Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub II by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ Ask Yourself ( Chapter 10 )

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Chapter 10
Beast Boy collapsed on the bed. His feet were swollen and aching. He was so tired he could barely sit up to take his tux off. Raven entered after putting Alex and Arielle to bed. She saw Beast Boy half asleep, sprawled out on the bed.
“A little tired?” asked Raven turning the light on.
“Ow! It burns,” whined Beast Boy covering his eyes.
“Come on, you can't go to sleep in your tuxedo,” said Raven dragging herself over to him. He groaned a little bit and tried to sit up, but failed. Raven went over to him and sat behind him. She began to undress him, but he was of little help. He went completely limp in her arms. “Thank you so much for helping me,” she groaned sarcastically.
Once he was down to his boxers she moved him to his side of the bed. She sighed and began to undress herself now. She threw on a nightgown and went to wash her face. Beast Boy summed up all of his strength and stuck his legs under the comforter. He had never felt so tired in his whole life. By he couldn't fall asleep. Not just yet. He felt like something was missing. And she was. He waited for Raven to return.
She turned the light off and staggered over to the bed. Suddenly she felt very tired and longed to feel the coolness of her sheets. She slid into her bed and moaned happily as she let every aching muscle relax and sink into the cushion of the mattress. Beast Boy cuddled up to her, sighed happily, and fell asleep. She was quick to follow.
The next morning no one got up before eleven. There were Titans littered all over the tower, sleeping on blow up mattresses, sleeping bags, and on the couch. Cyborg was up first and he started to make a large brunch for everyone. Soon they were all awakening to a wonderful smell that was wafting through the tower.
One by one they each woke up and drifted over to Cyborg's lovely brunch. A few were suffering from hangovers, but luckily they weren't too bad. Everyone was complaining about how sore their feet were and how tired they still were.
Beast Boy woke up and felt sore all over. Everything was aching and he didn't want to get up. The one nice thing was that his arms were wrapped around Raven, who was still asleep. He hugged her tight and closed his eyes. He loved the feel of her. She just seemed to fit just right; like she was meant to be there. He could barely remember how he got to the tower; let alone how he had changed out of his tux. He knew that Raven must have done it.
Raven stirred and slowly woke up. She looked up and saw Beast Boy smiling down on her. “Good morning,” he said softly and kissed her on the forehead.
“What time is it?” she asked smiling.
“I haven't a clue,” said Beast Boy.
“Probably late,” said Raven sitting up with a moan. She crawled out of the bed and stretched her sore muscles.
“Do we have to get up?” asked Beast Boy lying back into the pillow.
“Yes,” said Raven putting her robe on. “Unless you want your daughter to lie in her crib starving.”
They had converted Beast Boy's room into a room for Arielle. He had finally decided to move into Ravens room permanently, and Raven considered that a big step. In fact, she figured it was the most he could commit to and she thanked him for it with all her heart. She slowly opened the door and looked in. The babe was wide-awake and as soon as she saw her mother began to flail about, as if to say, “It's about time!”
Raven entered the common room and saw a dozen Titans sitting around, eating brunch and talking. Alex was among them, with a large grin on his face. She said hello to everyone and headed to the fridge to get Arielle a bottle. Beast Boy entered a few minutes later. He had smelt the food and was starving. He knew that there would be nothing he could eat, so he began to make his own breakfast.
“So you two are leaving for your honeymoon tonight, right?” asked Flash.
“Yeah,” said Robin putting his arm around Starfire.
“Where are you going?” asked Jinx.
“I do not know,” said Starfire. “Robin will not tell me.”
“That's because it's a surprise,” said Robin holding her tight. “I'm trying to be romantic.” Everyone went, “Awe,” and Robin blushed.
“So how long is everyone staying here?” asked Raven as she sat down and placed the warmed up bottle in Arielle's mouth.
“You kicking us out already?” asked Speedy.
“No, just wondering,” said Raven in a tired voice. Truthfully, she did want to kick them out, just because she couldn't stand large crowds and she liked her privacy. It really had nothing to do with them personally.
Once everyone was done with breakfast they began to clean up the tower. It was made to withstand a lot, but not a dozen Titans under one roof. But things were still considerably less hectic than the day before. Once the tower was straightened up they all decided to just hang out for the day. They were all still tired and had some catching up to do.
That evening everyone wished Robin and Starfire a happy trip as they left for the airport. Starfire couldn't understand why they were going on an airplane, since she could fly and all, but Robin told her that, once again, he was trying to be romantic. With Robin and Starfire gone everyone felt relieved, but a little sad. They had enjoyed embarrassing the newlyweds and making them blush. So they turned to the next closest thing. Raven and Beast Boy.
“So, Raven, I can't believe you caught the bouquet,” said Argent.
