Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 7

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

New friends, old enemies
The night was calm until a bank explodes and Kite's new friends and teammates go to work.
A laugh that could make anyone want to cover their ears come from the fire and a man with green hair and bleached skin walks out of the building with a girl in a red and black checkered clown costume.
Speedy: it's a little early for Halloween, Joker!
Joker: well hello kitties, I have a gift for you, Holly.
Holly: yes, a gift (pulls out an oozy) I hope this is what you meant!
Speedy jumps behind a piece of the banks wall, Cat Girl pulls out a grappling hook shooter and goes on top the bank, Green Lantern makes a green shield and blocks the bullets for Kite. Pyro looks amused and raises fire from the ground and melts the bullets. Sonic runs up behind Holly and punches the oozy out of her hands.
Holly: oh so you're a fast guy huh (kicks at Sonic)
Sonic: (keeps dodging) over here slow mo!
The Joker walks up from behind Sonic and shoots sleep powder right in his face.
Joker: alright boys and girls let us go and the fast little monster keeps his face.
The Joker and Holly start to run away but from the top of the bank Cat Girl swings down and kicks Joker back into a wall and Speedy shoots a net arrow trapping Holly.
Speedy: well that was easy enough.
Joker: it's not over yet kid
Joker throws three bombs with a clown on them at the group and even though the Green Lantern made a shield it wasn't strong enough and the bombs blew Green Lantern, Speedy, Omni, Cat Girl and the unconscious Sonic back through a wall. Pyro on the other hand absorbs the fire and shoots it at Joker and Holly melting the alley which they tried to escape through.
Pyro: I don't think so!
A shot of ice flies at Pyro and it melts and what really hit him was a big splash of water. Pyro falls to the ground hurt from the water hitting his flaming body.
Joker: Freeze!?
Mr. Freeze: yes.
Joker: About time!
With that Joker, Holly, and Freeze make a clean get away and right after they were gone the fire fighter team shows up and puts out the fire of that destroyed the national back of Gothem City.
Pyro: (shivering) what happened?
Ray: we lost.
Speedy: no way.
Jason: this is gonna get interesting.