Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub II by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ Wedding Day ( Chapter 9 )

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Chapter 9
Arielle bobbed up and down in her little seat. She was laughing and giggling as she watched her brother make funny faces at her. He was in a little tux and his soft blond hair was parted to the side. Arielle was in a nice little yellow dress with pink flowers, a little pink bow in her strawberry blond hair.
The tower was a flurry of activity that morning. It was full of Titans from all around, helping Robin and Starfire with their wedding, which was taking place that afternoon. Robin had already left with the rest of the male Titans for the church, leaving all the women and the two children.
“Has anyone seen my shoes?” asked Raven frantically.
“What do they look like?” asked Bumble Bee.
“They're… pink,” said Raven shuddering at the word. They matched her pink dress that Starfire had picked for her to wear.
“No, I haven't,” said Bumble Bee.
“Can someone help me with my hair?” asked Melvin, who was the flower girl. She was almost a teenager, but was the youngest girl the Titans knew.
“I'll help you,” said Kole running over to her. “What do you want done?”
“Can you braid it?” asked Melvin. “Every time I do it, it comes out lumpy and uneven.”
Suddenly an orange blur flew through the tower. Two seconds later it whizzed back and stopped. It was Flash. “Sorry, Robin forgot his tie.” And then he was off again.
Jinx walked in with a pair of slimy pink shoes in her hand. “Uh… I just found a weird bug thing chewing on these.”
“My shoes!” said Raven running over and grabbing them. “Oh, yuck!” she said running to grab some paper towels and wipe them off.
“What was that thing?” asked Jinx.
“Oh, that was just Silkie,” said Raven. “He'll eat anything.”
Jinx was still a little confused but quickly went off to continue helping. Starfire entered in a white slip with her hair up in curlers. She had the largest excited smile on her face.
“Is it time to put my dress on yet?” she asked.
“Not yet!” all the various Titan girls said at once. They had been saying it all morning to the bride. They knew that she was going to be in it for hours on end and thought that the best thing was for her to put it on last, so she wouldn't get too uncomfortable in it.
Starfire sighed and turned to go back to her room. “Oh well, then I suppose I better have Argent do my makeup.”
“Um… maybe I should help, too,” said Bumble Bee quickly following her. She was afraid that Argent might make her look a little too… pale… with black eyeliner… and such.
“Raven, do I look okay?” asked Melvin reentering with Kole behind her.
“You look beautiful,” said Raven putting her shoes on at last. Suddenly Alex began pulling on her dress.
“Mumma, I'm hungry,” he said.
“Oh, okay,” said Raven quickly. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed a box of Fruit Loops and poured them into a bowl. She handed it to him and said, “Now go sit on the couch and try to stay out of the way, okay sweetheart?”
“Okay,” said Alex sweetly. He was the ring bearer and was very proud of that fact. He was walking around with his little chest puffed out.
“Watch your sister, okay,” said Raven exiting. She quickly went to put her own makeup on and do her hair. Jinx was just walking past her. “Jinx, do you think you can keep an eye on Alex and Arielle?”
“Sure,” said Jinx.
“Thanks, I'll just be a minute,” said Raven heading for her room.
A few minutes later she returned with her hair up and her makeup done. “We have to leave in ten minutes!” She saw that Melvin was looking all over the place for something, and Jinx and Kole were helping her look. “What are you looking for?” asked Raven putting her left earring in.
“I've lost the stupid basket of flowers,” said Melvin franticly, looking as if she was about to cry.
“Calm down, they couldn't have gone far,” said Jinx looking.
Starfire entered in her dress. “How do I look?” she asked twirling about. All the commotion stopped and they all gazed at Starfire.
“Oh Starfire, you look absolutely gorgeous!” said Kole.
“Thank you!” said Starfire beaming.
They finally made it to the church, where the boys were all dressed in their tuxes and waiting for them. Starfire was quickly taken to the changing room so Robin wouldn't see her.
“We thought you guys weren't going to show up,” said Aqualad with a smile.
“Hey, we're not late,” said Bumble Bee.
“How much time do we have before we start?” asked an exasperated Raven with Arielle in her arms and Alex holding onto her side.
“Five minutes,” said Speedy.
“Okay, and where's Beast Boy?” she asked taking Alex's hand.
“I think he's in the Robin's changing room,” said Cyborg.
“Thanks,” said Raven quickly walking off. She found the room and knocked. She waited a few moments and saw her love open the door.
“Wow! You look beautiful,” he said with a smile as he opened the door a little wider. Raven could see Robin pacing back and forth in the background.
“Thanks,” said Raven, not really taking the compliment. “Here's Alex.” She led the child into the room and he was soon standing next to his father. “I'll see you in a couple minutes.” And with that she headed back to Starfire's dressing room.
All of the girls were doing last touches on Starfire before going to their seats. Bumble Bee was the only other person in the wedding, and she was walking next to Cyborg. Raven handed Arielle to Kole as the rest of the girls headed out.
“I'm gonna get blisters on my feet from these damned shoes,” said Bumble Bee leaning on the wall and lifting each of her feet.
“I'm taking mine off as soon as we get to the reception,” said Raven fixing her hair once more in the mirror and then helping Starfire once more with her dress, making sure it fit her right. There came a knock at the door and it slowly opened.
“Alright, girls, it's time,” said Cyborg with a smile.
