"Diamond water" I said.
"You have powers?" Robin asked.
"I don't think so, it just drips out of my hand." I said and turned around again. But the world got darker and my knees got weak and the ground got closer.
Robin saw the girl begin to fall and ran to catch her.
Robin contacted Beast boy on his communicator to come help him get the girl to the infirmary.
"What do you think her connection with Red X is?" Beast boy asked.
"I don't know, he normally just looks out for himself… I wonder what is special about her…" robin pondered.
"Can you get Cyborg and Raven?" Robin asked Beast boy
"Sure. Should I get Starfire?" Beast Boy asked
"Not yet." Robin said he still wasn't sure if he wanted to let her stay with them.
Beast boy ran off to tell them and in minutes Raven, Cyborg and Beast boy were standing beside Robin looking at the girl on the white bed.
Cyborg took some scans and they did things to her and Beast boy and Robin just watched.
"She has powers alright" Cyborg said. "I don't know how powerful she is"
"She's really sick, pneumonia I think, the water coming from her hands is ice cold, I don't think that helps either." Raven said.
"She said it was Diamond water." Robin said.
"I'll check" Cyborg said "She's really sick, she needs to be cared for and we can't put her in the hospital because Red X might take her."
"I'll go get Starfire" Robin offered, might as well. He didn't want the girl to stay out of caution but it looks like she would have to. "STAR!" Robin called as he walked around the tower.
"Yes?" Starfire called from a closet.
"Starfire! What were you doing in the closet? I was looking for you" Robin said casually.
"You were looking for me?" Starfire asked stepping out of the closet.
"Yeah! A girl came to the door…" Robin explained everything as they walked to where everyone was.
"Red X?" Starfire asked.
"I think he left her here." Robin said.
"Robin, It is diamond water, pure ice cold liquid diamond." Cyborg said looking at a computer screen. "I gave her some shots, she should be waking up soon…"
"Diamond water?" Starfire asked
"It come out of her hands!" Beast boy said pointing to the girls hands that were draped off the bed hanging above buckets.
Starfire looked at the water and thought hard.
"that's legendary stuff" Starfire said dipping her hand into the bucket.
"I've never heard of it" Cyborg said
"There are stories about diamond water on Tameran. It can turn into anything, solid, gas, jelly.." Starfire giggled at the word jelly "It is always liquid first."
I sat up from whatever I was on, my head was still light and my mouth was dry.
"She's awake" Starfire said happily. "we were worried about you"
"How do you know Red X?" robin asked bluntly.
"I don't know him" I said
"He took you here" Robin challenged.
"I woke up on your doorstep" I said a little more defensively
"You were hired by someone to come here" robin said
"No! I don't even want to be here!" I said my voice rising slowly
"Then leave!" Robin snapped
"I will!" I said and got out of the bed.
"You can't leave!" Cyborg said putting a hand on my shoulder holding me back. "You don't know how to use your powers and your recovering from pneumonia"
"I can take care of myself!" I snapped.
"No." Cyborg said firmly putting me back on the bed.
"She works with Red X!" Robin fumed.
"Red X isn't a bad guy. He stays out of our hair, she's fine here.
Robin grunted and walked to his room. He still felt bitter to Red X for stealing his suit and alter-ego. He had to admit, it was cool to have a secret dark side.
"Its Alright, Robin doesn't like Red X much because it was robins suit that Red X wears now.
I nodded but still felt uncomfortable. "I've never met Red X in my life" I said quietly.
"Apparently He's met you" Raven said, she agreed with robin she didn't trust the girl much but mostly because of what happened last time they let a mysterious person into the tower. Rave handed my the note. "He signed it see, he was looking out for you"
"Oh" I said barely audible.
"I don't trust her either Cyborg" Raven said and floated out of the room.
Cyborg sighed. "They've had bad experience with strangers." He said.
"So lets see your powers!" Beast boy chirped in trying to lighten the mood. He didn't mind the girl and he didn't want to be her friend but that doesn't mean he has to be mean to her.
I lifted my hand and watched the water drip into the bucket. "that's it." I said bored.
"The water that comes from your hands can do more than drip" Starfire said slightly annoyed the power of diamond water was with a depressed teenager.
"I don't know how to make it do anything else!" I said scared of the girl, she didn't look very strong but there was an aura of power that I felt enveloped in.
Starfires eyes glowed and shot a star-bolt at the girl not aiming to hit her.
I brought my hands to my face and shut my eyes.
"Open your eyes." Starfire said. Everyone else had been to shocked to stop Starfire.
"Look what you just did!" Starfire said pointing to the sheet of hard clear materials attached to my hands. "Strongest material in solid form, a diamond shield" Starfire said pleased with her handiwork.
I flexed my hands and the shield fell to the floor in a clatter. Beast boy picked it up and looked at it. "That's Awesome!!" He laughed,
I did a weak smile and passed out on the bed.
"Oops" Starfire giggled.