Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Boy From The Beast ❯ A Nightmare come true ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“TITANS, GO…!” shouted Robin as he and his team chased Slade through the dark streets of Jump-City. “Man…! Why can't he ever do this the easy way?” said Cyborg.
The Titans chased Slade through the city, and into the desert-valley outside of town. “How very smart…” Slade mocked the heroes. “Chasing me out into the wide open spaces, where there is plenty of room for me to escape.”
“Not this time, Slade!” Robin growled as he lunged forward and engaged in a kung-fu fight with him. Punches and kicks went flying, and then Slade grabbed Robin's arm, “Easy pickings-- HAH!” and tossed him aside.
“Get him!” thundered Copy-Cat as he, Starfire, and Raven charged forth. “Bringin' up the rear…!” added Cyborg as he, Beast-Boy, and Terra came up from behind. “Dude…! Let me at him!” growled Beast Boy as he changed into a rhino.
WHAMM! “D-OHH…!” Slade got slammed hard a rolled down the slopes. Then Beast-Boy charged after him, and changed into a mammoth, but Slade dodged causing Beast-Boy to crash. “You really must watch you're temper, Beast-Boy.” Slade hissed at him, “You know we wouldn't like you… when you're angry.”
Everyone immediately knew what Slade was referring to, and to them it most defiantly was not funny. “Leave him alone!” Terra shouted as she used her powers to life Slade up from the ground on a rock. “Raven catch!”
Raven waited as Terra threw the rock towards her, “Azarath… Metrione… ZINTHOS!” and she tossed the rock right back to Terra; Back and forth, Back and forth…
“Our turn…!” Cyborg shouted as he armed his sonic-cannon, “We shall make him suffer…!” added Starfire as her eyes glowed angry and green. The two of them fired at the rock, blowing it to dust and sending Slade down into a ditch where Robin, and Copy-Cat, as a second Robin were waiting for him. They both whipped out their metal-staffs.
“Let's go!” cried Robin.
“Wipe him out!” added Robin/Copy-Cat, and they tore Slade to shreds, literally. This only led to the Titans realizing, “It is not Slade…!” cried Starfire.
“It's just one of his robots.” added Raven.
Slade had managed to slip through their fingers and outsmart them all once again. Copy-Cat changed back into his regular forum. “Never before have a met a creature I could not catch… and intend not to let Slade become the first.”
The others began to agree. Someday, Slade would make a mistake, and they would be ready. Still… now that the excitement was over, it was pretty much time to head home.
That night, as the Titans were all preparing for bed, Beast-Boy couldn't shake off what Slade had said to him about keeping his temper. He was just standing there at the window, of Terra's room, and gazing gout at the night.
He remembered it all too well what he really was ever since he fought Adonis at those labs… Almost like in the book he wrote not too long ago.
Garfield Logan; AKA: Beast-Boy.
Teen Titan, Ex-Doom-Patrol member… Searching for a way to prove to his friends that he is not as weak as he seems…
Then an accidental exposure of gamma-radiation interacts with his unique body-chemistry.
And now, when Beast-Boy grows angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs, far beyond his control.
The creature is driven by rage, and is perused by investigative reporters.
“Dude… I'm warning you. Don't make me angry! You won't like me when I'm angry.”
The creature is wanted for murder and crimes he didn't commit.
Garfield Logan is believed to be dead and he must let the world think that he IS dead until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.
Beast-Boy snapped out of his alternate world at the sound of his wife calling to him. “Oh, Beast-Boy, come to bed and stop worrying.”
Beast-Boy turned to his wife and smiled as he walked over and climber into bed with her. It was their night to share Terra's bed together. He climbed in and his wife snuggled close into his arms.
“Terra…?” he asked her. “Do you think I'll ever be able to control-- the You-Know-What?”
Terra honestly couldn't answer that. She remembered the time her powers were unstable and she turned to Slade for guidance, but what her husband had was something much more dangerous. “You'll know how, someday.” she said to him, “And I'll be there to help you whenever you need it.”
Beast-Boy smiled and kissed his wife goodnight. They were just too tired to get naughty, and Beast-Boy wasn't exactly in the mood. So they turned out the lights and went straight to sleep.
Later that night, Beast-Boy began to toss and turn in his sleep. He was dreaming…
The same nightmares that always haunted him. How when he was five years old, and he was mutated to green to cure him of his illness. Then his parents dying in a flood after a boating accident and he was unable to save them.
