Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ Teen Titans Kite's story ❯ Chapter 11

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

This will start like the TV show. Terra is on a rock with Sonic under her with Slade androids and new types of androids.
“I am Terra, and I have done terrible and unforgivable things. I have betrayed the people who were known as my friends who gave me a home. I have sworn to fight by the side of an evil man forever. My name is Terra and I have done terrible things and, I don't regret any of them.”
Terra continues to fly on the rock and passes a pizza parlor and a memory of have fun with the Teen Titans. She flies past a bunch of department stores and another memory of laughing with Beast Boy in a park.
Terra: it's quiet.
Slade: (through her ear piece) get used to it this is just the first city.
Terra: I know.
A green and blue beam destroys the rock Terra was on.
Slade: apprentice what happened?!
Terra: I don't know.
Sonic runs up but is hit into a wall by a giant green hammer. Terra starts to panic and she is suddenly hit by a beam from Cyborg's cannon. Terra falls back and is hit by Robin. She skids forward and is punched in the gut by Super Girl. Sonic stands back up and is hit by an inferno of fire. Sonic runs from the fire and is suddenly hit by an arrow with a boxing glove on it. Terra tries to run away but is hit by a bus and it explodes. Terra is hit by a wolf and falls back to the ground again.
Terra: Beast Boy, don't you wanna talk.
BB: (stays as a wolf and starts to growl)
Cyborg: there's nothing to talk about.
Starfire: you tried to destroy us.
Raven: did you think we wouldn't take it personally?
The fog goes away revealing the Titans and the newly named Knights.
Robin runs to her but it hit by a rock, while Terra tries to take off Cyborg rams into her and she goes skidding. Terra gets back up and starts to launch rocks at Starfire but she breaks through all of them with just her eye beams and then hits Terra with her star bolts.
Terra: Slade, help me!
Slade: I can help you but you must stand and fight!
Slade androids start to come after the Titans and Terra runs away into an ally way.
Slade: what are you doing apprentice stay and fight!
Terra: but I can't do this alone!
Slade: my dear, you are never alone.
Plasmas, Cinder Block and High Wire shows up through the ground and start to form together. Meanwhile Pyro has Sonic trapped in a circle of fire and Omni throws an energy bomb into the circle and in a flash even the fire disappears and Sonic hits the ground his armor in shambles.
Kite: Kate now!
Cat Girl runs up and ties her whip around Sonics legs and ties him to the top of a street lamp post.
Speedy: now to help the Titans with-
The monsters finish fusing together and for a hideous monster. Cyborg, Starfire and Raven start to fire blasts at the beast but Cyborg is hit away. Cyborg gets up and a new type of android is right next to him. Cyborg punches into its chest and pulls out its energy reactor and throws it at the Slade androids and destroys them all. Another android grabs Cyborg and is about to blast him in the head but a T-Rex eats the robot.
BB: where's Terra!?
Cyborg: what a giant Frankenstein thing isn't enough for you?
Beast Boy turns into a gorilla and breaks the last of the androids in two and walks away leaving Cyborg wide eyed. Meanwhile the others are still fighting the thing. Starfire flies through it, while Omni runs up and launches a blast into its head and Robin throws a flash disk at its face and Speedy shoots an ice arrow at it and freeze the things entire body. Robin jumps up onto its back and plants a mine on it and then jumps off. Still being made of ice the mine blows it to pieces.
Cyborg: where's Beast Boy?
Robin: (pulls out his Titan communicator) 2 miles north and 50 feet under ground!?
Terra runs into Slade's new hide out.
Terra: I made it I'm alive.
Slade: why didn't you fight?
Terra: come on I was getting thrashed.
Slade: not nearly as bad as you will now.
Slade starts to mercilessly beat Terra and even break some of her armor off.
Terra: forget it I'm done I don't want to fight!
Slade: you will fight, it's too late.
Terra: (starts to pull on her armor) but it isn't too late to leave this!
Slade: you won't get that suit off its connected with you skin and nervous system.
Terra: no!
Slade: you said you would fight for me forever.
Terra starts to get electrified and she can't control her body. Meanwhile wolf Beast Boy has tracked Terra sent down into a tunnel and he then turns into a rat and disconnects a camera. Beast Boy walks down the tunnel until he finds a giant door and turns into a mammoth and rams it down. Beast Boy hears Terra crying and runs to her.
BB: Terra?
Terra: please Beast Boy you have to kill me!
BB: but, why?
Slade: this is why.
Slade makes Terra blast Beast Boy back with her power. Terra flies up on a rock and Beast Boy turns back into a wolf and tries to attack Slade and is hit back by a flying bolder. Terra starts trying to hit Beast Boy with rocks but Beast Boy keeps changing into different animals and dodging the attack until Beast Boy turns into a gorilla and tackles Terra off her rock and pins her down.
BB: Terra stop it!
Terra: I can't he's stronger than me; he has complete control of my powers.
Terra blasts Beast Boy off her and starts to throw more rocks but this time he can't dodge in time and his foot gets trapped under a rock. Terra walks up to him and puts her hand up and it starts to glow yellow.
BB: Terra, no.
Terra: I'm sorry Beast Boy he's stronger than me.
BB: no he's not, these are your powers not Slades, fight it.
Terra: I'm sorry.
Five rocks form into one big rock with a pointed end. All of a sudden the other Titans show up.
Raven: (hands are surrounded with dark energy) that will be the last thing you ever do!
Cyborg: don't do it Terra, don't.
Robin: fight it!
Starfire: please.
BB: (just drops his head)
Terra throws the rock at Slade and starts to hit Slade over and over again with rocks until she knocks him off a cliff. She slowly walks over but Slade jumps out and spin kicks Terra down and Slade picks her up by her neck.
Terra: I'm in control not you!
Terra's hair starts to rise up and her eyes start to glow pure yellow and she lets out a blast that shakes the entire cave and when the light goes away Slade is gone and Terra is on a floating rock. Suddenly the cave starts to shake and magma shoots out of the ground.
Cyborg: Terra's power activated a volcano!
Robin: it's big enough to take out the city!
The titans start to run away but BB and Terra
BB: Terra, come on!
Terra: I can stop it.
BB: Terra no it's too late!
Terra: it's never too late.
Beast Boy and Terra hug each other and Beast Boy turns around and starts to run but turns back to Terra and runs to her and stops in his tracks and kisses her on the lips and together enjoy their final moment together. Terra puts BB on a rock and sends him away.
Terra: thank you Beast Boy.
She starts to charge up and in a flash every thing the lava and Terra turn into stone.
Two days later the Titans go to the cave and Starfire puts down roses and BB puts a piece of rock like a tombstone that said.
A good friend
A true Teen Titan
(BB's voice)
Her name was Terra she was gifted with great power, and cursed with it as well. She had done horrible things in her life and many wonderful things. Terra will never be forgotten. I will never forget.