Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 10

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Titan Justice
The Teen Titans are under ground after a heart wrenching battle with former friend Terra.
Cyborg: no more chances.
BB: she's just another criminal.
Raven: no more mercy.
Starfire: we must get her.
Robin: and we will, no matter what!
“Need some help?”
Robin: who's there!
Shera: I found them Robin.
Shera flies to Robin followed by Speedy and all the others. Green Lantern is the last one to come into the light with Kite hanging onto his shoulder limping.
Robin: Kite, you look horrible.
Kite: (wipes blood from his lip) so do you.
Cyborg: so why do you guys want to help us?
Pyro: revenge.
Green Lantern: to settle an old score.
Speedy: we want to.
Robin: that's good enough… Where's Sonic?
Cat Girl: he's a criminal.
BB: like Terra!
Kite: yes.
Kite walks over to Raven and says something to her while everyone else is talking to each other. Kite suddenly is covered in black energy and all the rocks in his skin start to come out finally after a full minute Raven stops and all the little and big rocks fall to the ground.
Robin: hey Kite, why do you want to help us?
Kite: if we fight Terra or Sonic I don't care, I want to fight Damien one last time.
Every one gets into a circle.
Robin: this will be it!
Cyborg: no mercy!
BB: it's all or nothing!
Starfire: failure is not an option.
Raven: they must be stopped.
Speedy: the final battle.
GL: we aren't friends anymore.
Cat Girl: so they won't be treated that way.
Shera: we have to give it all we got.
Pyro: everyone is counting on us.
Kite: we won't let them down.
The room grows dark and dark energy forms around everyone and they appear on the surface inside a black raven made of energy.