Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Boy From The Beast ❯ He is what he is ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Beast-Boy was still baffled by the whole thing, as it turned out The Beast, after it had been pumped out from his body, all it really wanted to was to be joined up with him again, and the only reason he attacked other people was because he wasn't willing to let anyone get his way.
Now he was back inside Beast-Boy's body, which meant Beast-Boy was once again force to watch his anger, but Cyborg had done a lot of thinking and he was actually able to create concentrated pills that Beast-Boy was to take once before, which would help keep his anger and stress low so he wouldn't have to worry about having more nightmares setting him off.
Still…! Being closer to death than ever before was pretty scary stuff for Beast-Boy, but two days of good rest, and he was back on his feet, up and about, and back to his normal self. He and Terra were so happy that they decided to go on an all-day date, just the two of them to celebrate.
The went to the amusement-park, shopped at the mall, and of course they stopped at Ben's Café for pie. They went to the movies too, and once again Beast-Boy ended up sitting in a broken seat and falling, but at least this time Raven wasn't there to have popcorn dumped on her head.
Terra and Beast-Boy were walking arm-in-arm, and her head resting on his shoulder, back to The Tower. Terra pecked her husband on the cheek along the way. He blushed, but smiled.
Then suddenly, as they passed the local preschool, “Beast-Boy, look…” Terra said. There, all alone in the basket-ball play-yard, were the two kids Beast-Boy had saved from their abusive father. Though he didn't remember them, because he was The Beast at the time, he had been told everything.
“Gee… they don't look too happy.” Beast-Boy said.
Terra nodded, and they both decided that maybe it would be a good thing to go and talk with them. So they walked over to the yard. The Kids looked up, “Wow… it's Teen Titans.” The brother said.
“Hey, kids. Mind if we join you?” Terra said. The kids jumped for joy. Beast-Boy decided to stay with them while Terra went off to get them each and ice-cream.
Beast-Boy played twenty-one with the two kids and just faked being bad at the game just for them. The sister also asked, “It was you, wasn't it? You were the one who… who…”
“Saved you guys from your dad?” Beast-Boy cut in. “Look… I may not remember all that much… but I think what you kids and your mom need to do is go to the police about your father.”
The kids weren't sure about that idea. People had been telling them that for a long time, but now came to the point where Beast-Boy explained that he feared their father would really hurt them someday, “You don't want that, do you?”
The kids shook their heads, “But then he'll just be madder, he'll hurt us anyway.” Cried the brother.
Beast-Boy assured the kids, “No, no… you see he doesn't want to hurt you, or your mom. It's just that… I've seen this before. You dad's got a problem with himself, and I think we can help him if we go to the police.”
“You're not going anywhere, Titan!” snarled a voice from behind. Beast-Boy and the kids looked round and saw the angry father, who had been spying on them all along. He looked really mad now. “I don't know who you think you are, but I'm sick and tired of people like you interfering with my family.”
Beast-Boy's features hardened, but he knew he had to be careful, for he hadn't taken his anti-rage pills that day. “Look, Dude… I'm just trying to help your children.”
This only made the man angrier as he rolled up his sleeves, “What I do worth my wife and my kids is my own business. You got that?” he snarled, “You're not taken me to the police, AND YOU'RE THE ONE WHO NEEDS HELP!!”
“Dude, wait I-- AH!” Beast-Boy got socked hard in the face, and fell on the pavement, but he made no attempt to get into a fight with a civilian.
The kids tried to urge their dad to leave him alone, but the abusive man just pushed them onto the pavement. “Back off kids, because you're next after him!” he threatened.
“Ugh! Kids, run! Get help!” Beast-Boy shouted, this resulted in the man kicking him hard in the gut and ram endless punches into his stomach, but Beast-Boy still did not change into any animals.
The kids ran out of the yard, down the sidewalk and to the ice-cream where Terra had just finished paying for their treats. Terra saw the worried looks in the kids' eyes, “What's going on?” she asked.
“Daddy's in the ball-yard…”
“He's beating up you're friend!”
Terra's heart skipped a beat. “Okay you kid's stay here with the ice-cream lady! I'm going over there.” But no sooner had she dashed out of site, did the kids chase after her, much to the ice-cream lady's chagrin, “Kids… No, Come back!”
Back at the ball-yard, Beast-Boy was looking badly bruised, and was still taking more punishment from the abusive father, who picked him up, and smacked him hard against the grill-gate fence. “ARGH…!”
There was the glow in his eyes…!
“I'll teach you about help!” growled the man as he picked Beast-Boy up and threw him hard into the shed with all the toys and balls, slamming the door behind…
While inside, Beast-Boy's clothes had already begun to tear and shred as his body expanded.
“Come on out of there, Titan!” shouted the man, “What's the matter? Can't you take it? Come out of there!”
KAPOW! The doors and bits of the shed itself were shattered like glass, and out burst The Beast. The very same one that had beaten him up the night before. It flexed it's huge arms at the loathsome man and roared angrily.
The man's attitude suddenly changed to terrified. “Get away from me!” he cried, “Stay away!” But The Beast shoved aside the huge trampoline the Father was cowering behind causing him to fall to the ground. “No! Get away!”
The man tried to run for it, but The Beast grabbed hold of his arm, “Ah! No… NO-NO-NO.. YAAAH…!” and e was thrown hard, skidding across the pavement and slamming hard into the gates.
Terra, and the kids had arrived at the yard and saw what was going on. “It's that monster.” cried the brother.
“What's he doing?” asked the sister.
Terra was more worried than the two of them put together. “You two, stay close to me.” she warned them as they moved closer to the ball-yard.
The father had gotten to his feet, and was no staring angrily at The Beast. Endlessly ramming punches into it's chest, but The Beast felt nothing and merely punched the man back into the gates. “OHH…!”
As the man continued to attack The Beast, and getting punched back into the gate, he kept on crying out the words, “Daddy…! Daddy, No!”
He was beginning to be reminded of those horrible years when his own father was abusive to him. “Come here, son!” his dad would angrily snarl at him while whipping his belt. “I SAID COME HERE!”
The man was driven by fear, anguish, and anger at his own father for hurting him.
He continuously punched at The Beast, but only could see and hear his father whipping him. “Put your hands down, boy!”
He was pushed against the gates again, and he burst into tears as he sank to the ground. “Please…” he whimpered, “Don't hit me, Daddy.”
The Beast was confused.
“Oh, Daddy… please, I won't be bad, Daddy. Please don't hit me anymore…!” the man cried. Finally realizing what he had become, he looked through his teary eyes at his children. “Kids…! Please forgive me, I'm sorry. Please…!”
The kids walked over to their frightened dad and he hugged them softly and bawled his heart out. “I'm sorry… kids! Please… help me!”
The kids just continued to hug him, letting him cry. As for Terra, she was very touched by all this, but she was very concerned about her husband. Beast-Boy just stood there, in his normal-state. He was half draped over the fence, with his uniform still shredded, and he was breathing softly, yet stressfully.
Terra knew he would be okay. For after all, he was who he was, and as it stood, he couldn't change that, and it wouldn't be smart to do so anyway.
Beast-Boy was, and would always be… THE INCREDIBLE BEAST!