Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Boy From The Beast ❯ Lacking Strength ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Beast-Boy woke up the next morning, and stretched out like a cat, literally. Then suddenly when he changed back to his normal-forum, he realized he was still in the examination-room. “Oh, yeah…!” he remembered what he was doing last night.
His sleeve was still rolled up, and the flask of dark green liquid was still there too. He also remembered having a few more dreams last night, but seeing his uniform was still intact, he grinned widely. “I didn't transform!” he spoke softly. Then he jumped for joy, “I DID IT…!” He finally had rid himself of The Beast.
No more having to watch his temper so closely. No more having to fear of what he was doing whenever it happened either.
Beast-Boy bottled up the flask containing The Beast in liquid forum, and that was when his stomach growled. “Dude… gotta get me some chow.” He simply placed the flask on a counter, and figured he'd decide what to do with it later, and was off to the lounge.
As he shut the door, however, he began to feel a little strange. Sort of dizzy. “Wow… what was that?” Still, he assumed it just because he hadn't eaten yet. So he continue on his way to the lounge…
Little did he realize that the counter he placed the flask on was not leveled off. One of Cyborg's “Been meanin' to fix” things. The flask slowly began to slide down, down right to the edge until it fell off and shattered. The green liquid spilled all over and fell into the floor-drain.
The other Titans were already seated at the table eating waffles. “Do we always have to eat waffles?” Raven asked in dismay. The others didn't comment on that and merely enjoyed their servings.
That's when Beast-Boy came into the lounge, and stretched his arms out. “Ahh…!”
“Friend…!” Starfire called, “This morning is good to you I hope?”
Cyborg noticed Beast-Boy's cheerful looking attitude, “Well, well, well. Looks like someone finally got a good night sleep.”
Beast-Boy stacked a pile of waffles on his plate and sat down next to Terra, and pecked her on the cheek. “Dude… I feel AWESOME! I feel like a whole new me.”
Everyone was real pleased to see Beast-Boy all chipper and happy again. As the continued through breakfast, though, Beast-Boy began to feel strange again. He held his head a little awkwardly, “Beast-Boy…?” asked Terra. “Are you okay?”
Her husband shook himself awake, “Ugh! Yeah… I'm okay… just a little dizzy.”
Robin and Copy-Cat weren't sure about that, but before they, or any of the others had a chance to ask, the alarm went off. Robin dashed over to the computer. “It's a bank robbery.” he said. “But it doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary.”
Copy-Cat took a look at the readings, “This does not look familiar to anything I have ever seen or sensed. We must investigate.”
Robin agreed, “Titans… Move!” and everyone kept form the table and headed out the door, but no sooner had Beast-Boy put his foot outside the lounge entrance when, “Whoa…!” he felt much dizzier than before and swayed a little.
“Beast-Boy… come on!” Terra called to him.
“Coming! Coming!”
The robbery was being held at the biggest bank in town. An army of men all dressed in black were cleaning the place out. Armed with machine-guns, and bazookas even. “Come on, hurry it up!” the ring leader yelled out to his men. “And don't any of you punks think of calling the cops.” he threatened all the frightened people in the bank. “Keep those hands up!”
The Titans gazed in through the bank by the roof-windows. “Looks like we're on our own this time.” said Cyborg. Robin agreed, but he had a plan. “Beast-Boy… you know what to do, right?”
Beast-Boy smirked, “Dude… leave it all to me.” he changed into a snake, and slipped into one of the air-ducts, and slithered his way in unseen by everyone. He crawled his way over to the silent alarms and managed to tap it, still unnoticed.
It would only be a matter of moment before the bank was surrounded by the police. Suddenly, Beast-Boy began to feel strange again, and he actually changed back to his normal-forum against his will. “Oof…!” he hit the floor, and frightened one of the ladies behind the counter. She shrieked, and this alerted the robbers, “Hey!”
The Titans could see something had gone wrong. “What has happened?” asked Starfire.
“It cannot be good…” added Copy-Cat.
Down below, the men began to fire their machine guns like crazy, Robin had seen enough. “Titans… Go…!” The Titans all burst through the windows, and began their attack, all them each coated a special bullet proof-wax Cyborg had dished up.
The robbers gasped, “The Teen Titans!” some of them cried, they tried to open fire on them, but the wax deflected all their bullets. “Titans… Go…!” and the fight was on.
Robin took ok the leader and easily struck him down.
Starfire covered him by fighting off any men that came charging at him from behind.
Raven and Copy-Cat battled the men armed with Bazookas. Grabbing Raven's hand, Copy-Cat changed into a copy of his lady-friend. “Get ready…!” he whispered to her. Raven gripped his hand tight.
“Ready, boy…!” the gun-leader shouted. “FIRE…!”
The bazookas all fired simultaneously. The two Ravens stood where they were. “Now!”
“AZARATH… METRIONE… ZINTHOS!” the two Raven's shouted as they used their powers to stanch the front missiles and explode them where they were, and barricade off from the others so no damage was done.
