Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub II by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ Alex's Birthday ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1
“Happy birthday dear Alex, happy birthday to you!” all the Titans sang and then clapped. Alex was wearing a grin so large that he could barely bend it to blow out his candles. It took him three tries, but he got all of them. He picked up the largest one, a 3, and began to lick the icing off of the bottom of it.
“Oh don't do that, you'll eat wax,” said Raven snatching it out of his hand before he could take a bite of the candle. She laid it on a plate and then plucked out the rest of the candles.
“But I like licking the candles,” said Alex reaching for the candles that were piling up on the plate.
“Hey, your mother said no,” said Beast Boy softly grabbing the child's hand. “Now what piece of the cake do you want?”
“That one!” said Alex pointing to the piece that had an icing drawn beetle on it. Alex had grown quite interested in bugs and they had an insect themed birthday party for him.
“Alright, here ya go buddy,” said Beast Boy handing him a plate with the beetle piece.
“Ice cream!” he demanded.
“Shoot, it's still in the freezer,” said Raven heading into the kitchen. She was seven months pregnant and was beginning to wobble as she walked.
“I'll get it,” said Robin. “Why don't you sit down?”
“Trust me, I'd love to but if I do I'll never get back up,” said Raven going back over to the table while Robin got the ice cream.
“So little man, three years old,” said Cyborg ruffling his hair in the same manor he had done to his father when he was shorter. “I guess this makes you a big boy now.”
“Uh huh,” said Alex with a mouthful of frosting.
“So this means he is pot-ty trained, correct?” asked Starfire.
“Just about,” said Raven. “Why do you ask?”
“Well, according to the Pull-Up commercial, once you have mastered being trained in the ways of the pot-ty you may sing `I'm a big boy now!' So to be a big boy he must be pot-ty trained.”
“You take commercials way too seriously, Star,” said Beast Boy.
They were each given a piece of cake and ice cream. Alex couldn't help getting it all over him. He normally didn't eat sweet things, but when an event like his birthday came around he craved the sugar. But he still ate it as fast as he could for his favorite part of his birthday was next, the gifts!
He sat on the couch with his family surrounding him. He was wearing a pointy blue birthday hat, as well as Starfire who found them quite amusing, and kicking his feet anxiously as his parents settled down to hand him the gifts. Raven sat next to him and handed him the gifts that Beast Boy picked out.
He received an insect collector's kit from his Uncle Cyborg, a magnifying glass and a stuffed caterpillar from his Uncle Robin, a video about bugs from his Auntie Starfire, a bug alarm clock from his father, and three picture books from his mother that were about insects and other various creatures she didn't really like.
“Say thank you everyone,” said Raven.
“Thank you everyone,” said Alex like a little parrot. He was busy opening up his insect collector's kit and ignoring everyone else in the room. Cyborg felt quite proud at getting him his favorite gift.
“That thing'll hold anythin' from a tick to a June bug,” said Cyborg.
“Oh great,” said Raven sarcastically. She suddenly jumped and said, “Oh, the baby kicked.”
Alex looked up from his gift and immediately placed his hand on his mother's stomach. He loved to feel the baby kick and move around. He felt it and let out a giggle.
“When's the doctor's appointment again?” asked Beast Boy as he crumpled up the wrapping paper and shoved it into a trash bag.
“Thursday,” said Raven standing up. “Hopefully you can make it this time.”
“Well I can't help it if a villain attacks the city the same time as your sonogram,” said Beast Boy giving her a quick kiss.
“I know,” said Raven heading for the bathroom. She seemed to be visiting the bathroom more and more as her bladder was being crushed by the child she was carrying.
“Are you guys going to find out if you're having a boy or a girl?” asked Robin.
“I want to, but Raven keeps saying no,” said Beast Boy. “We could have found out months ago. Maybe this time I can talk her into finding out.”
“Please, which would you like?” asked Starfire. “A boy or a girl?”
“I don't really care,” said Beast Boy. “I just want to know so we can get ready. This might be our second child, but it's my first birth.”
“That's true,” said Cyborg.
Alex took the plastic wrapping off of his video and popped it into the television. His eyes became glued to the screen as a British voice appeared out of nowhere and began to comment on the insects. Starfire became as absorbed as Alex and sat down next to him. The two seemed to be in a trance as the bugs danced across the screen. Raven reentered, took one look at the screen, and decided to go lay down. She hoped Alex's phase with bugs would be over soon.
She lied down on her bed and felt an immense amount of relief on her back and her feet. She slowly moved onto her side and tucked a pillow under her head. The baby began to fidget about and Raven waited for it to settle down. After a good kick to her ribs, it went back to sleep. She let out a relieved sigh and closed her eyes.
Raven had only been asleep for a few minutes when she felt someone crawl into the bed next to her. She felt his arm reach around her and place his hand on her swollen stomach.