Then most of his foster families dying on him, and the rest of them rejecting him and kicking him our or treating him harshly.
Leaving him in the care of the Doom Patrol, but except for Elasti-Girl… Mento and the others all scolded him and booted him off the team because of their idiot ways.
This left Beast-Boy to fend for himself…!
Terra had come back from her late night trip to the bathroom. She entered her room and noticed, “Beast-Boy…” she whispered.
Her husband was laying there in bed, tossing, and frowning. “He's having a nightmare…” Terra muttered under her breath, but she didn't know if it would be safe to wake him up or not.
Beast-Boy joined the Titans, but nothing changed for him that much. Then he met Terra, and everything happened over again…
Her thinking he broke his promise, and running out…
Her betrayal…
Her siding with Slade and fighting him. Then turning to stone, and only to come back as a School-Girl faking to have amnesia just to push him aside-- his worst experience ever.
“Things were never the way you remember… now just leave me alone!”
“Things Change, Beast-Boy. The girl you want me to be is just a memory.”
“You go… you're the Teen Titan. That's who you are. I'm not a hero. I'm not out to save the world. I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period and I haven't studied.”
Then she was gone, and Slade was there. “She doesn't want to remember you!”
Then came Jackie and Jillian, those two bratty girls Terra once befriended, and crushed his hand. “She's not interested.”
“Yah! Get lost, Brat-Boy!”
Then there was even his Dark-self, created by Trigon. “No wonder Terra dumped you!” it mocked at him.
Beast-Boy felt himself falling into the darkness crying out. “Terra! Terra…! TERRA…!!”
Beast-Boy shot straight up in bed, “AH…!” Terra jumped out of surprise, and then…
Beast-Boy's eyes were glowing, and his head, body, everything throbbed. “AAH… ARGH…!”
“Beast-Boy!” cried Terra. she could already see it was happening!
“Get… out of… here!” Beast-boy growled at her as his body began to expand and his clothes began to shred. Terra ran out of her room, slamming the door shut and putting the outer-lock, and then pulled the alarm.
The Titans ran to her quickly, “Terra!” called Robin, “What's the matter…?” Before Terra could even speak. BAM! Something slammed at her door from the inside, and smashed the whole door down, and out jumped The Beast! It ROARED angrily as it threw off the tattered remains of Beast-boy's clothes.
“Beast-Boy!” cried Starfire.
“Yo, man… not again!” cried Cyborg.
The Beast glared at the Titans and then turned back and headed into the bedroom and leapt through the windows to the ground, and headed for the main land.
“We cannot let him loose on the city. Who knows what he may do.” cried Copy-Cat.
“He's right…!” Raven said as she flipped on her hood, “We have to go chase him.”
Robin agreed, “Titans… move out, and they all headed out the window, chasing after The Beast.
The Beast rampaged through the town, and leaping across the rooftops. Almost as if it were trying to run away from his own shadow, or maybe just run from his own anger.
Suddenly, he heard loud noises from one of the apartments, what sounded like a fight between an abusive father beating on his wife and children late at night. “When I say lets have a family meeting NOW… I MEAN NOW!”
Slaps and smacks were heard, and the kids began to cry in horror at the site of their dad pushing their mother like that. They tried to help her, but their father actually pushed them to the floor. “You stay out of this!” he scolded.
He was about to beat the living daylights out of the frighten kids, for seemingly no reason, when a great big ROAR shook the apartment, and suddenly, CRASH! The ceiling was smashed wide open and in leapt The Beast.
“AAH…A MONSTER!” cried one of the kids.
The Beast gazed at the loathsome father and roared at him as it moved in closer. “Stay away from me!” the man yelled. “STAY AWAY!” but The Beast finally grabbed hold of him by the shirt in his huge hands.
The man punched and kicked at The Beast, but The Beast of course was so bulky it was like trying to fight a wall with a toothpick. The next thing the man realized, The Beast had lifted him up and threw him, skidding, across the floor and into a cabinet which fell on the man, knowing him out.
The kids were so amazed and yet so frightened, they just stood there staring up at The Beast. The Beast gazed back at the kids and then grabbed them both. “Stop! Don't take my children!” their mother begged, but he had already leapt up through the hole in the roof.