Teen Titans Fan Fiction ❯ The Little Cherub IV by Beautifulpurpleflame ❯ A Very Special Party ( Chapter 11 )

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Chapter 11
Raven was up early and she began to cook breakfast. Soon everyone would be up and they would start getting ready for the birthday party. It was the twins first birthday and, once again, Raven couldn't believe how the time flew by.
She went to her sons' room and saw them both start to wake up. They slept next to each other in their crib, each with their thumb in their mouth. “Good morning my loves,” she said sweetly. They both began to make little noises and thrashed around so they could stand up. They had just perfected the art of standing and had even taken two steps, each. She lifted Aaron into her arms and then Austin. They were getting heavy, but after having so many children, Ravens upper body was used to lifting heavy things.
She took them out to the kitchen and sat them in their highchairs. As she began to feed them their breakfast, which was a banana flavored baby food, Starfire entered. She was four months pregnant and starting to show, due to her thin body.
“Good morning,” said Raven. “Are you feeling okay this morning?”
“Yes, I believe all of the sickness is done,” said Starfire going to the fridge and getting out some milk. She sat down and then began to fix herself a plate of everything Raven had cooked. “And now I am hungry all the time.”
“I don't miss that,” chuckled Raven. “Are you happy about what you're having?”
“Of course I am,” said Starfire. “And Robin is quite pleased.”
“It's always nice to have at least one of each,” said Raven. “You're going to see how different boys are than girls. Sometimes they're harder, sometimes they're easier.”
“Which was it for you?” asked Starfire.
“I think all of my kids have been about the same,” said Raven. “I mean, Arielle seemed difficult at first, but that wasn't her fault. So, I can't really say that I think either are easier.”
“I am hoping that he will be easier that Caley,” said Starfire. “I do love her with all of my heart, but her cries are quite distressing. I can not believe how quiet Aaron and Austin are.”
The doors to the common room swooshed open and in walked Bumble Bee. She was stretching and had obviously just woken up. “Hey girls,” she said. “Coffee ready?”
“Yup,” said Raven as she wiped Austin's mouth.
“So, what're y'all talkin' about?” she asked as she made her cup of coffee.
“We were discussing the difference between boys and girls,” said Starfire.
“Uh… shouldn't you know the difference by now?” asked Bumble Bee in a laugh.
“We mean raising them,” said Raven.
“Well, can't say I have anything to say on the subject,” said Bumble Bee. “But hopefully I will soon.”
“Has the woman gotten back to you yet?” asked Raven.
“She said she would call tomorrow,” said Bumble Bee. Her and Cyborg had applied for adoption and had a mother who might choose them to give her child to. She was about three months pregnant and if she chose them, then Cyborg and Bumble Bee would have a baby a month after Starfire and Robin.
“I wish you luck,” said Starfire. “Though, I am sure she will choose you.”
“I hope so,” said Bumble Bee. “I'm startin' to get sick of bein' the only gal her who's not a mother yet.”
“But Caley is not a mother,” said Starfire. “And neither is Arielle.”
“I meant grown woman,” said Bumble Bee clarifying.
“Well, you can start practicing and help me with these two,” said Raven standing up and putting their breakfast away. “I need to wash them up.”
“Sure, just let me finish my coffee,” said Bumble Bee. “I can't believe they're already one!”
The doors opened again and in walked Robin. He went to Starfire, gave her a kiss, and then proceeded to make himself a cup of coffee.
“Congrats on the boy,” said Bumble Bee.
“Thanks,” said Robin with a smile. “And congrats on being a finalist for adoption.”
“Thanks,” said Bumble Bee smiling.
“And a happy birthday to you two,” said Robin indicating to the twins. “Though, I should probably be praising you, since you're the one who gave birth today,” he said with a smile to Raven.
“Twice,” Raven added. She picked up Austin and Bumble Bee picked up Aaron. They passed Cyborg and Alex as they headed towards the bathroom to wash the twins up. Caley was in there going to the bathroom, so they waited for her to finish. When she came out they praised her for being a big girl and using the potty on her own. She smiled triumphantly and then went down to breakfast.
Beast Boy was still fast asleep. He was halfway out of his covers and was sprawled out across the bed. It was a wonder as to how Raven had enough room. Suddenly he was woken up to his bed shaking about. As he woke up he thought it was an earthquake and nearly fell out of the bed, but then he saw what it was… or rather, who it was. Arielle was jumping up and down on the bed, a large smile on her face.
“Morning daddy!” she said as she bounced up and down.
“Baby girl, what're ya doing?” he asked.
“It's Aaron and Austin's birthday, remember,” she said as she covered every inch of the bed. “It's their party today!”
“But why are you jumping on my bed?” asked Beast Boy.
“Cuz mumma told me to,” said Arielle with a large smile.
“Oh, she did, did she?” he asked with a grin. As his daughter landed on the bed he swiftly swiped his foot across the bed, right under her feet. This sent her feet flying out from under her and she fell on her back. He grabbed her and began to tickle her.
He walked out to the common room with Arielle tucked under his arm, giggling all the while. “Good morning everyone,” he said and put his daughter down.
“'bout time you got up,” said Cyborg.
“What can I say?” said Beast Boy sitting down at the table. “I like to sleep in. Where's Raven?”
“Just finishing up washing the twins,” said Robin.
“Who's helping her?” asked Beast Boy, knowing that it was a two-person job.
“Well, since you were asleep, Bumble Bee is helping,” said Starfire.
“Ah, she's getting some mother practice in,” said Beast Boy helping himself to some breakfast.
“I really hope that woman picks us,” said Cyborg. “I think Bee'll be devastated if we don't.”
