Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 8

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The anti justice league
After that incident Kite and the others learned of a new organization to destroy them and the Teen Titans. Omni, Cat Girl, and Speedy went to where the HQ of the new enemy threat was supposed to be located. (If needed to know this is about the time Terra joined Slade)
Cat Girl: this isn't exactly what I'd call a hide out.
Speedy: it's not like they need to hide.
Omni: ya, Mr. Freeze, Joker, Holly, Sinistro, and the street gang Black Death.
Cat Girl: why are those guys call them selves Black Death anyway.
Speedy: from what info I got the gang only lets seasoned black belts can join.
All-of-a-sudden the roof caves in where Speedy, Omni, and Cat Girl are standing. They hit the ground and quickly get up and are surrounded by a bunch of men with ether black belts or black head bands. A guy with a black leather trench coat walks to the front and pulls out a metal bow staff and twirls it above his head. Omni quickly gets up and take his cut off glove and throws them at the man to distract him. The man hits the gloves away easily and is hit back by a blue energy ball and the ball keeps flying around hitting all the gang members to the ground.
Speedy: good job Kite!
Omni: (panting) thanks, your, turn.
Speedy shoots four arrows above the gang members and they explode and drop nets on them.
Cat Girl: maybe your info was wrong?
Pyro: guys!
Speedy: Pyro?
Pyro: (panting) it, this is, a trap!
Lights turn on all over the place and Slade bots are revealed every where.
“Good job Pyro, I knew you were smarter than you showed.”
Omni: who is there?!
A teenager wearing silver and black armor with red orange spiky hair and a familiar orange mask walks out of the shadows.
Green Lantern: (flies through the roof) guys it's Sonic-
Sonic: I knew I should have hit you harder!
Speedy: you set us up?
Sonic: ya, sorry I didn't tell you (pulls out a medallion with an S on it)
Omni starts to shoot blue blasts at Sonic but his speed is too great to hit him. The Slade androids start to attack but two or three watching and monitoring. The Slade robots get to Omni first and one tackles him down into the ground and Omni kicks him off and punches right into its head. Cat Girl uses her reflexes and makes the androids around her destroy each other and finally wraps her whip around one's neck and rips its' head off. Speedy shoots an arrow into an androids chest and it blows up destroying many others. Pyro just stands his ground and finally ten android jumps at him at the same time and he turns back to being a human flame boy and melts all of the androids upon touch. Green Lantern makes an energy ax and starts to chop through the robots around him and then makes a mech out of energy and starts to blast through them with energy missiles and gun fire. After a few minutes most of the androids are defeated and the remaining runs back to Slade. Sonic runs at Cat Girl and hits her right up onto the second floor. Green Lantern tries to hit him with his energy machine but Sonic runs up to the head of the machine and twirls his arms around fast enough to make a twister and blows Green Lantern back into a bunch of crates. Speedy almost catches Sonic in a net arrow but instead he captures Pyro and Sonic runs up and quickly throws Speedy into a wall. Pyro makes a fire barrier between Sonic and Omni and Sonic picks up some rocks and throws them so fast into the fire they didn't melt and they rip into Omni like he wasn't even there. One rock broke into smaller pieces and rips into his right arm another hits and sticks in his hip and three more flew past Kite's face two putting an X cut of his face and the other just cut in his head band but didn't cut him. Sonic then does what he did to Green Lantern but caught Pyro inside of his own fire tornado. Sonic runs into the tornado and pummels Pyro until he fainted from pain.
Sonic: well I guess that's everyone bye guys (leaves)