Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 6

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

One starry night/ new beginnings
Two weeks later Kite still hadn't made any real recovery and Super Girl starts to feel guilty because he was hurt because he saved her.
On the top of Titans Tower.
Shera: oh man, why did he do that? I would have been alright in awhile. Kite, you idiot.
Starfire: night time is upon us, the lights are going out inside.
Shera: night Starfire.
Starfire: pleasant dreams.
??? I thought she would never leave.
Shera: who's there?!
Kite: it's me, don't worry
Shera: you shouldn't be moving yet come on I'll help you get back.
Kite: no, I'm okay. I wanted to talk to you.
Shera: about what?
Kite: my new problem. Slade can take control of me at anytime. He could make me hurt you and I would never forgive myself. Never.
Shera: its okay you beet his control.
Kite: no I just avoided it, Damien easily beet me and put the thing in me.
Shera: we will get it out.
Kite: no it can't, I realized if you tamper with it I'll loose more of my memory.
Shera: so what are you gonna do?
Kite: I'm, gonna leave….
Shera: ……
Kite: …… sorry
Shera: what, no you can't go, you can't, you just can't!
Kite: (looks away from Shera) I have to, I gotta find a new life.
Shera: if your gonna go I'll come too, you don't know your way around.
Kite: I know that Robin and Beast Boy found some clothes for me.
Shera flies into the tower and comes out with a new suit like Kite's old one. Kite puts the suit on and walks over to Shera. Shera's staring out onto the water.
Kite: I'm leaving as soon as you say good bye.
Shera: then you won't go.
Kite: huh, I thought you might say that.
Shera: (looks at Kite all teary eyed) because I never say good bye.
Kite: not good bye then.
Shera: yes, not good bye.
Kite: (kisses Shera's cheek while blushing) see you later then.
Shera hugs Kite and one single tear hits Kites shoulder. Kite lets her go and jumps from the top of titan's tower. Using his burning spirit he slowly lands on the ground and take a speed boat on the shore of titan's tower.
3 months later.
Kite stands on top of a sky scraper and stares into the sky. A teenager Kite's age wearing a green and black suit with a lantern symbol in the middle of his shirt walks up to him.
Kite: you think she's still waiting Ray?
Ray: (takes off his ring and cleans it) maybe, she might be, probably is.
Kite: you sound really sure.
Ray: what do you want me to say, yes she's been waiting every night for her knight to-
A girl in a suit like a cat walks up from in the shadows.
Ray: Kate we know you're there.
Kite: yeah I could hear you come up the steps.
Kate: really?
Speedy: (walks out from the staircase with Pyro) no,
Pyro: but we could smell your perfume.
An orange flash goes past Kate's face
Sonic: it does smell good though.
Kite is now known as Omni for his super hero name. Ray is obviously the Green Lantern teen form. Kate is Cat Girl daughter of Cat Woman. Speedy is Speedy because I don't know his real name. Pyro's real name will be Johnny, Flame. And Sonic is the Flash alter ego/ more mature character named…. Jason, Kais.