“I can not see why they would not pick you,” said Starfire.
“Well, we do live slightly dangerous lives,” said Cyborg.
“Yeah, but we've already managed to keep five kids safe from harm,” said Robin.
“You wouldn't believe how nit picky these women can be,” said Cyborg.
“Well, I believe they have a right to be the picky of nit,” said Starfire. “They are going to trust you with the life of their child forever. If I were to give my child away,” she patted her stomach, “I would want to make sure they were absolutely perfect.”
Raven and Bumble Bee entered with the clean babies. Raven smiled when she saw Beast Boy and knew that her little alarm clock had worked… and was sitting next to her brother at the table.
“Well, look who's finally up,” said Bumble Bee.
“Yeah, I was awakened by a little jumping bean,” said Beast Boy and looked at his daughter, who proceeded to smile and giggle proudly.
“Thank God it's only their first birthday,” said Raven as she and Bumble Bee set the babies down.
“Why do you say that?” asked Starfire.
“Well, as big and monumental as today is, they're not going to remember it,” said Raven. “So we don't have to really go all out like we do for, let's say, Alex's birthday.”
“So we're not having a party?” asked Caley, who had begun to like the ideas of parties.
“No, we are,” said Raven. “But it's just not going to be as extravagant.”
“Sounds good to me,” said Beast Boy.
And so, after breakfast, they eased into the day and get ready for the party. They were happy that Raven didn't want a huge party, like they usually did. She was obviously getting into that stage in motherhood when you just don't let anything overwhelm you. She was becoming like she had been after meditating.
Austin and Aaron weren't exactly sure what was going on, but they liked all of the attention they were getting. Everyone was smiling at them and kissing them. Alex, Arielle, and Caley played with them while the adults set up for the party. They played all of those simple baby games that they found boring, but the twins found quite enjoyable.
The phone rang and Bumble Bee casually picked it up. “Hello, Titans tower?... oh, hi,” she covered the receiving end and whispered to Cyborg loudly, “It's Mandy!” Mandy was the woman who was thinking about choosing them for her child's adoptive parents. “I'm fine, how are you?... that's good… oh no, don't worry about it… you have?... you are!” She covered the phone again and said, “She choose us!” Everyone gasped and cheered. “Oh, thank you so much! I promise, we're going to be… well, thank you… you did?... it is!... oh my God, thank you so much for telling us… okay, Thursday… again, thank you so much… I'm glad you think so… okay… okay… thank you, thank you… bye.” She hung the phone up and screamed with happiness. “She's having a girl! We're having a girl!” She leaped into Cyborg's arms and the two screamed happily.
“Congratulations, friends,” said Starfire clapping.
“Now we really have a reason to go all out,” said Robin.
“I'm so happy for you,” said Raven hugging Bumble Bee like a mother to a mother. Bumble Bee was crying she was so happy.
“Cyborg's gonna be a daddy,” said Beast Boy in a slightly teasing tone.
“Another baby?” asked Alex.
“Another baby!” shouted Arielle and Caley excitedly.
“And it's gonna be a girl!” Arielle added.
“I guess we need to make two more nurseries after all,” said Robin.
“Wow, we're finally gonna be outnumbered by kids,” laughed Beast Boy.
The idea of having a small party that Raven had expressed about having early was completely thrown out the window. They were going all out now. Raven didn't mind that they twins were sharing their party now, there was a good reason for it.
Beast Boy broke out the video camera and decided to document this great day. “There are the birthday boys,” he said panning over the twins. “One year old, today. And there's Alex eating yet another piece of cake. And it we look over there we see Arielle attempting to steal a balloon. Arielle, what're you doing?” Arielle stopped, knowing she had been caught. She was standing on the back of a chair, trying to get a balloon that was filled with helium.
“Don't look at me!” she giggled.
“Get off of that chair,” said Beast Boy. Arielle sighed and climbed down. “Let's see, who else is around. Here's Caley, who's gonna be a big sister for the first time. You excited?”
“Yeah,” said Caley with a sweet smile that looked just like Starfire's.
“Are you gonna be a good big sister?” he asked.
“Yeah,” she giggled.
“Good,” said Beast Boy and he moved on. “It's mommy Starfire, who's four months pregnant.” Starfire waved and smiled. “And over here is Bumble Bee who's gonna be a mommy herself in six months. Wave, mom!” Bumble rolled her eyes, smiled, and waved. “And we've got Robin putting away the cake… and Cyborg trying to get more cake.” Poor Robin was having a heck of a time trying to put the cake away, as Cyborg tried to get one more piece out of him. “So who's left?” Beast Boy looked around for the one person he hadn't gotten yet. Then he found her. “There she is!”
“Beast Boy, you know how I feel about cameras,” said Raven while she put all of the ripped up wrapping paper into a trash bag.
“But you look so pretty,” said Beast Boy zooming in.
“Get it off of me,” she said threateningly, but kept a smile on her face.
“Why? You gonna make me?” he laughed playfully.
Raven dropped the trash bag and quickly walked over to Beast Boy. This was so sudden he had no time to run, and she grabbed the camera. There was a small struggle and the two tumbled to the floor. The camera fell out of both of their hands and landed looking right at them. It focused itself and recorded as the two fell to the floor. Beast Boy laughed and Raven smiled. Suddenly Alex jumped on them and Arielle followed. Raven and Beast Boy grabbed their laughing kids and started to tickle them. Aaron and Austin saw all of this crawled over. The whole family was in a heap on the floor, laughing and giggling.
“Everyone wave to the camera!” said Beast Boy looking at the camera, which still lay on its side on the floor. The whole family smiled and waved.