Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub II by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ Abandoned ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter 7
Five days passed and Beast Boy was still sleeping in his own room at night. This didn't help Raven at all. It turned out that Arielle was fussy and never slept through the night. This meant that Raven constantly had to get up and lull her back to sleep. Beast Boy had barely spoken to her and every time she asked why he would say that he was just thinking. Now she was growing frustrated and overwhelmed herself. Alex could feel the tension between his parents and this made him act a little testier as well.
Beast Boy walked into the common room and saw Alex sitting on the couch with Cyborg. He had been for a walk to clear his mind once again. The two were watching a basketball game and Cyborg was explaining everything to him. Beast Boy walked over to them silently and began to watch the game as well.
“Hey B,” said Cyborg casually.
“Hi daddy,” said Alex plainly.
“Hey,” said Beast Boy. “I didn't know you liked basketball.”
“Yeah, I like it a lot,” said Alex with a sigh. “Uncle Cyborg's showing me how to play it.”
“Really?” asked Beast Boy. He had barely paid any attention to Alex lately; let alone anyone else but himself.
“Yeah,” said Alex and he concentrated on the game.
Beast Boy could feel that his son really wasn't in the mood to talk to him so he decided to leave. “Do you know where you're mother is?”
“She's in her room trying to get Arielle to sleep,” said Alex with an annoyed tone in his voice. It was that same tone Raven used to speak to him with years before when she really couldn't stand him.
Beast Boy went to Ravens room and heard his daughter crying and crying. He opened the door and saw Raven walking back and forth with Arielle in her arms, rocking her and trying to hush her. She turned when she heard her door being opened and saw Beast Boy. He couldn't believe how tired she looked. She had dark circles under her eyes and her hair was a mess. She was still in pajamas and looked like she was going to collapse she was so weak. As soon as she saw Beast Boy her eyes filled with rage.
“What do you want?” she spat.
“I was just seeing how you were,” said Beast Boy in a defeated tone.
“Oh, so you care now?” she said above the child's constant screams. She walked away from Beast Boy and still tried to hush her daughter. She was in no mood to see him.
“Of course I care,” he said walking to her.
“Well you sure aren't acting like it!” she yelled. “You have barely helped me with this child at all! Alex says that you haven't spent any time with him. And everyone else has barely seen you because you've either been in your room or out walking around. So what the hell is going on?”
“I've just had a lot of my mind lately, that's all,” he said defensively.
“Bullshit!” she screamed. The child wailed even louder, feeling how upset her mother was. Raven felt like her body was about to collapse. She quickly sat down in her rocking chair and rocked back and forth. She felt tears welling up and she began to cry along with her child. She was done. She couldn't do this anymore. Arielle had been crying for four days nonstop and she hadn't had any help with her at all. She needed a break. She needed to eat something and get a good night's sleep. But it was obvious that she wasn't going to get any help from Beast Boy.
Beast Boy finally snapped out of it. Now that Raven was crying he realized what he had done. He had abandoned her because he felt like he was overwhelmed. It was now clear that he certainly didn't understand the meaning of the word. He was turning into one of those guys he despised. The guy who ran away as soon as his life was moving a little faster than he wanted it to. He went over to her and knelt down. “Raven, I'm so sorry about the last few days.”
She pushed him away and yelled, “I don't want you here right now! Just seeing you is just… pissing me off, so please just get out!”
“I want to help you,” said Beast Boy going back to her.
“Beast Boy get out!” she screamed and then stood up. Arielle was crying above all of this and there seemed to be no calming her. Raven finally just laid her down in her crib and sat down on her bed. She placed her head in her hands and tried to soothe her throbbing head.
Beast Boy couldn't believe he had let things go this far. Raven was now on the edge of a nervous breakdown and he was the cause of it. He went over to her and knelt in front of her, taking her hands. She quickly pulled them away and moved away from him. She hated him at this point and nothing he could do or say would change that.
“Raven, I really am sorry,” he said.
“Fuck you!” she screamed throwing a pillow at him. “Do you have any idea how tired I am? How exhausted I feel? I've barely eaten anything in three days, I've gotten a total of five hours of sleep this week, and she just won't stop crying and I don't know why! And all the while you won't fucking help me because you've got a lot on your mind? Well fuck you!”
She was hysterically crying and shaking as well. She was so weak that she couldn't even handle her tears and soon passed out on the bed. Beast Boy ran over to her and tried to wake her up. She did wake back up but continued to cry. She turned away from him and just sobbed out of pure frustration and exhaustion.
