Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 4

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Second test
Kite spends the next week and a half hanging out and practicing with the Titans. Finally a week and four days after Kite showed up on the Titans Tower Island Slade comes on the main screen in the Titan's TV/kitchen room.
Slade: hello Robin, good to see you.
Robin: what have you done now Slade?!
Slade: Robin, you hurt me who is the new addition to the team.
Kite: you don't need to know now do you!?
Slade: very well in two minutes I will have released Cinder Block, Jinx, Mammoth, Killer Moth and his daughter's boy friend Fang.
Kite, looks around at all the Titans and notices they all look really troubled by this news. Kite not being able to remember various things; don't know anything of these people.
Slade: oh and Titans, I have two new apprentices for you to meet.
Robin: Slade you-
Slade: well in 3...2...1... They are released.
A picture on the side of the main screen shows breeches at the prison and Slade just leaves with a casual bye.
Kite: I don't know him but I really, really hate him already!
Robin: they are heading for the old stadium.
The Titans head for the elevator except Kite and Robin turns around and looks at him.
Robin: final test, come on!
Kite: right!
The Titans arrive at the old stadium but there is no sign of Slade's minions. Out of the ground flies Cinder Block and punches Cyborg back into a wall and then Jinx comes out and uses her powers on the wall by Cyborg and it all caves in on him. Starfire flies up and shoots at Jinx but misses and Mammoth tackles her back down to the ground. Robin starts to run at Mammoth but is double teamed by Fang and Killer Moth. Super Girl flies up and slugs Fang with all her strength and he doesn't even get up. Robin pulls out his bow staff but it is knocked away by Killer Moth and then he kicks Robin in the chest and sends him into the ground. Jinx and Raven starts to attack each other with black energy and purple bad vibes. Kite quickly picks up Robin's bow staff and runs over to Robin and hits Killer Moth in the back of the leg and Robin does a spinning heel kick to Killer Moth's side and they finish with a jump kick Kite hitting his waist and Robin hitting his back right between Killer Moth's shoulder blades. He falls in an instant. Robin goes over and helps Starfire with Mammoth and Kite goes and helps with Cinder Block. Kite strikes Cinder Block right on top of his head but he turns around and slugs Kite right back over to a wall but Super Girl catches Kite before he hits the wall.
Super girl: geese, never take a direct hit from Cinder Block it will only end in pain.
Kite: thanks for the late info (faints)
Beast Boy turns into his favorite T-Rex form and tail whips Cinder Block right into a sonic blast by Cyborg. The last of the villain is Jinx and she is out numbered one to six. They all attack at the same time she dodges an energy blast by Starfire but was captured by a green black bear.
Slade: that's enough!
Robin: man Slade they are really losing their touch.
All the villains stand back up except Jinx and of course Fang.
Slade: first meet my second apprentice.
A teen boy with spiked up kinda light red hair jumps from the first row of seats and lands on the ground. Upon inspection they noticed the boy has a scar on his left cheek and has a head band with a symbol that looks kinda like Kite's but it is different. The boy has a fighting suit that is all black and has no sleeves, which made his hair looks like it is glowing. And of course he has the official Slade metal “S” on it.
Slade: titans my newest apprentice