Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Boy From The Beast ❯ How to control it? ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Beast had carried the kids to a vacant part of town where they would be safe from their dangerous father. The kids didn't know what to say to the monster. “Who are you…?” one of them asked.
The Beast of course couldn't speak, but he actually gazed down at the two kids and almost smiled-- When suddenly, “BEAST-BOY!” called a voice.
The kids, and The Beast turned and saw the Titans, all of them looked ready for attack. “Leave those kids alone!” snarled Robin.
The Beast gritting his huge teeth, and growled. This prompted the Titans to go after him, and Raven and Copy-Cat looked after the children. “No, no… don't hurt him!” the kids begged.
“What are you talking about…?” Raven said.
The kids did their best to explain, but they were talking so incredibly fast, and were too excited to calm down. “Please! Please!” Copy-Cat snapped, “Calm yourselves! I will figure what has happened.”
The kids settled down, and Copy-Cat used his psychic-foresight to read the kids' minds and he found out what he needed to know. “I must warn the Titans. Raven, you must stay here…!”
Before Raven could argue, her boyfriend had gone off. “Great! Why do I always get stuck with the babysitting?” she groaned.
The other four Titans had chased The Beast to an abandoned basketball court, and were attacking him endlessly, except for Terra. “Guys, don't hurt him!” she begged, the Titans agreed, and knew only to try and keep going to make The Beast lose enough strength to change back into Beast-Boy…
Only, without using their full power The Beast had a serious advantage. WHAMM! It threw Robin hard against the grids of the cages. POW! He socked Starfire hard in the cheek.
Then The Beast grabbed one of the basketball-poles, and swung it like a bat. BAM! Cyborg got the grand slam. “WHOA…!” and he crashed into a dumpster.
The Beast growled and was ready for more, when suddenly the ground below his feet erupted, and he was lifted high up into the air on a floating boulder. He was followed by Terra, who was standing on a separate boulder and carrying the Beast high enough so he couldn't jump back down.
“Beast-Boy…!” Terra called to him, “Beast-Boy, please… are you in there.”
The Beast, unable to reach her, or to leap off from his rock, gazed down at the long, long drop to the ground below, and actually looked frightened for the first time anyone had witnessed.
“Beast-Boy! Fight him!” Terra kept calling out, and after a short while The Beast began to slowly change back into Beast-Boy, who collapsed from exhaustion, and his clothes were still tattered.
That's when Terra brought him back down to the ground, and the others brought him back to the tower.
Beast-Boy woke up with a terrible headache, a few almost healed wounds on his arm, and found himself breathing into an oxygen-mask. “Dude…!” he moaned. “What happened…?”
“Shh… take it easy Beast-Boy.” Robin spoke softly, “You're okay now…”
Beast-Boy couldn't think clearly, and this could only lead him to believe. “Did I-- you know…?”
The others all nodded, and Beast-Boy felt so ashamed. Starfire tried to comfort him, “Friend… it is all right. You are back to normal now.” she said to him, but Beast-Boy felt, “No it's not!” he snapped as he got up from the bed and pulled all those wires out of him.
“Yo' man, lie down.” Cyborg said, but Beast-Boy assured him he was just fine. All he needed was a fresh set of clothes, and it was a good thing he had many Doom-Patrol outfits.
Beast-Boy was told of what happened. Last night, Terra saw him dreaming. “You were tossing, turning… frowning!” Obviously it was what lead to the metamorphosis, because Beast-Boy admitted that he was feeling the same thing he felt whenever he had those dreams.
Outrage, frustration, and extreme anger of all those nasty things that happened to him.
Beast-Boy didn't cause so much damage around the tower, just knocking Terra's bedroom door down, nothing Cyborg couldn't fix. He did however, burst into the city, and from what Copy-Cat had gathered…
“You had burst into an apartment whereas an abusive father was brutally inflicting pain upon his family. You had engaged a battle with him, and whisked his children off to safety.”
Raven explained that shortly after Beast-Boy had collapsed, the police had arrived and helped both those kids and their mother, and since Beast-Boy wasn't in the right frame of mind, no charges were pressed against him or the Titans for all the damage he had caused.
Beast-Boy, however, and he wasn't joking this time, “Guys-- I can't take this anymore.” he cried. “Can't take what…?” asked Raven.
Beast-Boy explained that he didn't like what he had become. Everyone knew that Cyborg was able to clean the chemicals off of his DNA, but that only resulted in the attitude adjustment. The Beast still remained, and Cyborg had been researching it for a while, but he had no clue how to stop it.