Beast Boy picked up the still crying Arielle and pulled her crib out of the room. He moved it into his room and laid her back down. He closed the door and went to the kitchen. He made a pot of tea and a sandwich. He went back to Raven and coaxed her into eating and drinking. He went back to Arielle and found that she was now passed out from all of her own crying. That was a large relief and he went back to Raven.
“She's asleep now,” he said softly to her. Raven didn't answer him. She just finished off her tea and then rolled over to get some much needed sleep. She didn't care that he had fed her and gotten Arielle to go to sleep. That didn't fix what he had done. “Can we please talk?”
“Beast Boy, I am really tired and you're the last person I want near me right now,” she said angrily.
“I know, but we really need to talk,” he said calmly.
“There's nothing to talk about,” she hissed.
“Yes there is,” he said climbing onto the bed. “I need to tell you why I've been acting like this lately.”
“Because you're overwhelmed,” she said, barely able to form the words she was so furious with him.
“No, that's not why,” he said sighing. “Cyborg… Cyborg told me that you want to get married.”
Raven turned over and sat up. “He what!”
“He said that you wanted to get married but that you didn't think I was mature enough,” he said. “He said that you didn't want to push me into anything I wasn't ready for.”
“So you've spent the last week thinking about that?” she asked angrily. “I'm sorry, but that is not an excuse.”
“I know,” said Beast Boy trying to calm her down. “And you're right. I am immature and I did freak out when I found out. But I have thought about it… and… would you marry me?”
Raven looked at him with complete shock. “What?”
“Would you marry me?” he asked again. “I mean, we might as well, right? We already have two kids and Starfire and Robin are getting married, so why not us?”
“Is that your proposal?” she asked disgusted.
“Well… yeah,” said Beast Boy with a slight smile. But he did not get one back from Raven. She just stared at him with daggers in her eyes. “So, will you?”
The hatred fuming behind her eyes were soon encased in tears. She looked away from him, down to the blanket, and said, “No.”
“No?” he asked shocked.
“No,” she repeated. “I will not marry you.” She lay back down and turned away from him. “Now get out.”
“But Raven, I thought this was what you wanted,” said Beast Boy confused.
“This is in no way what I wanted,” she said trying to hide her crying.
“You wanted me to propose to you and I did!” he said frustrated.
She spun around and looked him dead in the eye. “I didn't want you to propose like this! Like you're being forced into it! Why do you think I didn't say anything to you about marriage? Because I didn't want this to happen. If we were ever going to get married I wanted it to be your idea, not mine. You should want to marry me because you love me, not because you feel obligated to or because everyone else is doing it so what the hell! If you never wanted to get married I would be fine with it, but I would never be fine with feeling like I forced you into something that you didn't want. And you know why? Because I love you! I love you and would do anything to make sure you were happy.”
The tears poured down her cheeks and she was shaking violently. She couldn't handle it anymore; she didn't want to look at him. She slowly settled back down and began to weep into her pillow.
A thousand things went through Beast Boy's mind. But he knew that the best thing to do was leave her alone for a while. He slowly got off of the bed and left the room. As he closed the door he felt as if all the strength he had had been stripped away from him. He leaned against the door and listened as Raven cried. He felt his heart break, for he knew that he was the reason she was crying. He had let her down. He had done exactly what she thought he would do. He didn't ask her to marry him out of love. He asked her to marry him because he wasn't sure what else to do.
The sound of Arielle's crying echoed through the hall once more. Beast Boy was brought out of his thoughts by her cries. He sighed and went to her. He opened the door to his room and saw her kicking and flailing about. He gingerly picked her up and laid her against him. She continued to cry and Beast Boy tried to hush her. “What's the matter, baby girl?” he said to her soothingly. She grabbed his shirt with her little fingers and continued to weep. He made sure her diaper was clean and then continued to rock her back and forth in his arms.
After a few minutes he realized why Raven was so on edge. Arielle's cries tore at the heart and clenched the brain. He couldn't imagine doing this for five straight days. He knew that she wasn't hungry yet. He knew she wasn't tired. So why was she so upset? He kept whispering to her softly, asking her to stop crying. He finally sat down on his bed and lay back, placing Arielle on his chest. She continued to cry for a little while, but soon was calmed down by the sound of her father's heartbeat. Then she slowly fell asleep.