“Yeah, neither can I,” said Raven, not liking where this conversation was going. So she decided to go change Arielle. She was never so thankful for a dirty diaper.
“I guess we all know who's getting hitched next,” said Aqualad.
“Don't think so,” sighed Bumble Bee. “Evidently Beast Boy doesn't want to get married.”
“Really?” asked Aqualad. “Why not?”
“Commitment issues,” said Bumble Bee.
“Ah,” said Aqualad nodding.
Raven finished changing Arielle and lay her down for the night. She checked on Alex and saw that he was playing in his room, but was looking very tired. “Bedtime,” said Raven walking in.
“I'm not tired,” said Alex rubbing his eyes and suppressing a yawn.
“Well I am, so it's bedtime,” said Raven with a smile. She grabbed a pair of pajamas for him and helped him undress. With every second he seemed to be growing more and more tired. Once he was in his PJs she helped him into bed. She kissed him goodnight and then headed for her own room. She didn't care that it was only eight o'clock, she was going to bed.
Beast Boy had hung out with all of his hero friends all day and had had some fun. They talked about the old days and how even though they were all in their early twenties, they felt like they were getting too old for the whole hero job. He walked into he and Ravens room and saw her just falling down onto the bed. He laughed and went over to her.
“You going to bed?” he asked flopping down on the bed, almost catapulting her off.
“Yes,” she said pulling her shoes off.
“Want me to help you undress?” he asked smiling.
“Why would I want help with that?” she asked. Her eyes were so tired she couldn't even keep her eyes open.
“Because you helped me last night,” he said moving behind her. He grabbed her shirt and slowly peeled it off of her. She would have told him to just leave her alone, but she was too tired to object. So she let him help her get undressed. He crawled off of the bed and grabbed her nightgown. She lazily raised her arms and he slipped the black nightgown onto her.
“Thank you,” she said giving him a kiss.
“No problem my queen,” he said with a smile.
“Ooh, I'm starting to like this whole queen business,” said Raven with a smile as she crawled under the covers. “When are you coming to bed?”
“Not for an hour or two,” he said heading for the door. “Me and the guys are gonna watch some TV.”
“Okay,” she said cuddling into her bed and falling asleep. Beast Boy smiled to himself as Raven fell asleep. He liked helping her. She was always so independent, and then again she was always in need of help. She was just too stubborn sometimes to ask for it. But he knew she loved it when he helped her.
Beast Boy made it back out to the common room and sat down with all of the guys. They all stared at him for a second then broke out laughing. Beast Boy was thoroughly confused.
“What?” he asked.
“You've got it bad,” laughed Herald.
“What do I got?” asked Beast Boy scratching your head.
“You looooove her,” said they all swooned.
“So?” asked Beast Boy trying not to blush. He knew he shouldn't be blushing, but he hated being teased.
“I can't understand why you won't marry her,” said Aqualad.
“Who told you that I won't marry her?” asked Beast Boy.
“Bee told me that Raven told her that you don't want to get married,” said Aqualad. “Said you have commitment issues.”
“I do not have commitment issues,” said Beast Boy defensively.
“Yeah, is that why you freaked out a few months ago when I mentioned that Raven wanted to get married?” asked Cyborg.
“I didn't freak out, I was just… caught off guard,” said Beast Boy quickly.
“From what I heard you didn't come out your room for like a week,” said Speedy.
“Can we please not talk about this?” he asked growing aggravated. He didn't like to think about when he had pretty much abandoned Raven for five days while he selfishly thought to himself and didn't help her with their newborn daughter.
“Fine,” said Flash. “But you better realize that it's hard to find a woman like Raven these days.”
“And what the hell is that supposed to mean?” asked Beast Boy.
“She loves you, bore two of your children, and isn't pushing you for commitment,” said Flash, counting on his fingers. “Even though she wants to marry you, she would rather see you happy than get her way. Now how many women don't want to get their way?”
This made all the guys laugh, but it made Beast Boy think. He realized that what Flash was saying was right. Any other woman in the world would have dragged him to the alter the moment they found out they were pregnant. And if not, they would have done it when they found out they were pregnant again. And if not, they would have accepted his proposal that he was forced into. But not Raven. She didn't mind putting her own wants and needs behind his. She was selfless. But what did that make him? He didn't think he was selfish, and he knew everyone would tell him the same. Then what was he?
A few hours later he quietly entered their room. Raven was fast asleep, all curled up on her side of the bed. He got undressed and slipped into bed next to her. He moved in close to her, so that her back was against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and closed his eyes. New thoughts and questions entered his mind. Did he love her? Yes, of course. Would he do anything for her? Yes, of course. Would he still feel the same way in a year? Five years? A decade? A lifetime? He fell asleep with these thoughts littering his mind.