“I don't think we can stop it…” Beast-Boy said. His voice sounded really low in shame and fear as he walked over to the window and gazed at the rising sun. “Beast-Boy…?” Robin said to him. “We know how you feel, but we'll find a way. We always do.”
Beast-Boy shook his head, “Dude… you have no idea what's it's like.” he protested. “You don't know what it's like to have some monster inside you, and you change into just by getting angry. I've become like Raven.”
Raven's eyes widened, but she actually understood what he meant, having watch his emotions, just like she had to. “But now it's way worse…” replied Beast-Boy. Then he began to feel that this was exactly like it was in his Incredible Beast book that he wrote.
“If it can happen… whenever I'm sleeping-- Or when my anger begins to mount, even if I'm knocked out-cold. When the change happens I have no control over it, I don't even know what it does!”
Then he suddenly began to fear, “What if… it happens again… and this time I kill someone?”
The Titans heard enough of his crazy-talk. “Stop it…!” Terra snapped, “Beast-Boy… you're not a killer.”
Beast-Boy shook his head, “We're not talking about me. We're talking about a murderous beast.”
“Oh, yes we are…” said Cyborg. “Now, listen, you know and we know that you won't kill.”
He, and the other Titans each threw in their two cents and explained to Beast-0Boy that The Beast was like being under hypnosis, which meant, unless someone was a natural killer, one could not hypnotize another to make them kill. “I should know…” Terra said, “When Slade controlled me, I never killed anybody, nor any of you because deep down I wouldn't.”
“And that's exactly what The Beast is-- It's an outgrowth of you. It's your primitive emotions run-wild. Now we know its undisciplined. It may break down walls, it may get into fights, it may even beat the daylights out of abusive parents… but we know it won't kill because YOU won't kill.”
His wife's words began to convince him. Beast-Boy just stood there, with a comical look on his face as he gazed down at the floor. He did feel a little bit better, but still, “But then… how can I control it? Isn't there anything I can do to keep it from happening again?”
Nobody had the answer to that. They already tried lots of things in the past, but most ideas were dismissed because of Beast-Boy's unstable DNA. One false move would most likely result in a big disaster.
It looked pretty hopeless, but the others weren't willing to give up. First, though, as soon as Cyborg's stomach began to gurgle. “Well… I know one thing that'll make us all feel better-- Waffles!”
Starfire leapt for joy, “I have not have Waffles in such a long time.” she cried.
“Sure… whatever.” Added Raven.
Robin agreed, “We could all do with some breakfast.”
The day went by smoothly, Beast-Boy did seem to cheer up, but deep down he was still feeling concerned about his problem. Copy-Cat could sense this, and he urged Beast-Boy, “The time will come… just wait.”
That night, Beast-Boy was lying in his own bed, alone, and Copy-Cat's message replayed in his head over and over again. He didn't want to be free of this problem in time, he wanted it gone now! Before anything worse were to happen.
He checked the clock, it was coming up to midnight, and all the others would be well asleep by now. If he was going to do something about The Beast, now was the time to make his move.
So he headed for the examination-room.
He wasn't really bright when it came to computers, unless he changed into his genius alter-ego, Garfield Logan, but he did know a lot about his own body, being able to control most of his powers.
He activated the computers, and opened up his files. He knew Cyborg's passwords too well, having known him for so long. There were X-Rays, and cellular pictures of all the animal DNA within his body.
Beast-Boy searched every last bit of it, and suddenly, he found what he was looking for. Spores of DNA that didn't match any of the natural kinds he had. “There you are…!” he muttered sinisterly.
Realizing where the spores of the DNA were in his bloodstream, Beast-Boy had the perfect solution of how to get rid of it.
He got some things out of the cupboards, and flicked on a blood-transfusion-machine. His plan was to drain all the blood of The Beast out of his body, and into a flask where it would, hopefully, no longer be a threat to him and anyone else.
Beast-Boy, with the needle in his hand, aimed carefully at his arm. “So long, Beast!” he sneered as he jabbed the needle into himself. “MMM…!” he did all he could to prevent himself from screaming and waking up the others, but it certainly was painful. Nonetheless, it was beginning to work. The flask was beginning to fill up with dark-green fluids.
Beast-Boy was so wrapped up in excitement, and trying to null the pain from the needle, that he didn't notice behind him, the computer was flashing a warning light which meant, “DANGER!”
After a little while, the flask was halfway full, Beast-Boy pulled the needle out from his arm, and was so exhausted and woozy from losing a little of his blood, that he collapsed in the chair.