“Hello,” she said putting her hand over his.
“Hey,” he said kissing her on the cheek. “How ya doin?”
“Okay,” she said closing her eyes again. “Just tired.”
“You need anything?” he asked.
“Not at the moment,” she sighed.
“Okay, I was just checkin' in on you. I'm going to help clean up the common room,” he said kissing her once more and then getting up.
“Wake me up in an hour,” she called as he left.
“You got it,” he said and then closed the door. He felt quite content at the moment and a smile crossed his face naturally. He was a superhero who had saved the world numerous times, he had a three-year-old son, and the woman he loved was pregnant with his second child. Yes, life was good.
Robin was wrapping up what was left of the cake, with Cyborg still trying to get one last piece before it went into the fridge. Starfire and Alex hadn't budged once.
“Come on, man, I just want that piece on the end,” said Cyborg stabbing at the cake with his fork.
“Cyborg, you've already had three pieces!” said Robin shooing Cyborg's fork away. “You've had enough sugar for the next four days.”
“But I just want that little piece,” Cyborg whined.
“You know the birthday cake rule,” said Robin heading towards the fridge. “No more than three pieces unless it's your birthday.”
Cyborg grumbled and put his fork down. “I don't even know why we have that stupid rule,” he muttered and went to watch the bug movie with Alex and Starfire.
“We have that stupid rule so we don't have another repeat of Beast Boy's nineteenth birthday,” said Robin finally placing the cake into the fridge. “You remember that, right?”
“Yeah yeah,” said Cyborg pouting on the couch. It was on Beast Boy's nineteenth birthday when he and Cyborg had had a cake-eating contest. The result was two very sick Titans who nearly cost them a fight between Mumbo.
Beast Boy picked up Alex's new toys and such and said, “I'm gonna put these in your room, okay buddy?” Alex gave a slight nod, but didn't look away. Beast Boy couldn't understand what was so fascinating about the aphid they were looking at, but as long as it kept the three quiet he didn't care.
“I have never seen such wondrous creatures,” said Starfire gleefully. “And they are all in our backyard?”
“We don't exactly have a backyard, Star,” said Cyborg.
“Shh!” said Alex scooting off of the couch and sitting closer to the large screen.
Starfire turned around and found Robin wiping the table down, “Robin, may we get a backyard?”
“We live on an island made out of rocks,” said Robin. “I don't think it would be possible.”
“But can we not try?” asked Starfire, not exactly seeing the problem.
“Star, if you can find a way to get us a backyard I would be more than happy to help,” said Robin chuckling.
“Then that is what I shall do,” she said with a large smile.
“Shh!” Alex shushed them again even louder. He would never interrupt the adults, but it was his birthday and he knew he had some power over them. The three decided to stop talking and let Alex watch his movie.
An hour passed and Beast Boy realized that he had to go wake up Raven. He had been sitting on the couch with Alex on his lap. Alex loved to sit with his father. There was just something about his lap that was so comfortable for him. And Beast Boy always felt calm when Alex sat on him. The two just seemed to click together like two puzzle pieces. But Beast Boy had to get up. Alex whined as Beast Boy lifted him up and placed him down on the couch.
“I'll be right back,” he said and then ran off.
“But the butfly is gonna come outta the cocoon,” said Alex standing up on the couch and turning around, leaning against the back with his belly. Beast Boy couldn't help but smile at Alex's pronunciation of “butterfly” and “cocoon”.
“I can become a butterfly, buddy,” said Beast Boy laughing. “Now sit down, I'll be back in a sec.”
Alex rolled his eyes, sighed, and sat back down. He looked just like Raven when he did something like that. Beast Boy giggled to himself all the way down the hall to Ravens room. He still called it Ravens room, even though he slept next to her every night.
Slowly he opened the door and looked in. Raven was still curled up on her side, fast asleep. He went over to her, knelt down, and rocked her shoulder. “Raven,” he whispered. She took in a deep breath and gave a slight moan.
“What?” she asked.
“It's been an hour,” he said rubbed her arm.
“Already?” she asked in a tired voice. “I feel like I just fell asleep.”
“You don't have to get up, you know,” said Beast Boy.
“No, I really should,” she said sitting up. She held her head for a moment, feeling a tad dizzy, then slid out of the covers. She reached for Beast Boys hands and he helped her to her feet. She really wasn't that big, not yet at least, but her body was very tired and she tended to need help doing such things like standing up after sitting for a while.
They made it back out to the common room and sat down on the couch, which was now full. Robin and Starfire sat together, his arm wrapped around her shoulders. Cyborg was between the lot of them with both of his arms spread out over the back of the couch. Raven sat with her head resting on Beast Boy's shoulder, Alex sitting back in his lap; the whole family, together, watching a movie on insects.