A lot of the gunmen got knocked out by the blasts of their own shots, and the rest of them already tried to run for it, but the police had already surrounded the place and caught them.
Cyborg and Terra were battling some of the men who were still inside the vaults. “Oh yeah! Big guy, comin' through.” Cyborg kept saying playfully as he punched out each guy one-by-one.
Terra even trapped a whole load of men inside the vault by erupting the ground and forming a rock-wall in from of the opening, trapping them all inside. “All right!” she jumped for joy. Cyborg slapped her a high-five, “BO-YAH…!”
The last few men were going after Beast-Boy. “Okay, Dudes!” he sneered while he motioned for them to “Come and get some…!” His mocking only made the men angrier. Beast-Boy then changed into a bull, and stomped his feet along the floor, but the minute he started charging, he changed back. “Huh…? What's going on?”
He suddenly felt himself get bombarded by punches and kicks from all those enemies. He tried to change into an animal, but it wasn't working. Whatever he turned into, he changed back within the next few seconds.
He didn't stand a chance, luckily his friends came to the rescue and all the men were taken away. Only minimal damage was done to the bank, but Titans had saved the day. Only, the other six were really concerned by now. “Beast-Boy…!” cried Terra as she helped him to his feet.
Her husband looked as if he were a beat up punching bag, but he would live. “What's happening to me…?” he asked groggily. “I think we'd all like to know the answer.” Robin said. “Let's head back…”
Beast-Boy had a hard time making it back to the tower. He tried to change into a bird but he just couldn't. Luckily, Terra was more than willing to make room on her flying-rock for him.
Beast-Boy really felt tired when the team arrived home. He was brought to the examination-room, and the problem was identified almost immediately. “Beast-Boy…? When was the last time you weighed yourself?” Raven asked.
Beast-Boy raised an eyebrow, and ignoring how heavy it felt to do so, he answered, “A couple of days ago. One-forty-five pounds and lookin' sharp as ever.”
“Well… you won't like this…” Cyborg said as he pointed at the monitor. Beast-Boy's eyes nearly bulged from their sockets. “One-twenty-five…?” he cried in disbelief. “Dude… I think the computer is way out of whack.”
But Cyborg assured him that there was no fault on the computer. “That's your weight… One-twenty-- three…?”
Everyone turned to the monitor, and indeed, the weight-counter had dropped. This also made Beast-Boy feel woozy again, “I think I better sit down again.”
This didn't make sense to everyone, especially Beast-Boy. How was it that he had lost so much weight all of a sudden. True he worked out to stay in shape, but he shouldn't have lost weight… or at least not that much at once.
Starfire suddenly noticed something near the other consoles. “This area-- it is untidy.”
The Injection-machine was still turned on, and the wires were all dangling loose instead of hanging rolled up neatly. “She is right…” Copy-Cat said as he examined what appeared to be a used needle, “This machine appears have been used.”
Beast-Boy suddenly remembered. “Yeah! I did it.” he told the others. Everyone turned to him waiting for an explanation. Beast-Boy did his best to explain how he decided to try and get rid of The Incredible Beast from his body…
Cyborg looked like he was going to blow his bolts off, “You pumped out some of your blood?! Could you be anymore reckless?”
“Beast-Boy…?” Terra cried, “Usually I'm never shocked at you, but… but--.” She couldn't think of anything to say.
“Terra… I'm sorry, but, I just grew over anxious, and I did it to try and help everyone.”
His wife forgave him, but she was still very worried about him, but the mood didn't last when Cyborg stated that what Beast-Boy did to himself was exactly the reason why he was feeling weak.
He explained that during his time researching he found out more of the gamma-radiation from the chemical that created The Beast, and how they fused his cellular-strength and structure within The Beast itself.
“Whoa, whoa… back up a minute.” Beast-Boy said. “Are you telling me that… I NEED The Beast in order to keep my strength in balance? That's impossible…”
“Beast-Boy, believe us…” Raven said, “We all have things to do to keep our strengths intact. The Beast is obviously your way.”
Beast-Boy didn't know if it was his dizziness making him feel concerned, or his own natural instincts. “All right…” he simply, “But I'm clear now, right? Like maybe I should eat something or--” he stopped when he noticed Cyborg shaking his head.
He had very bad news for everyone, and he figured it was best to tell them now. He explained, that the way Beast-Boy's DNA was altered, and The Beast itself was physically removed from his body, it threw his DNA and cellular-structure into disarray.
This meant that very slowly, but surely, Beast-Boy was going to just continue losing strength, and growing weaker until—He paused for a moment.
“Dude… spit it out already!” Beast-Boy snapped. “What's going to happen…?”
Cyborg hated to say it but, “If this thing reaches more than seventy-five percent-- you won't be able to support your bones, and they'll just start to cave in on you.”
Beast-boy felt as if a hundred glass cups had hit the floor. “You mean… I'm…!”
Cyborg didn't say it, and he didn't have to. Everyone had already gotten the message!