Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 9

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Slade files
Slade sits in a room with all of the Teen Titans and the unnamed group Omni belongs to. Slade is visited by Sonic in a flash and files are dropped on his desk detailing the warriors he used to be a part of.
Slade: good, now leave me to my reading.
Sonic: yes, sir (walks away)
Slade opens up the files and starts to read.
Kite Navix aka Omni
His powers are inside of his hands. His ability is shooting blue energy balls or strait beams. He also has a fighting background and knows a personal version of Karate. His weakness' are his energy blasts take half a minute to charge up to fire one or more blasts. His other weakness is his confidence in his abilities. Strength 45, Speed 40, Defense 37, Accuracy 30.
Speedy other name unattainable
His abilities are his ability to fire many arrows at the same time in a very fast time. Speedy also has a well developed fighting style. His weakness is his arrows make him use all of them he will be helpless to fight with his hands. Strength 39, Speed 55, Defense 30, Accuracy 60.
Johnny Flame aka Pyro
He can turn his body to fire and manipulate any other fire in the area. Having turned into his fire body form he can also fly. His biggest weakness is water he is hurt quickly if hit by a burst of water. And his second biggest weakness is his do or die attitude beat him down quickly and he will loose his fighting spirit. Strength 44, Speed 38, Defense 35, Accuracy 24.
Ray Night aka Green Lantern
He has an energy ring that allows his to make and shoot things out of energy. He can also fly when putting his power around his body. His weakness is his reliability of the ring. Also when flying his power to do anything else is slightly weaker. Strength 40, Speed 40, Defense 37, Accuracy 20.
Kate Sheer aka Cat Girl
She has all the powers and or ability of her mother Cat Woman including the very good ability to use a whip. Has cat reflexes she can evade and attack ways normal people can't. Strength 40, Speed 43, Defense 20, Accuracy 20.
Slade: good now we can conquer both of those despicable Teen Justice groups!