Starfire couldn't help letting out a squeal of happiness. The three did one last check on each other, took a deep breath in, and made their way out of the room. On the other side stood Beast Boy, Cyborg, Alex holding the pillow with the ring, and Melvin with her basket of flowers. Robin was already standing at the alter, waiting anxiously.
Alex walked down the aisle and Melvin was behind him, tossing flowers left and right. Behind her came Bumble Bee and Cyborg, and behind them Raven and Beast Boy. Once they reached the alter everyone stood up and watched as Starfire came down the aisle. She had a large smile on her beautiful face as she wafted down the aisle. Robin had a large smile as well.
An hour later Robin and Starfire kissed and it was official. Everyone clapped, cheered, and the two blushed. The two headed down the aisle and everyone followed. Now it was off to the reception so everyone could congratulate the newlyweds… and eat and dance!
Starfire pulled Robin around the entire dance hall to say hello to everyone. He was in a daze from all that was happening, but he looked happy nonetheless. Raven was finally sitting down and had taken her godforsaken shoes off, as well as Bumble Bee. She sat at the table with Arielle on her lap. She was nine months old and was quite content with everything that was going on.
Beast Boy was dancing with Alex on the dance floor. Alex was having the time of his life and loved all of the attention he was getting. He was going to be four in one month and he let everyone know it.
“So you and Beast Boy have two kids,” said Bumble Bee leaning back in her chair. “Never saw that happening.”
“Well neither did we,” laughed Raven. “But I wouldn't change a thing.”
“And they're so cute,” said Bumble Bee looking at Arielle. “I can't believe they're not green.”
Raven laughed again, and this caused Arielle to let out a random giggle. She had slept through the ceremony so now she was quite awake and alert. Beast Boy danced over to them.
“Mind if I dance with my princess?” he asked looking at his daughter and Raven.
“Depends,” said Raven raising an eyebrow. “Which one of us is your princess?”
Beast Boy smiled. “She's my princess,” said Beast Boy taking Arielle. “But you're my queen.” He kissed her and then went off to dance with Arielle in his arms. She giggled and smiled as he bobbed back and forth to the music. Beast Boy looked back over at the table and gave Raven a soft loving look. Arielle grabbed his face and squished it, making her giggle even more. He made funny faces at her and she laughed more.
“Girl, he is in love with you!” said Bumble Bee laughing.
Raven just smiled. “I know,” she said very humbly.
“Oh, I don't think you do,” said Bumble Bee sipping her glass of champagne. “Did you see that look he gave you? That wasn't a “you're my girlfriend” look. That was an “I will love you until the end of time” look!”
“What?” asked Raven feeling a little embarrassed. This was the first time she and Beast Boy were being seen as a couple by the other Titans. They weren't sure how they were going to react, but so far the response was pretty good.
“I know who's gonna get married next,” sang Bumble Bee like a little kid. Raven guessed that she had already had enough champagne.
“I doubt it,” said Raven sipping her soda. “The last time we spoke about marriage we almost broke up.”
“Ah, he's not the committing type, huh?” said Bumble Bee.
“I guess not,” sighed Raven. She saw Beast Boy look at her again with a large smile on his face. Not only was he dancing with Arielle, but Alex was standing on his feet and holding onto his waist as well. The three were slowly shuffling about and trying not to get knocked over by the other Titans and guests. “I sure wish he was though.”
After a while Beast Boy had to sit down. He was exhausted, as was Alex. Arielle had grown tired once again and Raven put her in her carrier to sleep for a while, though the room was not in any way quiet. But Arielle passed out nonetheless. The happy positive emotions were enough to lull her to sleep.
“Buddy, you're just like your old man when it comes to dancing,” said Beast Boy after downing his glass of water.
“I rock!” said Alex spinning around. He was just as sweaty as his father, but refused to look as tired as he really was.
“I know someone who's going to sleep well tonight,” said Raven smiling at Alex.
“You bet I am,” said Beast Boy.
Raven looked at Beast Boy and rolled her eyes. Suddenly the music stopped and the DJ's voice came over the speakers.
“And now, ladies and gentlemen, the newlyweds will share in their first dance together.” The dance floor was cleared and Robin and Starfire walked to the middle of it. They held each other and waited for the music to start. Suddenly My Alien by Simple Plan came on. Everyone laughed. “Alright, sorry about that folks,” laughed the DJ. He stopped the song and put on Only You by the Platters came. The two began to slow dance together while everyone watched.
Soon everyone began to dance as well. Beast Boy convinced Raven to dance with him and soon the two were among the other couples. She felt a little embarrassed, but everyone else was, so she began to feel a little better. She watched as Melvin agreed to dance with little Alex, just so he wouldn't feel so left out. Soon everyone was taking pictures of the two.
After the slow dance all the women lined up for Starfire to throw the bouquet. Raven decided not to partake and sat with her sleeping daughter at the table. She watched as Starfire turned around and got ready to throw it over her shoulder. Already all the women were pushing each other over, trying to get in front.
“Are you all ready?” asked Starfire. She rather liked this funny Earth tradition. They all shouted yes. “Okay!” And she threw the flowers over her shoulder and into the wedding guests.
The women screamed and followed the bouquet with their eyes. It flew right over them and into someone's lap. But whose lap? They were all as stunned as she was. She picked the flowers up and then looked at everyone who was staring at her. Soon they all began to cheer and laugh and clap. She looked over at Beast Boy, whose face went blank. Raven quickly threw the bouquet out of her hands and into the crowd. The women screamed again and chased after it.